In an instant, Su Mo came to a statue of fit power, where qi and blood rose, and there was no need to move his hand, so it was a punch!

This fit can barely resist by raising the implement in your hand.
A loud noise!
This powerful instrument was directly blown to pieces by Su Mo’s fist!
Several fragments flew back to the department and disappeared into this combined power. Several fragments in the body pierced this person’s face and died on the spot!
This figure fell from the middle.
One punch!
The combination is powerful!
Seeing this scene, many powerful minds trembled with it!
Practicing to their realm has almost reached the peak of the wild continent, Mahayana, and the bodhi old zu can’t close some half-ancestors all the year round. It is also rare to show up and fit, and it can be almost regarded as the top strength of all major door forces.
But now I feel a kind of fear when I see a statue of fit power being killed with one punch.
Practice is not easy.
Especially when you practice in their realm, no one wants to die!
But once the war started, they were already involuntarily.
Su Mo counterattacked just now!
There is no secret card in the Soviet-Mexican battlefield, but no one can resist his strength by rampaging through the flesh and blood!
Or the occasion is so powerful that no one can suppress the seven-creature violet!
Those who shake Su Mo hard are either dead or injured.
The whole hall was dripping with blood and splashed everywhere.
Beiming Snow hides in the depths of Taigu Shenquan for fear of being splashed by these powerful blood.
You know, a drop of powerful blood contains energy, which can make the broken arm regenerate and easily destroy a real person!
This kind of fighting is too far away for Beiming Snow.
However, witnessing such a powerful battle for the front has greatly improved her horizons!
North Ghost Snow Shrinks in the corner of Taikoo Shenquan, slightly curled up and nervous.
At this moment, she suddenly felt a change in the water flow in Shenquan, and something seemed to swim towards her!
North ghost snow heart in a surprised brimming with didn’t call out.
She was afraid that Su Mo would be affected by herself.
It was such a slight delay that the thing had come to her side, circled around her and touched her gently, which seemed to mean her no harm.
"What is this?"
North ghost snow heart slightly Ann looked down.
There seems to be a huge oval stone with rough surface and mysterious lines in Shenquan Square.
BeiMingXue consciously stretched out his palm and tried to touch this stone carefully.
This stone didn’t dodge, but it rubbed against the palm of Beiming Snow, which was like having spirituality.
North ghost snow heart andao
She seems to feel that this stone move is to comfort her and let her relax and not worry.