Su Mo once asked Yang Yun, the ghost emperor, that according to what he said, there is indeed such a roster in the underworld.

But only feng du can be qualified to read it.
All living beings in hell don’t know anything about where this roster came from.
However, Su Mo’s reading of all the ancient books in the underworld does not have such a register to record the soul’s past life and present life.
Originally, he wanted to find the soul traces of eldest brother Su Hong, Yao Xue and others in the underworld, and now he can give up.
This day
Su Mo seems to feel something, and his body is flashing for the first time in ten thousand years.
After he left, all beings in the underworld had to relax and show up one after another, looking at the direction of Baodu Mountain.
The iron-crowned elders, the wind-worn days, the hag’s fear of the king and other powerful emperors are preparing for this day’s soaring. Many interface strong people gather in the wild world, and Su Mo also comes back from the underworld to see me off.
For thousands of years, the wind and the sky have stepped into the emperor’s territory
Although it is a small success, it can also choose to soar to the world.
Many strong people gathered together to have a drink and talk about the past without feeling deeply.
Although the exquisite immortal emperor has cultivated to the perfection of the emperor’s territory, he has no intention of soaring, but continues to stay in the wilderness
Everyone knows that she wants to be in the middle of the world, waiting for the reincarnation of Lin Zhan, even if there is little hope.
There are too many variables and great uncertainties in reincarnation.
It is possible to regenerate the interface and regenerate the race
There are also 3,000 in the Hanazono Sakura world, which is several times more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.
"When are you going to soar?"
XiTieGuan old man asked.
"Don’t wait."
Su Mo did not say the specific deadline.
He really wants to fly to the world as soon as possible to find the butterfly and the moon setting.
But I can’t trust my old friend here.
Moreover, although he has condensed his debut, he will continue to cultivate and expand the world.
In the world, other means can also obtain enough source stones to ensure the improvement.
Today, the world is already complete.
Everyone knows Su Mo’s intention after the robbery of heaven again.
But there are still some people who are worried.
"Master you Shou Yuan …"
North ghost snow asked softly
Limited by the rules of heaven and earth, Su Mo has proved to be a great emperor, but his Shou Yuan has not grown.
After the World War II, there were more than 100,000 years left in ancient and modern Shou Yuan.
Now Su Mo has white hair and a few wisps of white beard hanging down his chest, which looks a little older than Xuan Lao.
It’s his blazing with anger’s eyes. He’s wearing a big blue robe, and his hair and beard are all white. He’s independent and not stained with dust. There’s another bearing
"Do not get in the way"
Su Mo smiled.
He Shou Yuan is limited by the rules of heaven and earth.
If you want him to soar to the world, his birthday will naturally rise to 100 million years!
He has to wait for a chance to leave safely.
In ten thousand years, the snow in the North Ghost, monkeys, night spirits and so on have all cultivated to a perfect cave or a quasi-emperor.
Everyone chatted about Su Mo, and it was also a matter of the night.
The night spirit was trapped in the battlefield of evil spirits, but I didn’t know that it was the first creature to leave the battlefield of evil spirits in several eras.
According to the night spirit, his blood showed signs of atavism, and soon he was released from heaven. At that time, there seemed to be people in heaven.
He doesn’t know exactly why. Maybe he has blood in him.
Sirs heaven Lord has already soared, and this matter is naturally questioned.
After the iron-crowned elders and others soared, Su Mo traveled around the world looking for traces of feng du. Tao Yao and Liu Ping often accompanied each other.
So in the major interfaces, an old man with white hair and beard and a blue robe is occasionally seen walking on the tortoise and snake star.
Followed by two Taoist children holding hands and holding wishful thinking in one hand.
"That white-haired old man is the great warrior of our life!"
"The two Taoist children behind him are also of uncommon origin and are called Taoliu Erxian."
"Is it natural that some interface disputes are resolved by Taoliu Erxian?"
"I’ve heard that there are twelve awesome gods to protect the Emperor Wu, but I didn’t see them this time."
Emperor Arakawa said that there are some flows around the 3,000 world, and hundreds of millions of them have evolved into many myths in the Hanazono Sakura world.
Some Hanazono Sakura world mortals still have mortal statues to worship and bear incense.
In the past ten thousand years, Su Mo has not walked in the world, but the wild world has become the first force in the world of three thousand
There are not only Taoliu Erxian but also Qinxiao Shuangmo.
There are even people who say that Jade Raksha and Nianqi are "ghosts" and "gods". No matter what ghosts or gods are, they dare not neglect the major interfaces everywhere.