Can’t help but even the size is marked out and the material is also noted.

However, this is not a Swift that actually painted four styles of spring, summer, autumn and winter.
However, Chu Yun seems to be nodding Swift, which is simply weak compared with his adding cloth.
Look at the receptionist, I’m almost dizzy.
I was shocked. "Who are the registered mercenaries today?"
Looking at Swift’s design drawings, Chu Yun has no doubt that if it is not embarrassed, Swift may even be able to design clothes, and it is still in four styles: spring, summer, autumn and winter
Swift is worried about looking at the young lady. "Is that all right?"
The receptionist was stiff and nodded. After all, the rules didn’t say "must", and their company was a person who was afraid of trouble. It didn’t say "must" in the rules.
If Chu Yun and Swift know that they don’t love death, they have to praise them.
The receptionist put the drawing in her hand into the window behind her, and then she heard a cry of wonder behind her.
It is conceivable that those who want to increase the workload are refusing in their hearts.
"Well … am I ready now?" Chu Yun has grown grass in his heart. He doesn’t doubt whether he can buy a body. He is looking forward to whether he can buy a body with a blood boundary.
Chapter seventy-two Brush limit each other two guys
It has been confirmed that Chu Yun, who has the blood-bound corpse to turn into the undead, is in Uchiha Shisui.
The wind property of the undead water-stop body inherits the advantage of instantaneous water-stop speed. The only embarrassment is that … the body armor hinders him and greatly restricts him.
"If we can have other blood boundaries, such as the snow clan, that is, the white vein," Chu Yun thought about his face and couldn’t help laughing uncontrollably.
And even if you can’t buy a corpse with a blood boundary, you can buy other attributes. Five basic attributes. Now there are three kinds of thunder, fire and wind in Chu Yun, among which the fire attribute is still a silly bird that can spark sparks.
It’s also a good choice to get the five attributes together first. When you learn spiral pills …
Chu Yun’s interest in Spirulina Pills is low again.
His arm still hurts today after practicing spiral pills yesterday.
The receptionist pointed to a slate and said, "The release will have to wait. First test your chakra to determine your ninja status."
The receptionist pointed to the slate, connected with a stone pillar and engraved with a ruler.
"That’s it?" Chu Yun pressed his hand on the slate as instructed.
Chakra seems to be attracted and injected directly into the slate.
Then the stone pillar turned blue from the beginning to the end, and when it rose to no higher level, chakra returned.
The receptionist glanced at "moderate tolerance"
Seeing that he was despised, Chu Yun sighed in his mind, "Come on, I’m only five years old. What do you want? Don’t you rush out to a movie level? "
Then it’s Swift’s turn. Chu Yun is looking forward to it.
Swift assiduously practiced the scene, but Chu Yun had seen it, and later the death of Ming Yue also stimulated her to have three hooks and jade and sharingan.
At that time, Chu Yun didn’t know the scene, but he should have woken up the next morning and found the body of "Ghost Moon". If he witnessed the death process, he might be able to directly kaleidoscope.
Swift put her hand on the slate and then looked at the blue column, easily surpassing the Chu Yun position and extending to the surface.
"Enduring the level of chakra is very good." The receptionist praised Chu Yun for some taste
I can grow stronger in two years.
"Can it be released now?" Chu Yun drawled a long note.
"Of course, what do you want to publish?" After that, the receptionist added "Death Pavilion" wittily.
"It is best to have a ninja corpse with a blood boundary."
Chu Yun didn’t avoid Swift either, but it could be seen that Swift was nervous when Chu Yun said the word body.
Chu Yun looked in his eyes and said, "Do you want to communicate your identity with Swift?"
If you don’t talk, you will always be exposed.
"Ninja corpse?" The receptionist repeated that in fact, she shouldn’t be asked for the release. She was in charge of the registration. She also asked Chu Yun for Doby, a guy who will be called Death.
But seeing each other’s serious expression, the receptionist panicked and realized that she was a little carried away today, but fortunately, it was not too much.
Every year, there are a few receptionists who get carried away. After all, exchange transactions are human lives and contacts are fugitives.
"We really don’t lack corpses, but most of them are secondary transactions, but I will help you inquire about them."
Chu Yun nodded and saw that the hostess suddenly became very professional and serious. I knew in my heart that the transaction scared the other party. Of course, it was the hostess Chu Yun who glanced at Swift next to her.
Swift’s expression is normal, but it is also a little serious.
Clothing speed is much faster than Chu Yun thought. Almost at the back of the conversation stall between him and the receptionist, two coats were stuffed into the window.
Chu Yun took a look at Huo as if he were four couples’ outfits.
However, the quality really doesn’t say that the materials and workmanship are better than the requirements of Swift, and it seems to be formulated according to the combat specifications.
Swift’s mood improved obviously after taking the clothes.
Finally, the female receptionist handed Chu Yun two silver cards. "This is a mercenary identity card. If the mercenary group expands its personnel, it can continue to handle it at the designated place in each country."
After receiving the silver card, it is slightly cool with a metallic texture, and it is quite hard when it is lightly played. It should be special steel.
Then the female receptionist took Chu Yun to the release place to talk about Chu Yun’s needs
Leave Chu Yun there and go back to his post
"corpse trading, no identity requirements, strength and blood boundary?"
"It’s best not to insist on the chakra attribute that the body is good at, if there is data, it would be better."
This time, the person in charge is a man with clean eyebrows and a very professional smile. Talking about the body is as light as Chu Yun’s, just like talking about whether Lamian Noodles should add another egg.
"Wait for me to check."
"Hey, there really is this body. It used to be a link, but when the publisher dies, the body will be gone. If you come later, you may be dealt with."
The receptionist is smiling and happy. It seems that this waste can be profitable again.
"What about strength information?" Chu Yun asked.
"forbearance is good at fire escape"
Fire attribute …