The wizard raised his hand, and the flame burst into full bloom, condensing the energy of the star element into an arrow and devouring it. He raised his other hand and pointed a thin and long finger at Cang Du.

The ponytail youth didn’t even respond with a beam of black light and hit the barrier in front of him. Han Shu just imposed a star barrier on his teammates and shattered it, but finally saved Cang Du’s life
Cang Du broke out in a cold sweat, but for the barrier, he might have been killed by now.
"Be careful!" Han Shu pointed a pike in the direction of Cang Du and put a barrier on the ponytail youth.
Tianyang and Jiyu both shot at this moment, and their guns and bows kept pointing at the wizard almost all the time.
But when the wizard comes behind Lao Xu, the two can give up the attack.
Lao Xu turned around and forced the wizard to go around to the rear at this time. Cang Du took the opportunity to stab the wizard in the back with a sword.
The sword broke from its chest, but Cang Du’s face didn’t succeed. Instead, he showed consternation.
Moreover, the wizard doesn’t turn around and pat Cang Du with his palm full of black fire like a wounded one.
Horsetail youth front a bright Han Shu just give him a barrier to smash again. Cang Du hurriedly drew his sword and flew back or so, even hiding from the wizard, and then his fingertips shot a black fire beam.
I also want to pursue the wizard. Suddenly I turned my head. It turned out that Han Shu was carrying a pike and rushed over.
He immediately put his hands together and made an inverted triangle gesture. When he saw this gesture, Han Shu cried, "Don’t run, Mom |!"
The figure shrank and reappeared more than ten meters away. The wizard pulled away from Han Shu again, and then from that weak body, he suddenly made an amazing sound, which made the eardrum ache.
After a while, the soldiers who can’t insert their hands and fight outside the circle find that the crazy dog and the mysterious shooter are coming again!
Hearing the alarm, Cang Du was annoyed. "It must have been this thing before. According to this quantity, it can kill us before it is finished!"
Lao Xu wiped his forehead sweat. "So you can come back because it deliberately released water to help you find our camp?"
Han Shu screamed, "Are these dark bastards so clever?"
No one answered because the answer was already obvious.
Cang Du snorted and sprinted to kill the wizard.
Lao Xu was afraid that he couldn’t cope alone and hurriedly followed.
Two long swords interweave into a sword light. If it were a black man, it might have been ground by this sword light.
However, the wizard’s ability to lose short distances has made this black man escape many times.
Cang Du became more and more manic in the Vietnam War. "This thing flashed for a long time and even the corners of the clothes could not be touched!"
Talking long sword, spring water, a pick, but a pick.
The wizard suddenly came behind Lao Xu. This time, instead of reaching out and touching, he raised his hand and pointed a finger. Even though Lao Xu had rolled out of two positions, he was still hit by a black fire beam.
The barrier was broken, and before Lao Xu came to relax, he saw that the wizard pointed to another black light.
A crimson light sharply cut off the wizard’s finger and jumped up. The black light at the fingertips flashed for two times, but it always went out.
Cang Du’s eyes are wide open. In the line of sight, the wizard’s side is a silver-haired boy with a knife in his hands!
Han Shu whistled, "It’s as small as you!"
Tianyang’s knife succeeded, and the red moon combating Dao suddenly swept back.
At this time, the wizard was about to put his hands together and jump the distance when he saw the combat knives sweeping away.
Lao Xu said, "Why doesn’t it send ability?"
Han Shu also noticed that the wizard’s ability to send is quite a headache, which makes him play around a few people.
But now it has given up the ability to send it so conveniently and made it more troublesome to avoid moving.
Tianyang has once again posted to the Red Moon combating Dao, shaking out patches of red knife waves, and the offensive is constantly rolling to this strange black people like a flood.
Just now, the wizard took the lead, but at the moment, he fell into the wind and occasionally shot a black fire beam into the sun, barely forcing the boy.
However, the speed of the sun is too fast, especially after strengthening the physical field, his reaction has also increased greatly. Seeing that the teenager dragged the explicit Yin Hui’s trajectory changes, the wizard often attacked and attacked at unexpected angles.
Finally, after another chop, the wizard’s right hand was beheaded by the teenager.
Tianyang just stopped to coagulate and stop, and his forehead was covered with sweat.
That fierce mobile war just now consumed him a lot of physical strength and energy, but it was worth it because …
"Take your ability to lose!"
Tianyang wiped the sweat and raised his mouth slightly.
Chapter 69 A foreign language
"Can’t send? What? " Han Shu asked the big guy’s heart.
Tianyang stared at the wizard to mobilize Xing Yun to prepare for the attack. "Just now, I have been observing that it will fold its hands and make an inverted triangle gesture every time it loses."
Lao Xu was the first to understand, "You just kept hitting it so that it didn’t have a chance to make gestures. I said, you just attacked it ten times, and nine times you ran for its hands. It turned out that you were going to cut it off."
Tianyang nodded. He didn’t tell the truth. Just now, he wanted to find out the wizard’s weakness. Unfortunately, this black man frequently makes the losing ability base not stay in the same place for more than three seconds.
Difficult to lock the situation Tianyang [weakness induction] also has no place.
Moreover, the wizard’s right hand makes the black fire slap contact and instantly ignite the target; The left hand is more convenient. You can shoot a black fire beam from your fingertips. It is precisely because you have caught its law of action that Tianyang can just hit it.
Now the wizard has lost a skill to activate gestures, and then he can end the battle by finding its weakness.
At this moment, there was a howl of dogs outside the camp, and the defense line organized by Ji Yu was being tested by the dark people
When many days are in the sun, the mental eyes gradually become distant.
The wizard faded in his sight.
But then the wizard suddenly spewed out a black flame from the brokeback position.
The black fire twisted to form the arm shape.
Then the flame retreated, and a pale and gaunt arm appeared in the air.
"It’s renewable!" Han Shu is a little tempted to curse, and finally cut off the monster’s hand and let it lose short distances. As a result, it regenerated an arm in the blink of an eye!
Level 3 danger, dark people are not so easy to deal with.
This is almost everyone’s heart.
Hands folded, figure twisted, wizard used several times to retreat to the highway outside the camp.
It raises its hands, slaps it on the top of its head and then hits it left and right.
When the palm of your hand is divided, there is a black ball of light on the wizard’s head, which is like a miniature black hole. Fortunately, there is no gravitational response, otherwise Han Shu may have to retreat.