Throwing the psychological burden, Napoli broke out with great momentum and energy. After the field, the scene became the opposite of the second half of the half. Naples played AC Milan unprepared with the support of Naples, which made Dellaurentis sit back in the box and watch the ball. Milan Vice President Galliani looked dignified.

What did the old man give Naples players at halftime? Why do these people become as excited as estrus bulls one by one? Galliani secretly lamented in his mind that he didn’t know that Dellauren Disgen had never even entered the dressing room door in Naples.
After half-time, the momentum overwhelmed the opponent Naples, and the situation was well controlled. Unconsciously, AC Milan was brought into Naples. The Naples people were good at rhythm. Because of the knot, they burst into energy. The Naples people were elegant, arrogant and extravagant. They handed out various distances on the Sao Paulo turf like Picasso’s feet, drawing wonderful and thoughtful lines. The flowing water brought a delicate brilliance to the Naples fans, and Qi Nan suspected that it was the most beautiful among the Naples players. Giving the "painter" attack means, he is like a light and elegant plain clothes swordsman, which attracts cheers everywhere. He is like a key to the "gorgeous door", which dyes the whole Naples team with a magnificent romantic color.
And Milan is not finished fighting back. Kaka Ronaldinho instigated and commanded Milan to attack. There are also two colored teams. Pay attention to this game. The fans dedicated a rare Serie A, gorgeous, beautiful and passionate, but there was no lack of calm.
When the referee De Santis blew the whistle at the end of the game, Sao Paulo Stadium became a sea of joy, and the scoreboard ended with a great victory in the final battle against Naples. That striking 32 let the whole Italy know that Naples defeated the equally powerful AC Milan team in their own strong strength.
Napoli scored two goals by Zinan and Lavezzi in the 55th and 76th minutes of the game. AC Milan only rewrote the score of the two teams by Kaka’s long-range shot in stoppage time.
When Rhea jumped out of the coach’s seat with uncontrollable excitement, the whole city of Naples knew that their team was one step closer to the league title. Now all they need to do is wait for the result of the match between Inter Milan and Sampdoria in one day! !
Volume III
Chapter two hundred and nineteen The craziest season ever
The craziest league championship ever! ! ! ! ! !
When the thirty-fourth round of Serie A ended, Gazzetta dello Sport, a striking headline, woke Italian fans.
Perhaps Emperor really doesn’t want to see that in recent years, Inter Milan won the Serie A championship without any doubt. In Sunday’s game, Inter Milan was once again tied by the opponent and suffered three consecutive draws in the last three games. As a result, the gap between Inter Milan and Napoli was narrowed to one point, while Napoli beat AC Milan and jumped to the second place in the league, while AC Milan fell to the third place.
Inter Milan scored 65 points in the standings, leading the second with 64 points. Naples AC Milan was ranked in the third round, which was also a draw. Juventus scored 62 points, and the round finally won. Rome Florence ranked sixth with 6 points and Lazi ranked sixth with 59 points.
From the first to the sixth, there is a gap of six points. There are still four games in the league. Theoretically, none of these six teams can win the championship. This is also what Gazzetta dello Sport called "The Madest League Championship in History" to form Serie A. Now, you know, if a team makes a little mistake, its league ranking may be surpassed by the team behind it overnight.
This chaotic situation has excited the major Italian media, and the fans in several major cities, such as Milan, Naples, Turin and Rome, are also crazy, especially the fans in Naples, who have always been fanatical. Faced with the great situation that the team may regain the Serie A championship after 20 years, they have not only supported the external action with full spirit, but also made concrete actions.
In Naples, the hardcore fan organization "Naples Watchers" called and organized nearly 20,000 Naples fans to accompany the team to Verona, a city where Napoli’s rival Chievo is located.
