The long-standing law of the stars naturally became said.

But today it is different.
Several years have passed, and the Pangu man of God has helped the Galaxy to improve a lot. Although it has not returned to its peak, it has reached half its peak level.
It was after perceiving the call of the temple on Sunday that the wind Zichen released the restrictions on the stars without thinking, and the people were swayed by the stars.
That is to say, from now on, all beings in the universe will once again have the ability to mobilize the power of the stars, and the glory of the star array will gradually reappear
One of the reasons for the decline of the demon race is that all beings have a great cause and effect because of the interception of Zhou Tianxing’s power.
With this lesson, Feng Zichen naturally dare not lock Zhou Tianxing’s strength firmly like the demon race.
Previously, there was a reason to repair the nebula-rich star, but Feng Zichen had no scruples about blocking the nebula-rich star.
But now the nebula-rich complex has almost recovered, and the words of blocking the nebula-rich complex are somewhat unreasonable.
It’s hard to say that heaven will come to him on that day.
It was Feng Zichen who took this opportunity to put restrictions on the Galaxy Star directly and poured all the energy accumulated by the Galaxy Star into the Terran.
Think of him as the first emperor of the Terran to give welfare to his people.
The edge star force poured down like a rainstorm, washing away the terran lead and creating a large area of spiritual land
However, the scattered Terran territory is still a minority, and it is still absorbed by the 365 Sunday Temple.
It can be seen that great changes have taken place in the temple of Sunday after absorbing the force from the nebula.
Become more brilliant and majestic, and the whole body is filled with bright divine light, accompanied by rumbling sounds.
In the center of the hall, several runes danced to form a mysterious Taoist figure surrounded by a bright ball of light.
That is the projection of the stars on Sunday, which is formed by the convergence of the edge force and is served in the center of the temple on Sunday.
It symbolizes that the stars of Sunday, the stars of Sunday, and Zhou Tianlian are mastered by the center of Sunday Temple. If you master it, you will wait until you master Sunday Temple.
The projection of the stars on Sunday has been trembling since it was condensed and formed, and it has continuously released a very mysterious force to try to resonate with the projection of the stars on Sunday.
At the moment when all the empty shadows of the stars on Sunday resonate, all the divine light blooms from the temple on Sunday and rushes in all directions.
In a blink of an eye, the light released by the 365 Sunday temples became a mysterious trace on the earth.
Like a star track, like a track mark!
Xinghe Zhou Guangda array!
There is no doubt that all the Sunday temples are connected into one, and from that moment on, they spontaneously formed the top law of the universe, the Milky Way and the Grand Array.
The large array spontaneously runs and gathers Fang Xingli, gradually forming a very vague figure.
This is Pangu virtual shadow!
More precisely, it should be similar to Pangu God Man.
It is the Terran pulse that is far from being as powerful as the Star of Infinity that condenses the natural vagueness of Pangu God, which is far less clear than that of sitting in the Star of Infinity.
However, in a sense, the Terran’s Pangu God Man is more perfect than that of the Galaxy Star.
after all
Yinxing’s statue of Pangu God Man is simply condensed by the stars on Sunday.
In addition to Zhou Tianxing’s strength, Terran, the statue of Pangu God, also incorporates the force of the earth pulse to make the flesh more textured and give people a power impact.
The pulse force of Pangu God’s human body, earth, sky and stars are perfectly combined to form a kind of extremely high equal strength-chaotic vitality.
This is the initial strength.
Have a creative power beyond imagination
On Sunday, the stars tend to be congenitally clear of qi.
There is no doubt that the ground pulse force is more inclined to congenital turbid qi
Only when these two forces are combined can chaos be born.
With the formation of Pangu God Man, the weather in the middle of Sunday Temple changed to the weather before.
At the same time, it also has a trace of chaotic vitality born from the virtual and integrated into the weather before birth to upgrade its quality.
Although Pangu Shenren refined little chaotic vitality, it is a great thing to refine chaotic vitality.
This is the top fairyland, that is, the Dojo of the top great avatar can only be treated.
The tangible laws in the temple on Sunday are looming, accompanied by ethereal Taoist sounds, which seem to explain the mystery of the avenue, giving people a reverie.
There is no doubt that this vision represents that it is easier to realize Tao in the practice of Sunday Temple.
What an accident!
The stars on Sunday have just made a fortune, but if the weather is integrated into the earth, I don’t know how many surprises it will bring to Terran.
"The next thing to consider is how to deal with these temples."
After being happy, Shennong got a headache.
One can imagine the impact of an extra 365 caves on Terran.