Then I saw him release his mind and cross the layers of emptiness to the twelve capitals of the canyon.

There, the four messengers of the magic gate have been shattered by the projection of the twelve ancestors, and the Yuan God has disintegrated, leaving a true spirit that is born immortal to survive.
I think it won’t be long before they fall completely.
"What a tragedy!"
Looking at the miserable appearance of the four demons, Feng Zichen first shook her head like an analog, and then saw that he stretched out his right arm and gently touched Fang, and a sudden force came to break up the four demons’ innate true spirit.
Magic door pillar
All four ambassadors have fallen.
"roar! Howl! Roar … "
After the fall of the four demons, the twelve gods’ banners were forced not to tremble, and they blossomed into a shining divine light, devouring all the flesh and blood left after the death of the four demons.
The flesh and blood of all beings can make blood, and the altar can also support the gods.
If Feng Zichen is cruel enough to let the twelve gods eat up the number of beings in the wild, then the twelve gods can be promoted to Tianbao first and the twelve ancestors can be revived by this.
This is the biggest of the twelve gods. If you can be promoted to Tianbao first, you can revive the corresponding ancestors and have a mixed state and no weak period as soon as you return.
in other words
Although the Twelve Ancestral Wizards have fallen, the Twelve Gods still practice instead of them and silently accumulate their strength.
Will not make them fall behind the times because they have fallen for too long.
Of course, this method is feasible, but it is not feasible in practice.
The wind zichen is not a sad madman, and naturally she won’t do such a thing.
What’s more, the 12 ancestors of witches died protecting the wild. If future generations slaughtered the whole life in order to revive them, what’s the point of their sacrifice?
Buzzing …
After devouring the four demons, the spirits of the twelve gods soared, and it was not far from being promoted to the extremely innate Lingbao.
However, it is difficult to become a treasure when it is born, but it is too difficult for heaven and earth to get promoted.
At least there is still a long way to go before the promotion to Tianbao.
"It’s you."
Grab a wisp of essence wind from the banner of all the gods, and Zichen returned to the world tree.
The owner of this ray of essence is one of the four demons, and it is not clear who the wind Zichen is, but it is all called an experiment anyway.
Whether it works or not, in the end, it will all be erased.
It worked.
Feng Zichen can kill by turning hands.
It’s estimated that it’s scary and ominous, and it won’t make a good scene.
Putting the devil’s essence into the core of the blood altar, Zichen will fuel the blood altar.
Buzzing …
A wisp of demon blood bloomed from the blood altar, reflecting heaven and earth into blood, and at the same time, a mist came and enveloped the place, showing an unknown atmosphere
Then there was an inexplicable song in this strange mist, like the prayer of the living, like the whisper of the dead, like the sound of the Tao … mysterious and unpredictable.