Si Xiang bowed his head and said shyly, "No, you also said that I, as soon as you became so tall, I was so thin when you were a child. Now you must be a thin male brother."

Mark still wants to say some sweet words to her, but when I think of another woman, I can’t help but feel faint pain. Why can’t I hold a pair of Song Zhiqian’s so loyal feelings? At this moment, a clear and clear emotional line has become complicated because of an accidental intrusion into emotions.
Mark is not good at dealing with emotional problems. He knows that it is good, simple and sweet to like someone and another person likes himself. But what is happening now is a headache for him to take her back before making plans. But if he faces the thorny problem of Song Zhiqian, he can take it one step at a time.
Chapter 25 Mei Yao promotes marriage. boundless love has made waves (4)
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June Flower Valley is the most beautiful season. A wisp of breeze gently blows across the cheeks with white clouds. It is decorated with blue sky and blue sky. The Tianshan Mountains are lush, clear and mellow. Flower Valley is surrounded by mountains. Although the mountains are steep, it is inferior to the water in Flower Valley. The water here is really varied or the streams are graceful or the waterfalls are bumpy. There are both clear voices and warm and unrestrained water rumbling waterfalls.
However, the most beautiful scenery of Wanhua Valley will not be until May or June, when Wanhua Valley has become a vast sea of flowers. As the saying goes, the flowers here are mostly unknown, but they are all over the mountains, purple is noble, red is gorgeous and yellow is more brilliant, and there are many other colors embellished, just like Hua Xian accidentally knocked one in his pocket into this Wanhua Valley.
Si Xiang took the scar hand and leaned her head on his generous shoulder. She was intoxicated in this fairyland. Suddenly she saw a female sika deer walking leisurely in the sea of flowers with her cubs in the distance. Si Xiang exclaimed in surprise, "Brother Jing, look how cute the sika deer is."
Mark is preoccupied at this time, but he is not in the mood to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the road. He thinks about what to do for a while. He hears her heart calling "Oh, a fragrance", but no matter how many people sprinkle marks, he is happy to run after the two sika deer in the sea of flowers.
The newborn calf of the deer saw a lovely little girl running towards him from a distance, staring at her. After waiting for her mother’s alert call, the deer skipped and disappeared in a blink of an eye in the depths of a forest. Si Xiang watched the deer’s lovely heart run back to the mark and continued to hold his hand and slowly walked on the road to Wanhua Valley.
The closer you get to your residence, the more unnatural it is to be grabbed by Si Xiang. You want to break free and you are afraid of hurting Si Xiang’s heart. The tangled mood makes the palm of your hand full of sweat. Si Xiang grabbed the hand and felt his subtle changes. Then people also walked a few steps behind him. She used to be a smart girl, but now she is still a smart woman. She won’t make it difficult for her beloved man.
Mark grateful to look back at her face stiff and squeeze out a smile, and then bow their heads and take Si Xiang to the residence in the Flower Valley. Without a relaxed mood, this section of the road will become silent, and the heart will always make people silent.
Everyone in the drawing room of Wanhuagu is listening to Si Xiang’s story, but one person has been staring at the mark. This person is Song Zhiqian, a woman with special sensitivity, which makes her aware of the mark and the subtle feelings of this little girl. Maybe for others, Si Xiang is a little girl, but when she sees her, she knows that she is already a woman and has been a mark woman.
Maybe women are sometimes too sensitive, but most of the time they are still very accurate. Si Xiang occasionally looks at the mark. Her eyes are already a kind of shyness after a first woman, which is by no means a simple love. If she looks at Si Xiang, she is not sure, but when she looks at the mark, the mark avoids her eyes, which further confirms her guess.
Ever since they came into the living room in tandem, she has felt that the air is unnatural. The more she tries to avoid something, the more she will give a hint of clues. If this 20-year-old girl comes in with a scar, she will not doubt it, just like Mo Yuling doesn’t think about anything every time she entangles the scar and pulls her arm. The scar with Mo Yuling always gives people a sense of security, much like a big brother. Naturally, he also has the charm of attracting women, such as herself.
Now the situation is very different. Song Zhiqian can see at a glance what Mark and Si Xiang are deliberately avoiding today, which just says that the problem lies. Song Zhiqian has always believed in Mark, but there is a fact that she has to admit that Mark is also a man and Si Xiang is not an ordinary woman. She is a woman who is very attractive to men.
So her heart is bleeding, but no one will see it, because she knows that if she restrains herself, after all, all this is speculation, and she wants to listen to Mark and tell herself in person.
After listening to Si Xiang’s story, Dong Fangshuo smoothed her beard and said, "I didn’t expect the masked man’s black hand to reach Liwulinger in Qixiufang to gather a lot of gold and silver, and even Baidicheng was involved. It seems that this catastrophe is inevitable."
