Even if he dies, he won’t have any retreat and bow his head!

However, although the eye situation is gluttonous, he probably has millions of Kunlun troops left
If these Kunlun armies fight to the death, their strength can’t withstand it!
The night spirit is also a spent force and won’t last long.
More importantly, is the situation in the canyon?
The most important thing for them is to solve the war situation here as soon as possible and get to Zhashen Canyon to help Sumo!
Zhashen Canyon
The number of protoss casualties in the light corps is still rising!
Su Mo is in charge of the two ancient treasures of Xuanci Mountain, which almost defeated the Light Corps!
These cold and indifferent protoss knights finally showed a trace of fear in their eyes
This time, more than 400 people have died in Sumo’s bow-breaking protoss knights!
No one knows who a fallen protoss is.
Shoot more than four hundred mana long arrows in a row, and Su Mo Yuan Shen is also somewhat untenable.
"Listen to my command, people, take off your armor and put away your swords and shields!"
The protoss half-ancestor finally thought of a solution and roared, "We can kill this man with our bare hands!"
Many protoss also have to react.
They are stuck in this situation now, and the most important thing is to be limited by Xuanci Mountain.
If they take off their armor and put away their swords and shields, they can get rid of the shackles of Xuanci Mountain, although their defense and attack power are greatly reduced
In this way, relying on the protoss flesh and blood, even without armor and shield, it is enough to kill the weak Terran town!
How can the Terran bloodline be compared with the Protoss!
On this, many protoss eyes burst into ecstasy.
Su Mo also smiled.
Pull the broken bow continuously, and his Yuan God has already lost some support.
He is preparing to rest the Yuan God. These protoss can’t bear to change their tactics first.
"so right"
Su Mo smiled and pulled out a few grains from the bag to restore the magic of Yuan God and swallowed them.
At the same time, the dark-haired Yuan Shen is slowly rotating and spewing out a series of blue glow that nourishes the dark-haired Yuan Shen in the sea!
No one can compare with Su Mo to help Yuan Shen recover!
Long Huang’s explosive power to fight against violet’s true self, but it is far from being able to compete with Yuan Shen to consume Long Huang’s true self.
Many protoss gods have faded their armor and put away their swords and shields.
Many protoss suppressed their anger, faded their armor and resumed their actions. They turned around and seemed to be able to spray fire in their eyes!
"Terran worm, you are ready to die!"
"Don’t kill him easily! We must suppress him and torture him a little or our people will die in vain! "
Many protoss just turned around and tried to rush to find Su Mo to fight, only to find that terrible figure like a nightmare was pacing towards them!
Chapter one thousand five hundred and twenty You are too weak
A protoss half-ancestor sneered, "Well, you dare to take the initiative to come here. It’s really reckless!"
"I don’t know if it should be you."
Su Mo said lightly, without stopping, and soon came to the front of a protoss knight.