I have never been surprised in the eyes of others in my life, and the six kings are now in the eyes of everyone with a full face of horror.

In that case, she chose him. From his eyes, she can be sure that she won’t choose the wrong person!
She said the last two words "answer" before she stubbornly fainted.
The six kings seemed to say something, but she couldn’t hear clearly.
Ziyun ao felt groggy and vaguely heard what the holy emperor was saying, but she wouldn’t listen to anything.
When she wake up again-
On that day, the temple rumors have been flying all over the sky-
Ziyun proudly refused to get married and chose the sick six kings. The news spread like wildfire and instantly topped the list of Chinese redbud emperors!
Some people say that they are a perfect match, a loser and a medicine can.
Someone is too aggrieved to be broken off by a salt girl! It hurts my self-esteem! Let grandpa feel sorry!
And when I came up with all kinds of reasons to refuse to marry the six kings, darling daughter did it for themselves. Unfortunately, the six kings who were close to shocking people did not die! If I had known, I wouldn’t have refused to marry!
Although the six kings are medicine jars, no one has ever seen him, but his beauty is comparable to that of a refugee. It means that if you get close to others, you will die, and everyone will be afraid to get close.
Now, I heard that six Wang Shuai is difficult to describe and close to six kings, and Ziyun proudly miraculously came alive, which is even more than regretting that he missed his chance to tie the knot!
You know, the holy emperor once posted a notice that he would marry six kings and daughters, and he could enjoy endless wealth … but who is not afraid of death? !
It’s even more telling for those women who don’t mind that they will die, but who are coldly divorced by the six kings. It doesn’t matter who rejects the roots first, but it’s impossible to marry the six kings anyway. They are also willing to die of a beautiful man, but a beautiful man has chosen an ugly woman alone. Is it because he is tired of seeing beauty and has no aesthetics? This is really hurtful, hurtful!
No matter what kind of mentality everyone is talking about this matter, the result of the discussion is almost the same-
Whether out of envy or hatred, in general, the six kings won’t look at them, and they won’t become six princesses. On that day, the first ugly girl, Ziyun Ao, had already taken this cool thin medicine jar!
The most exciting thing is that she will be widowed in three years, and the most worrying thing is that six kings will die in three years.
So after all, I don’t know whether to bless or curse, pity or envy. Chapter 74 It turned out to be you.
And the most heart-felt thing about this is Ziyun Morning, and the most unpleasant thing is the King’s Landing.
What’s more, it’s the Zishi clan. This proud Ziyun is pushing his luck. If he doesn’t want to be a toffee, what national competition will he win? If you don’t be a toffee, you should at least choose a promising emperor, and you should choose a medicine jar that won’t live for a few years. Isn’t this harmful to Zishi’s future?
But when I think about them, I’m calm again. Isn’t that right? I’m too interested in Ziyunchen. Ziyunchen also loves being a toffee. Zishi also has a reliable happy ending. Besides, Ziyun’s arrogance and paranoia are quite difficult to control if she doesn’t listen to them. Even if she does become a toffee, it may not be their side.
After thinking about it, it is really the best ending now, so I try my best to please Ziyunchen, and Ziyunchen has experienced this incident, and her mind is more or less mature, and she knows what it means to be weak and she can die!
These things are not important, let’s go and see the things in the Six Wangfu.
Because ziyun proudly chose six kings in public, the husband of the holy emperor didn’t really agree, but he was also ambiguous. After all, Taihe six kings are their own flesh and blood, and whoever marries ziyun proudly is always his daughter-in-law.
At that time, ziyun ao was poisoned and dizzy, and the situation was urgent. The Six Kings called Junya, the imperial doctor, to watch ziyun ao’s pulse.
It is said that the imperial doctor is the only one who can get close to the six kings and will not be poisoned. At first, the six kings were their only best friends at first sight.
Junya doesn’t like the court and has nothing to do with Zishi, but people dare to question his ability. I’m afraid no physician in this palace can surpass his ability, so the Six Kings took Ziyun Ao to the Six Wangfu first.
Ziyun proudly wakes up at the moment, which is naturally the six palaces.
Let’s talk about the dim light of the six palaces, even saving candles. Ziyun proudly saw a piece of yellow and was really stung by the scorpion shadow and was sent to the west.
But Ziyun proudly never imagined that the first person she saw with her eyes open was Junya!
Then he asked, "Why are you here?"
"Is it enough that you are poisoned and I will help you heal?" Jun Ya seemed to have expected that she had this question as a faint answer.
"I’m poisoned?" Ziyun ao carefully recalled the dark shadow of the poisonous scorpion when he took the hand of the six kings-
Junya said while washing, "Actually, you don’t trust the six kings. Anyone who touches them will die. You have touched me better than good luck."
The only best friend of the six kings is a wonderful doctor …
It is said that after six days, Wang Tiansheng was born with poison and almost died. Even his mother princess died as soon as she was born, but only one person lived in peace. This person is the imperial doctor.
Jun ya jun imperial doctor, so that’s it
"So you are the imperial doctor." Ziyun proudly came to his senses. No wonder he was given poisonous spider powder at that time, but it didn’t work. It seems that he is also a master of detoxification.
"Why don’t you worship my teacher so much?" Junya picked his eyebrows and said to Ziyun proudly, "Do you think I’m very powerful? Even you can’t control the poison, but I’m fine at all?"
"Oh, I don’t know who said he was a hundred poisons and didn’t invade his constitution." Ziyun was proud, otherwise he must have been able to get close to the Six Kings because of his constitution, right?