20,000 Naples fans went out with the team. What is this place? What is the resident population of this small town in Verona? Just two people, they even need to share a home court with the second-division team Verona, and their home court, Marco Antonio Tegedi Stadium, can only accommodate 30,000 fans. President Campedelli of Chievo Club owns a company called Pa Ruani, which mainly produces cakes. Companies that produce Ruani, such as nut chocolate and Christmas candy, have an annual turnover of 3,000 to 4,000 dollars. Campedelli gives the club a total of about 10,000 dollars each season. J For example, KaKa Ibotti’s annual advertising revenue is a small team in Serie A. Compared with Chievo, Chievo can’t afford big-name stars, but most players in the team play together for a long time and cooperate with each other. The excellent record of the team comes from the solid defense, the unknown and high-income Chievo players are very good. Unity doesn’t always buy each other like big-name stars. Chievo’s outstanding team spirit and high fighting spirit appeared in Apennine last season. Although the current ranking is not ideal, it is three points away from the relegation zone, but Chievo’s record at home is not bad. Chievo can often play very well at their home, Marco Antonio Tegedi Stadium. Although in the first leg of the season, Naples slaughtered Chievo 6-0 at home, but when it comes to Naples, there is no guarantee that it will win easily.
After beating AC Milan at home 32, Naples ushered in a six-game winning streak in the league. They were ten points behind the leaders at one time, and stubbornly approached the gap of points to just one point, which made them the most popular team in Serie A at present. The bookmakers offered the latest odds for winning the championship. The Italian media also admitted that Naples has indeed competed with Milan for long and short, especially after Naples beat AC Milan in a uncontroversial way. Such sounds have appeared more and more in every corner of Italy.
Compared with the Milan duo, Naples is in the hope of winning the championship. There are still four Napoli opponents left in the league, Chievo Siena Turin, and finally Inter Milan. In addition to a tough battle with Naples, Inter Milan’s penultimate opponent is on the road to challenge Florence, which is also not weak. The Prandelli team won’t let Inter Milan take away a victory from Florence easily, while AC Milan’s last four opponents are slightly weak but not tenacious. For example, it has the role of "Milan nemesis" called Houdusse.
In addition to these favorable factors for Naples, there is another one that makes Neapolitans happy.
The ground factor is that Milan duo and Champions League drag-down duo both reached the Champions League. In the semi-final, Milan played Manchester United and AC Milan played Chelsea in the semi-final. Compared with the league champion, the Champions League champion is obviously no less tempting. When Mourinho’s team and Ancelotti’s team were small, they would definitely be distracted by the Champions League. Now Naples needs only the league. Oh, there is also an Italian Cup. However, the final of the Italian Cup will not be played until after the league, so it has no impact on Naples’s league plans.
When several Italian fans and fans from all over the world paid attention to the local Italy, on Saturday, May 10th, Serie A launched a new round of competition for several major titles. The popular teams made their debut in advance. In several games, Inter Milan made their debut first. They relied on Ibrahimovic twice to capture Atlanta at home. In the next AC Milan match, Ancelotti won easily by three Brazilians, Kaka Ronaldinho.
In this way, the pressure is back and there is hope of winning the championship. On the second match day of Sunday’s round of the league, Juventus beat Cagliari 2-0 at home and didn’t fall behind in the footsteps of Milan, while Rome capsized at home and lost to Bologna, which is not strong. Florence was a little better than Rome. They won a draw away from home, but this draw means that Viola has already withdrawn from the season championship and Rome has capsized.
Italy was the last player to play in Naples at 6 pm, which attracted the attention of Serie A fans all over the world. However, the result of this game was beyond most people’s expectation. The team went to Naples with a six-game winning streak and was unexpectedly drawn by Chievo, the flying donkey! ! ! ! !
When the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game, 10,000 Naples fans and several Naples fans who were not there to watch the game couldn’t believe their eyes. Their eyes were almost as hole as the scoreboard of Marco Antonio Tegedi Stadium.
