The terrain in the cave is extremely complex, and it looks like a four-access palace with several criss-crossing tunnels.

There are tunnels connected with each other
And the end of the tunnel may be a dead end.
If there is no map to break into this place, I am afraid that even if I walk for hundreds of years, I will not be able to find any way out.
This place is completely different just now. It’s more like a huge maze!
Hao Wudao Zun constantly urged the Magic Scripture to move forward in one direction by virtue of his induction of the Taoist teachings of Papman Emperor.
Although occasionally circuitous, but the direction is right, this kind of Taoist induction is getting stronger and stronger!
Chapter two thousand three hundred and two Buried ground
I don’t know how long I’ve been gone, budo Zun’s body is in a good shape
Sirius a fiercely in the heart immediately nervous and alert!
He knew that budo Zun would never stop suddenly because he must be aware of some dangerous crisis!
It’s Sirius who sees all the time, but he still can’t see the danger
They are in this aisle, and there are three of them. Without his life, there is peace around them.
Wu Daozun raised his arm and slowly lifted his robe sleeve.
It’s not flesh and blood that is exposed inside the clothes, but dense black ants!
Wu Daozun jerked his chest and clothes, and it was dark inside, full of ants, and his little head was shining with two red lights!
I don’t know when these hell ants have already crawled through their clothes and covered themselves with budo!
And budo Zun knows it!
Seeing this scene, Sirius gasped at the air conditioning and his hair was blown up all over.
The wolf’s hair blew up in an instant, and some tiny things fell off the wolf’s body. It was those hell ants.
Sirius suddenly realized one thing, a chill jumped up from behind!
Even budo Zun didn’t realize that he must have been crawling with hell ants!
Thought of here Sirius felt scalp pins and needles and twisted his body wildly, trying to throw the hell ants away!
These hell ants seem to realize that they have been exposed and suddenly attack!
Sirius gave a scream.
Tens of thousands of hell ants bitten him at the same time and instantly dyed his huge body red!
Sirius trembled and almost fainted in pain.
Wu Daozun also felt a sharp pain, but he sang the "Prajna Nirvana Sutra" again without changing his face. The golden Sanskrit emerged and enveloped him, Sirius and Yan Beichen.
They are like hell ants who are frightened by something, like black ink falling off from their bodies and fleeing everywhere.
It wasn’t long before Wu Daozun, Sirius and Yan Beichen had no hell ants.
Wu Daozun was physically strong and didn’t suffer any harm.
But Sirius and Yan Beichen were bitten black and blue by the ant colony in hell just now.
Yan Beichen was attacked by an ant colony on his deathbed, and the breath of life became even rarer, and he could die at any time!
An inexplicable fear pervades the tunnel.
Even budo Zun is influenced by some factors.
If he hadn’t gone to A-bi Hell, Zeng Qinglian had really got the tenth stage of Tao’s test and cohesion with Tao’s heart ladder, his Tao’s heart might have been shaken.
A nose, hell, horror, gloom, unknown creatures, unknown environment, everything is unknown
This kind of hell ant can fool Wu Daozun’s psychic induction!
In other words, the spiritual consciousness of budao Zun in A-bi Hell has been reduced to the extreme, and there is almost no place.
Aside Sirius suffered from this change and trembled with fear, and seemed to recall the experience of that year.
The situation is not optimistic!
Just now, these hell ants are not strong enough.
If the ant colony strength rises to such a huge level, the martial arts statue can’t resist no matter how strong it is!
If any queen ant appears in the ant colony …
Wu Daozun took a deep breath and whispered, "Go quickly and find the bones of Emperor Papman as soon as possible!"