The mountain leader laughed and said, "I’m drowning in shit!"

Lin Xuanji heard a burst of words and turned to tear Su Mo away and muttered, "This old man is crazy and refuses to give the real thing."
Why did the avenue 3 thousand run into the shit?
Lin Xuanji pulled a Su Mo but didn’t move it.
Sue ink frowned slightly at the moment is lost in thought.
"You …"
Lin Xuanji was about to speak when Butterfly Moon gently floated the robe sleeve to push Lin Xuanji against him and shook his head as a sign for him not to disturb Su Mo.
What’s the situation
Lin Xuanji is at a loss.
Can this old man really understand something by a few words of fooling people?
For Su Mo, a few words from the mountain really showed him a world that had never been seen before.
Three thousand places on the avenue. No
Even the humblest and smallest things contain great truths.
Planting seeds on Tian Youtu Avenue breeds vitality and also contains the Avenue of Life.
Vegetation withers and plants wither, and there is a dry and glorious road.
The seasons change, day and night alternate through wind, frost, rain and snow. These are avenues!
It was not until now that Su Mo came here for nothing. At first, he saw that every move of fishermen, woodcutters and plowmen coincided with each other when fishing, logging and farming.
They have already driven the avenue to its peak!
This is especially true of Chaos Avenue.
Chaos derives everything and everything belongs to chaos.
Everything can look for traces of chaos avenue.
Su Mo once wanted to find some chaotic things to understand the chaotic road, but some went further and further.
Everything he can see, feel and hear contains the road of chaos!
At the moment, Su Mo felt that everything around him seemed to disappear.
As time goes by, villages are no longer villages, trees are no longer trees, rivers are no longer rivers …
Everything fades away and eventually turns into chaos.
And he is in this chaos!
There was a loud noise from his body, as if something was broken.
The chaotic world disappears in a moment.
Boundaries are Tao and Boundaries.
Chaos world, chaos avenue merge into everything he can control.
The chaotic world disappears, but it doesn’t exist!
Su Mo finally broke through.
A small achievement in the imperial realm makes a Taoist respect!
His divine power has also reached the level of respect with the skyrocketing!
Nowadays, even if you don’t use budo to respect Lin Meng, he can suppress these strong people!
Su Mo opened his eyes and the night enveloped him.
The rocking chair in front is like a mountain, and I don’t know where it is.
Lin Xuanji is gone, too.
There is a butterfly moon guarding him not far away.
"They …"
Sumo wanted to thank the mountain leader, but soon realized what it was and asked, "How long has it been?"
Butterfly month laughed "almost a month"
Sue ink zheng then shake head wry smile.
He felt as if everything had just taken a few breaths.
But I didn’t expect the whole breakthrough process to last for a month.