Several dragons stare big eyes and feel that their eyes are black with a hum, which makes them almost vomit blood.

The Frost Dragon Emperor suddenly asked, "Dare you ask Emperor Wu of the Wilderness if you are sick and tired of winning the curse?"
"The appearance is really flawed."
Wu Daozun said, "I want the Yuan God to show that it comes from seeing the truth."
"What a big joke."
Scorching day dragon emperor sneer at a way: "We are strong because of your speculation that we will sacrifice the Yuan God? My dragon emperor dignity! "
"You have no dignity in front of me."
Wu Daozun’s eyes turned and the dragon emperor slowly said, "If you don’t hand it over, I can get it myself!"
After saying his word, budo Zun Song Butterfly Moon’s palm shape flashed to the front of the burning dragon emperor.
It’s too fast!
The burning dragon emperor seems to be ready for the first time, fuelling the surge of blood vessels and preparing to conjure up a vision of blood vessels.
On the one hand, the dzogchen world is also behind us!
There are two emperors around the burning dragon emperor, and the strong are also ready to help.
Wu Daozun’s sudden roar made the three dragon emperors feel shocked and spit blood, and the world behind them failed to condense for the first time.
For a moment, Wu Daozun raised his arm and punched the chest of Emperor Rilong.
As soon as the dragon emperor’s body came out in half, it was blown apart by Wu Daozun with one punch, and blood and fog filled it!
Wu Daozun reached out and grabbed the blood fog to detain the burning dragon emperor Yuan Shen in his palm.
it’s over
It was the blink of an eye that burned the sun, and the dragon emperor was defeated and Yuan Shen was trapped.
By the time the dragons react, Wu Daozun has grabbed the burning dragon emperor Yuan Shen and returned to Butterfly Moon!
The burning dragon emperor was suppressed without even breathing!
"What are you doing!"
Dragon Lord is furious, wide-eyed and murderous.
Wu Daozun ignored that a drop of water condensed from the fingertips fell into the palm of his hand and burned the dragon emperor Yuan Shen.
This seemingly ordinary water drop has just touched the burning sun, and the dragon emperor Yuan Shen instantly aroused a series of smoke.
On a scorching day, the Dragon Emperor Yuan God gave out a burst of screams.
In the eyes of the public, a series of green silk threads appeared on the surface of his Yuan God, which covered almost the whole Yuan God!
"This …"
Frost dragon emperor and others saw this scene and their eyes were shocked!
The burning dragon emperor Yuan Shen was cursed.
And look at this state, when the dragon emperor was cursed for a long time, it was covered by the curse all over the Yuan God!
At the moment, the drop of water on the green silk thread of the Dragon Emperor Yuan Shen is gradually melting.
The drop of water just released by Wu Daozun is really a fountain of hell.
One of the biggest features of the hell’s fountain is the ability to baptize and wash away the curse.
At that time, violet was really infected with two curses, and it was only by the spring of hell that she recovered.
After Wu Daozun condenses the ten gates of hell, it is equal to Wu Lian Gan Kun getting through the hell and can mobilize the hell at any time!
Hell’s spring can indeed dissolve the curse of scouring, but the burning dragon emperor Yuan Shen has almost overcome the curse and merged into one.
In this state, the hell springs dissolve the curse, and at the same time, they actually dissolve the burning sun, the dragon emperor and the yuan god.
When the curse of the dragon emperor Yuan Shen is dissolved, the vitality of this Yuan Shen will also dissipate with it.
It is gratifying that the burning dragon emperor Yuan Shen gradually recovered after the initial pain.
He seems to gradually come to his senses and find himself, knowing what is happening in his body!
Scorching day dragon emperor looked at budaozun with a hint of gratitude instead.
He can finally get rid of the curse of winning and be free!
Although it’s all too late
Chapter three thousand and seventy A toast to you!
"thank you"
On a scorching day, the Dragon Emperor Yuan Shen looked at Wudao and gave an idea.
Then he looked around at the dragon faces in the hall and felt a surge of sadness and guilt.
"Sorry …"
When the dragon emperor came up with the last thought, the Yuan God melted in the spring of hell with the curse of aversion to victory.
Most dragons still haven’t reacted from this series of changes.
The dragon emperor fell on the scorching sun.