In this game, 10 thousand Naples fans almost suppressed Chievo fans, and even worse, there were 10 thousand Naples fans who failed to come in outside the stadium, and they spared no effort to cheer for the team
In this game, Napoli dominated the game. The ball control rate was 65% to 35%. One pair actually hit the doorframe four times, and the others were blocked by Chievo’s brave goalkeeper Cicchiano. The Chievo team was besieged for 90 minutes, but Naples had to swallow the bitter result of being tied by the flying donkey. This draw not only made Naples score goals in 15 consecutive games, but also broke its seven-game winning streak and ended it. More importantly, the ranking of Naples League dropped from second place overnight. In the fourth round, AC Milan and Juventus once again overtook Naples. Apart from these, the worst thing is that the gap between Naples and Inter Milan has been widened to four points again. If you want to win the championship, you can hope that Inter Milan will make another mistake, and then Naples will win the final round of direct confrontation with Inter Milan, so that Naples can win the annual Serie A championship, and both Juventus and AC Milan must make mistakes at the same time.
After the draw of Naples, the major media reacted differently to Naples. Gazzetta dello Sport somewhat gloated that Naples media and China media were pessimistic, while other neutral media believed that Naples still lacked enough experience and won the championship.
However, what makes Naples look forward to is that Milan duo will face their Champions League life-and-death battle, and Juventus lost their spiritual leader Piero in the round match, hoping that Naples can make no mistakes in the remaining three games, and their hope of winning the championship is not complete. Compared with Milan duo and Juventus, Naples’s personnel situation is absolutely the most neat.
Will Milan duo Juventus give Napoli this chance? ? ?
Volume III
Chapter two hundred and twenty Thanks to Ferguson and Scolari
When the vast majority of media young Napoli could not resist the pressure from the level and the round continued to sink, a week later, Napoli returned to their home in the 36th round of Serie A, but a 3-win victory hit back all doubts.
In this game, Napoli’s opponent is a "red bull" in the same city as Juventus. It is said that Turin, the former enemy of the same city, can still count on Turin’s help to stop a Napoli team, but in Sao Paulo Stadium, Turin finished the game in a crisp and neat way, not to mention that stopping Naples’ whole performance was simply to help Naples warm up or help Naples find its pre-war state. At half time, they were two goals behind Naples, with Hamsik and Lavezzi scoring in the 20 th and 35 th minutes respectively. At half time, they all scored a goal in the 50 th minute and scored a goal directly.
Rhea also replaced Zinan in the 70 th minute of the game, which made Zinan Bao have enough physical strength and avoid unnecessary injuries to cope with the week-long away game against Siena.
At the same time, the other matches played with Naples also ended at a later time, and the situation of fake ball or "silent ball" appeared. The Italian Football Association decided to let the last three rounds of the league match be held at the same time. When the results of the matches between Naples and Turin came out, the results of other games were also about the same time. The members of the coaching staff came to the coach’s bench to note their own team’s matches while talking about the progress of other games, especially the Milan duo and Juventus. This situation also appeared in the stands of Naples fans at S? o Paulo Stadium. They also asked their friends or family about the results of other games by mobile phones.
When Napoli had a three-goal lead, which made the game out of suspense, with Qinan being replaced, Napoli fans at the scene invariably devoted their attention to other games.
As a result, there was a strange scene at Sao Paulo Stadium. Several Naples fans held their mobile phones and shouted at each other while covering half their ears.
"What’s the score between Inter Milan and Genoa now?"
"What Inter Milan leads by one?"
"What about AC Milan and Juventus?"
"Really? Is AC Milan still behind Juventus and Palermo by one goal? "
At one time, the stands were full of such sounds. Every time the situation of other games changed, Naples fans who were still watching the game in Sao Paulo would know it at the first time and get the first-hand information. Fans would immediately tell their associates about the latest game and broadcast it to every corner of Sao Paulo stadium quickly. Whenever news came from other cities that might have a good or bad impact on the current situation in Naples, Naples fans would either be excited or anxious to sigh. This situation made Naples players and Turin players who were still playing the game feel a little puzzled.
