Fifty years later, Lu Chen arrived at that mysterious place where there was a poor thunder, and he would be chopped by the thunder. Only the strong in the real fairyland can cross, and he is weak and must find the right way to pass safely.

At this time, several fairy kings looked at Liu Chen’s position with emotion, and someone got up to catch Liu Chen back.
But there is also a sigh of disappointment from the fairy king. "It’s just that I have done my duty. barbarian king, you are a stubborn disciple."
Lu Chen found the cobblestone path and rushed directly to the other end of the thunder. He knew that the fairy king had come out to find himself. He didn’t want to be caught back. This was only one chance.
Rushing through the thunder blockade, Lu Chen suddenly saw a vast beach, and there was a dam in front of him.
You can see a faint footprint left on the beach, which makes Lu Chen wonder.
Did the "Footprint Emperor" leave footprints at this time? This is inconsistent with his previous speculation, because there should be no memorabilia of the fall of the quasi-immortal emperor in this era
Is that the footprint emperor has just arrived at the dark source in the depths of the boundary sea to fight? This great turmoil was caused by several quasi-immortal emperors hitting several realms of fairy land.
Liu Chen has a lot of doubts in his heart. He also saw that it was like graffiti not far away. Obviously, it was also a footprint. The emperor left it. He warned the latecomers to leave before it was too late if they did not have strong strength.
Although there are many things that Lu Chen can’t figure out, he is so happy to see this send-off. Because the boundary of the boundary sea is special and several ancient worlds are connected, he may not enter the boundary sea and go directly to this send-off, so he can return to Bianhuang!
He rushed straight to the array. Of course, the array was connected with the world, but it was a natural wonder left by the quasi-immortal emperor
But after Lu Chen tried, his heart was cold for a while. This sending array is a footprint. The great avatar of the Emperor can help himself absorb the energy of heaven and earth to run and send people away.
But it’s so good to die. It’s like being told by many people not long ago that he can’t start and then he can move. Maybe it will be ten thousand years later.
To make matters worse, the delivery looks shabby, and many corners have been worn away. I don’t know which one is damaged and I don’t cherish it.
Lu Chen’s heart was filled with condescension. When the Emperor of Heaven wanted to send him away, he could just give him away when he was on the verge of breaking for the last time.
I came to see you off at such an early age, but I didn’t give it! ?
Liu Chen looked at the two lucky attributes in his details menu and wanted to call names.
He didn’t have time to think carefully, because it was a matter of interest for Xianwang to get here very quickly, and he had to make a decision.
Liu Chen gritted his teeth and rushed to the dam. He wanted to enter the boundary sea!
Since he can’t send troops outside the dam, it seems that there is also this way for him to go back, and he will detour home from the boundary sea.
Of course, his strength can’t cross the sea, but the real fairy dares to take a chance to find the fairy king. At least he is the strongest quasi-fairy king. Why don’t you just go in and hang up?
Liu Chen threw himself into the huge waves like a moth.
"Lu Chen, do you want them to be kind?"
Behind him came a roar that the German king had arrived, but he was still a step behind. Liu Chen had entered the sea, like Youlong, and it was hard to find it any more.
Although he is a fairy king, he is not yet at the top of the world, but it takes a long time and is not without risks to find someone in it, even if it is offshore.
He dumped his sleeves in anger at the dam and turned away. He and the soul king took good care of Lu Chen in their early years. He was unappreciative, and he could not venture into the world to fish for people.
At this time, Liu Chenjue’s huge waves almost smashed him directly with the world force.
Huge waves in the boundary sea can destroy the true fairy. If a tsunami rises, even the fairy king will retreat.
Lu Chen was really unlucky and got a blow on the head. In a flash, he didn’t know how far he was swept by the tide until he entered a certain world.