Death warrant Luo Cha is getting more and more wronged. He really wants Xu Renlai to fight head-on several times, and maybe he can take advantage of it to escape. But every time he recklessly waits on him, he feels that his attack is falling behind the cotton ball, and he doesn’t know what the other side has done. He can always attack and dissolve it in shape.

Gradually, Luo Cha felt exhausted, and the deputy of Dan medicine had already appeared.
Xu Ren’s attack has intensified and forced Luo Cha to retreat and urge Luo Cha to be unwilling, but he has no strength. Men don’t eat immediate losses. He can beg for mercy from Xu Ren. "This young Xia is my blind man. You adults will leave me alone after a lot. I am sure to burn high incense for you every day and pray for your peace."
Xu left the pie mouth and said coldly, "If you really want to beg for mercy, then throw away what’s in your left hand, and you can take it out by this little means."
Xu Ren is no ordinary young man. After listening to the death warrant, Luo Cha begged for mercy, Gen didn’t stop. Because of the death warrant, Luo Cha still held a dark wound in his left hand.
"Are you so meticulous at a young age?" Death warrant Luo Cha saw that his calculation was caught and threw caution to the wind. He directly nailed his left hand Luo Cha to Xu Ren.
Luo Cha nail is unique to Luo Cha. hidden weapons is a metal ball about the size of a walnut. After the metal ball is sacrificed organically, 36 Luo Cha nails will be shot out of the metal ball.
Luo Cha nails are smaller than ordinary carpenter nails, but their lethality is great, because this thing not only beats people, but also explodes.
Xu Ren eyebrows slightly wrinkled that ball full of Luo Cha nails instantly exploded 36 Luo Cha nails quickly set to Xu Ren.
Xu Ren didn’t answer the death warrant, Luo Cha hidden weapons. He turned into a ghosting image and blinked behind the death warrant, Luo Cha.
Urging Luo Cha to come and still want to run, his spiritual strength has been exhausted, and finally Xu Ren’s sword can pierce his chest.
Ah! ——
By Xinghai sword through his chest death warrant Luo Cha let out a scream and then fell to the ground physically.
Xu Ren killed the death warrant Luo Cha and quickly packed up the death warrant Luo Cha’s treasure capsule. Even the poor monk is more valuable than the general monk Yuan.
"The public technique is really skilled. It is a thrifty person at first sight." Gao Tieshan was the first time to see Xu Ren having a windfall. That technique was simply too professional.
"I’m also afraid of poverty. Besides, this guy took the initiative to make trouble, but I didn’t take the initiative to provoke him." Xu Ren is nothing short of Gao Tieshan’s words. Since that death warrant Luo Cha is dead, it’s also a wave to stay. Besides, if the two countries make war, these things should be his battle.
"You can’t be polite to this kind of people who like to rob people for nothing. They also robbed his brother’s things and deserved it." Chen Zhong vowed that he had done a lot of things because of this kind of windfall.
"Ha ha, Mr. Chen, if you don’t say anything, I forgot to tell you whether I cleaned up the battlefield or whether you taught me that it’s okay to come out and rob me. I can also give a tooth for a tooth." Xu Ren was suddenly reminded of the scene of the beasts forest when Chen Zhong said it was the first time he met the monk outside the floating Yunshan to rob me.
"Well … fortunately, Gao and I are no longer floating in Yunshan, so we have escaped from the clutches and stopped thinking about robbing others." Chen Zhong was a little embarrassed, so he floated in Yunshan for so many years, and he also developed a strong face kung fu. Although he was not invulnerable, he would not feel shy easily.
"Don’t take me, I won’t rob." High-speed rail III didn’t give Mr. Chen a face.
"If you don’t rob, how did you end up with the public? Isn’t the attempted robbery accepted by the public?" Chen Zhongxian is also used to being demolished by Gao Tieshan. To tell the truth, it would be quite interesting if they didn’t bicker with each other all the way.
"Come on, you two don’t say who else. The robbery is just like floating clouds and mountains. You are both as old as you are. Let’s continue to lead the way. I’m afraid there will be new troubles to find you here after a long delay." Xu Ren’s experience seems that monks are also ganging up. Although they killed the death warrant Luo Cha today, they don’t know if this death warrant Luo Cha has left him any means. If Luo Cha is really forced to stay and attract his monks to revenge, it will be delayed again.
"It’s also important to get down to business first." Gao Tieshan said and put away a pair of hammers to continue Xu Ren to lead the way.
The route is also tortuous. Xu Ren and others first met a team to look at the ornaments, which should be the scouts team of Daning Dynasty. These people were very cautious. If it was not for Xu Renqian’s arrangement of the isolated spirit array, it would be really difficult to escape the scouts team’s exploration.