For example, when Turin players were preparing to attack with the ball, there was a sudden burst of inexplicable cheers in the stands. Turin players were wondering that the ball had been broken by Napoli players. In fact, Naples fans cheered just now because they heard that AC Milan had been scored by their opponents. Just a few minutes later, it was Naples’ turn to attack Ravizi, who was preparing to score in the restricted area, but the Naples fans came to the stands in a neat lamentation. When Ravizi was stunned, the Turin goalkeeper had decisively attacked and saved his ball. In fact, Naples fans lamented that they had heard the news that Inter Milan was leading the ball.
As the game drew near to the end, what happened to the players on both sides of the field? It was hopeless for Turin to see the equaliser. They didn’t rely on this game to score points, and Napoli players didn’t have the mood to continue pestering Turin for the last 20 minutes. It was a time for players to entertain themselves.
Since Qinan was replaced in the player’s seat, he has been seeing several members of the team’s coaching staff constantly holding mobile phones and communicating with the opposite side. From time to time, some people have come to Rhea’s ear to say something.
Don’t ask Qinan, I know that these coaching staff members must be doing the same thing as those Naples fans. In fact, he also wants to know that it must be a lie to say that he doesn’t care whether the team can win the championship. In fact, he cares about this championship as much as other members of the club.
When the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game, the team won
After the key victory, no horse left Sao Paulo Stadium, but they stayed at Sao Paulo Stadium together and waited for the end of several other games that were important to Naples.
Although this round of league matches was held at the same time, it ended first and a few minutes later due to different specific circumstances. For example, there was no injury in Naples, and the stoppage time was smooth and the stoppage time was short. The stoppage time at half-time added up to only four minutes, and it was only a little over a minute after half-time stoppage time. The referee terminated the game because there was really no need to continue kicking, and Milan duo and Juventus had more stoppage time than Naples. When the match between Naples and Turin ended, other games were in full swing.
At the end of the game, the players in Naples were also pulling their teammates or coaching staff members to ask them, but they were no less anxious than Naples fans. When they were present, they were already worried by Naples fans.
By this time, the game has become a scene in which all members of Naples club and tens of thousands of Naples fans are waiting together. The big screen of S? o Paulo Stadium is also available to stop displaying the score of this game and roll out the scores of other games associated with Naples.
When I saw that the score between Inter Milan and Genoa finally stopped at 1-1 A, Milan was beaten by Lazio to 1-2, and Juventus collapsed at Palermo’s feet 1-1, the St. Paul Stadium broke out with even greater cheers than at the end of the game just now. Several Napoli fans were excited to get together with the people around them, and some extreme fans even undressed to celebrate the scene, just as Napoli had won the annual Serie A championship before, and Napoli players and coaches also high-fived with joy.
After a little celebration with several coaching staff members, Rhea secretly thanked Manchester United coach Ferguson and Chelsea coach Scolari, and of course Palermo coach Clantono was also the one he wanted to thank.
Three days ago, Inter Milan played at home for 12 minutes in the semi-final of the Champions League, and finally narrowly won the promotion through overtime. Although they won the game, they also paid a lot of money. In addition to the general physical overdraft of the main team, they also lost several generals. In fact, it was not surprising that this round of competition was tied by Genoa. Compared with Inter Milan, AC Milan, its arch-rival in the same city, was obviously more unfortunate. Three days ago, AC Milan was eliminated by Chelsea on the road in the Champions League, which was a huge blow to Milan soldiers. There is a way to get out of depression so quickly, which directly leads to Milan’s lack of qualification for the League Cup and high morale in today’s game. AC Milan has always been in the wind in front of Lazio, and the score of 1-2 truly reflects the situation of both sides. Juventus capsized because of the consequences of their first round of competition. In the first round of competition, they lost the team captain and spiritual leader Piero, who turned out to be a lot of wounded soldiers. In today’s game, they besieged Palermo for 90 minutes at home, but missed. No final figure appeared, but at the last moment of the game, Palermo midfielder miccoli seized a counterattack opportunity and succeeded. Palermo gave Juventus this defeat, which largely determined that the "Bianconeri" had withdrawn from the annual Serie A championship battle. Although theoretically Ranieri still had the hope of winning the championship, everyone knew that it was almost the same as buying a lottery ticket with two dollars and winning 10 million.