Everyone was surprised to hear about Baidi City, which is really unknown in today’s ruling and opposition circles. Even though everyone knows about Baidi City, it is still covered with a mysterious veil. Whether it is in the rivers and lakes or in the court, Baidi City has a pivotal position. Few people have seen the outside world say that he is no longer alive, but it has not been confirmed by Baidi City.
Wu Linger Mark and others have never heard of Dong Fangshuo, knowing that they don’t know Wu Linger, so he went on to say, "This Wu Linger has been a minor celebrity as early as twenty years ago, and now I’m afraid she is about forty years old, and her fame is that her ecstasy fell on her at that time, and countless heroes in the Jianghu were ruined."
Si Xiang heard that the ecstasy was unnatural and took a look at the trace. He also involuntarily glanced at Si Xiang’s four eyes, which were flush like blood, and quickly bowed his head to cover up all this. But where did he escape Song Zhiqian’s eyes? When the trace looked up again, he saw Song Zhiqian’s bitterness eyes and looked at his heart, and suddenly he was surprised and thought, "How did Zhi Qian see her eyes so sad? Did she see anything?"
With a feeling of anxiety, I took the opportunity to ask, "Master, what do you think we should do about this Wuling son?"
Dong Fangshuo thought for half a ring and said, "I’m afraid you have to go there in person this time. Although Wu Linger is not difficult to deal with, there is still the masked man behind her."
Si Xiang doesn’t know where Baidicheng is. Her master is now anxiously asking Dong Fangshuo, "I don’t know how my master is now, but please ask my predecessors to help me."
Dong Fangshuo thought for a moment and said, "According to my guess, your master should be taken into custody by them in case they won’t hurt your master. If things get out, I’m afraid I’ll blackmail you with your master."
They discussed it again for a while before they went back to their rooms. Si Xiang went back to her room and lay in bed, trying to make herself think about the Seven Xiufang, but she couldn’t do anything. Her thoughts always returned to that fascinating scene. Although she was made by ecstasy at that time, her heart had a little desire. She was glad that the other party was her brother Jing.
And the same over and over again, but I didn’t have the mind to think about it at this time. Song Zhiqian’s eyes were left in these minds. When everyone left the living room, Song Zhiqian didn’t walk out of the room with his hand in hand as usual, but silently left with his head down.
Lai Ling wanted to go to her and confess her mistakes, but several times I got up the courage to sit by the bed, which was the way to take that step. Just when he was talking about wandering, the door suddenly rang. I heard the knocking mark, Song Zhiqian, and asked herself to turn over and do it. I hurried to the front of the door and beat the door.
The mark behind the door is leng, which will flash to let the other party in. It was not Song Zhiqian who knocked at the door, but Si Xiang Mark looked at Si Xiang’s red face and sat down at the table. He also dared not ask the door by the door. "What’s the matter? Haven’t slept so late? "
Si Xiang bowed his head and said, "Well, I can’t sleep. Brother Jing, please talk with me."
Mark listened to her adorable faint words, but it was hard to let her go out with a sigh and sat at the table. After a long silence, the two men finally said, "Brother Jing, thanks to you, I’m out of danger this time. Although we have … but I don’t blame you. Sister Zhi Qian is beautiful. I don’t expect to be with you. I’ll be satisfied if you have me in your heart."
There’s really nothing I can do in the face of Si Xiang’s scar. Look at her with red eyes. After saying this, you have a heart of stone and have long been melted by this soft feeling. Pull Si Xiang’s hand to persuade and say, "Silly Ni, I said I would be responsible for you now …"
After listening to the trace, Si Xiang’s tears rolled down her cheeks and choked up and said, "Brother Jing, it’s all my fault."
Mark stretched out his hand to help her wipe the tears off her cheeks and said softly, "Don’t blame you for being the fault of those bad guys."
Si Xiang was silent for a moment and said, "But Sister Zhi Qian will be very angry if she knows. I think it’s better not to let her know until the Seventh Xiufang is over. Let me tell her that I will never haunt you if she doesn’t want to."
Mark doesn’t know what to answer her. This sentence is silently pulling her little hand. Suddenly, it became very quiet in the room. Two people just sat with their backs to the door mark and were thinking about Si Xiang, but suddenly they pulled their hands back and stared at the door nervously.
A bad premonition hit the mark in my heart and followed Si Xiang’s eyes. He quickly looked back at the door. Sure enough, Song Zhiqian was quiet at the door, but he couldn’t see the unhappy expression mark. He got up and walked beside Song Zhiqian and whispered, "Zhi Qian I …"
Si Xiang grabbed his words and said, "It’s all my fault that Sister Zhi Qian and Brother Jing didn’t do it."