This method is many times higher than the secret!

Is Sue ink heart is still a little confused.
Is it necessary for a monk to risk his life and come to the Xuanji Palace to refine his blood?
Want to know this time but shocked the bodhi old zu mahayana!
It is also said that the old man is very likely to be the arrival of the emperor and the strong. Once the monk’s tracks are exposed, I am afraid it will be difficult to retreat.
Besides, there were not many monks who really fell in the first world war, most of them were seriously injured, and there were not many veins
The monk is so cautious.
Don’t refining this blood he will cloth this bureau?
"It’s him!"
Just then the cat suddenly roared into hysteria.
The cat’s face is still bleeding, and when I heard this, my facial features were distorted, and my face was ferocious and horrible!
Looking at the cat was Sue ink a sigh in my heart.
The celestial body says that the old man’s brother can be described as a strategic plan.
It’s a pity that Su Mo and others released the monk by mistake.
World War I in the Valley of Heaven and Earth, the great monk made a wedding dress and was greatly weakened.
And this time the cat was defeated again.
The lost cat lost its life!
"You come out!"
The cat looked around and roared that it had completely lost its mind. "Come out, I want to see who you are!"
At this point, the cat looked a little pathetic and pathetic.
Before the monk showed up, the cat was lost.
Lost twice.
To lose completely and miserably.
The important thing is that you never know who you lost to.
He doesn’t know whether the man who calculated him twice in a row is a man or a woman.
What a blow to a man who thinks he’s in control?
"He’s long gone."
Said the old man shook his head and sighed with disappointment.
"Go away."
The cat was grinning and his cheeks were still bleeding, and suddenly he was nervous and laughed with a piercing look.
"Ha ha ha ha ha!"
Cat eyes rested on Su Mo and others strangely laughed. "Chess is all chess! He is so powerful that it is not someone else’s chess! "
"He, you, all of you!"
The cat pointed to Su Moyan Beichen and said that the old man grinned "None of you can escape! Your fate has already been sealed! Hahahaha! "
Yan Beichen couldn’t listen to it for a long time. Take a rest and recover a little strength. Once again, he cut the cat’s head in half!
The cat laughed to an abrupt end.
The cat was also chopped by the hate magic knife and died on the spot!
The cat’s body fell heavily in a pool of blood
But the cat just laughed, but it seemed that it was still surrounded by people’s ears for a long time, which was chilling and creepy!
It seems a little unbearable to say that the old man closed his eyes
Anyway, it was his brother who ended up like this today, and his heart was full of guilt and remorse.
Lin Xuanji didn’t look a little heavy with her old smirked face.
He couldn’t help but see the scenes when he was a child, when he used to pester the cat to play with him.
At that time, I was worried, happy and warm.
You can easily beat him at any game.
Even if it is to repair the realm, it is far better than him to step into the realm early!
It is said that the old man has four brothers, and from which direction the cat is the best.
I didn’t expect to fall in front of the mystery palace today.
"Did you see it?"
Town kill cat Yan Beichen heart that tone immediately drain the whole people knelt to look up at the day begging said, "I killed your enemy! None of them have been spared! "
"Don’t worry, I will accompany you soon …"
Say that finish this sentence Yan Beichen can no longer support plop down in a coma.
Yan Beichen has already been exhausted and black and blue, and it is because of the secret that he can persist until now.
Now that the cat was behind him, he couldn’t hold back and fainted
Chapter one thousand four hundred and sixty-four Give a bow
"Brother Yan!"
Su Mo worried about his body movement and came to Yan Beichen’s side. He pulled out a few magic pills from the bag and forced them into Yan Beichen’s mouth.
Said the old man fingertips tap a divine light into Yan Beichen body.