"Daning dynasty scouts team is really capable, and there is a monk in it, but it seems that the scouts team has been killed when they meet high-order monks." Chen Zhong looked at the three people and didn’t find that their scouts team was somewhat worried.
"They didn’t find out that you had arranged an isolation array before me, but not many people in Daning dynasty knew this isolation array. I believe so did his great dynasty, so this kind of scout team is still very available." Gao Tieshan still knows a lot about scouts, and there are two scouts like this. One is to spy on the news, and the other is to go to Lei to see where there is an ambush. The scouts are the most dangerous service in the army, and of course, they are also the fastest-promoted service. Many generals in Daning dynasty are scouts or have been scouts.
"The local activities of Lao Gao scouts should not be to fight, right?" Xu Ren also knows something about the characteristics of scouts. Before and after the war, scouts were the closest. It is obvious that there has not been a battle, so it can be pre-war spying.
"I don’t know. The scouts in the army usually move outside, so that they can grasp the first-hand information as quickly as possible. It’s not a problem for the enemy to have an important small group of scouts to act first, but if they meet different scouts in succession, it is bound to be a war coming." Gao Tieshan had experience as a scout and knew the law of scouts’ activities better.
Chapter one hundred Sandstorm
Gao Tieshan used to be a scout station in Daning dynasty. He knew more about scouts. Occasionally, he met a scout team on the edge of the battlefield, and he couldn’t say anything. The scouts were the product of mutual spying. They were just spying on each other and making trouble for each other.
"In that case, let’s hurry and do our own thing first." Since the appearance of this scout team is likely to be a coincidence, Xu Ren has nothing to worry about for the time being, but he decided to speed up just in case.
Gao Tieshan nodded his head and hurried to Xu Ren Circle as quickly as possible.
In this way, they walked for ten days in a row, and on the eleventh day, the sky suddenly changed, and in an instant, the yellow sand rolled as if it were going to swallow up the world.
Gao Tieshan is a little alarmed, but they have come or not to escape.
Chen Zhong almost criticized him. It was the first time he saw such a big sandstorm. This scene was simply purgatory.
"Don’t panic, don’t you set the wind beads for you? This level of wind and sand can’t resist us." Xu Ren has made some understanding of the wind and sand in the Mangcang Plateau, but he still feels very shocked after seeing the yellow sand all over the sky. However, although Xu Ren was shocked, he was not in a hurry because he had already refined the wind and wind beads.
Chen Zhong is skeptical. Of course, he believes in Xu Ren, but it seems unreasonable that the wind is a natural phenomenon of airflow. Even if the wind is magical, how can it hold the wind?
But soon Chen Zhong’s worry disappeared. With the wind blowing all over the sky, Chen Zhong didn’t seem to feel the wind blowing at all
"Male, it’s amazing that you can see such a big sandstorm outside." Chen Zhong’s face is full of surprises, but the performance of the wind-setting beads is too unexpected.
"This wind-setting bead can build an air wall outside us, but this air wall does not stop the wind-blown sand, but guides it to other places. Because the wind-blown sand is taken away, we can’t feel the wind-blown sand." Xu Ren patiently explained to Chen Zhong that they could not tell the direction in the wind-blown sand anyway, and the three of them simply found a hill to stop halfway up the mountain for trimming.
"This is understandable, but what can we do without being blown away by the wind? According to my observation, the wind outside estimates that even trees can be uprooted." Gao Tieshan is also curious about the magic of Dingfengzhu.
"Dingfengzhu can effectively adjust the airflow to automatically balance the airflow around us. No matter how the wind blows, we can all be stable in the dungeon." Xu Ren is still very confident in his Dingfengzhu. If Xianzun’s strength is refined and formulated, the Fengzhu can even resist the storm in the depths of Xinghai.
"It’s a good thing that there are public wind beads, otherwise it would be nice if we could save our lives this time. It can still be so leisurely there." Gao Tieshan knows that the wind and sand in the Mangcang Plateau are fierce, and sometimes this wind and sand can take away several lives, even a powerful monster beast can’t be lucky.
"It’s hard to get away from it quickly."
I came to Xu Ren, Gao Tieshan and Chen Zhong hills, but soon Xu Ren found the danger and hurriedly pulled Chen Zhonghe Gao Tieshan to the bottom of the hills.
At this time, a black mass thing hit him hard, and they stood in front of him. When Xu Ren took a closer look, he found that it was a big demon wolf
Xu Ren breathed a sigh of relief, and now he realized that the presence of wind beads in the sand could not resolve all the dangers, and he had to be alert to prevent foreign bodies from being blown by the wind.