"Others will come and tell him to get out quickly." Previously, the angry voice came out again. Some people waved to the young man, and the bartender always reopened the door.

Ji Dong stopped when he heard the sound inside. The young man strode out of the guild and just met him.
Seeing that the young man in Ji Dong was stunned and angry, he slightly converged a few minutes. "Who are you?"
Ji Dong smiled slightly. Hello, I’m here for the bartenders’ examination. It seems that something happened in the guild, saying that the examination was suspended. What is this? "
The young man didn’t good the spirit way "by what bartender qualification! Now this bartenders’ guild has long gone bad. It’s not a three-crown magic master. It’s not allowed to take the three-star bartender exam. What’s the reason? Who stipulates that a bartender must be a magician? Is it really that good to mix wine with magic assistance? This is against the bartenders. The pure guild is full of old fogies. One day, I will beat them with pure bartending skills. These magic-assisted bartending methods are meaningless. If you are a magician, it is meaningless to go to the magician’s guild, not a magician, and not to take the bartender qualification. "
Listen to this young man’s words, Ji Dong can’t help but feel a little surprised. After he came to this world, he also met some bartenders. This is the first time to hear someone say that he wants to use pure skills to mix drinks instead of magic. Besides, judging from the previous conversation, this young man in Qing Dynasty and Du Sikang, the president of the Bartender’s Association, are unusual.
"You are right. The skill is the basis of bartending, and the ability of bartending is the most important thing. But everything has its two sides. If one day you can beat them with pure skill and add magic to bartending under special circumstances, the effect will be better. Different cocktails will have different needs. Some are assisted by magic, but some are impossible to achieve. None of them are absolutely integrated with each other to make bartending skills reach a deeper level. Maybe bartenders’ associations are also working hard in this direction?"
Young people listened to Ji Dong words face soil fork anger gradually disappear surprised way "sounds like you know a lot about bartending! Anyway, you can’t assess. You’re the first Zansi. I’ll take you to tea and we’ll talk. "
Ji Dong smiled and nodded. The young man knew that it must be much clearer than the four-crowned magic master at the gate. It seems that the magic master guild itself is not going for the time being.
"My name is Du and I haven’t asked your name yet?"
"Ji Dong"
Du looked at Ji Dong a few times and said, "Ji’s surname is Middle-earth Empire, but your Middle-earth Empire?"
Ji Dong shook his head and said, "You can say that, but it’s not over for me. But my father is indeed a Middle-earth Empire."
Du Dao said, "Let’s find a place to sit. I’m really depressed to death these days." He was obviously very familiar with Shuicheng on this day. He took Ji Dong around three times and two times and came to a style elegant teahouse. He directly found a window seat on the second floor and sat down.
"Brother, are you older than me?" Du ordered a pot of tea and asked Ji Dong.
Ji Dong said, "I’m twenty this year. What about you?"
Du Dao said, "I’m five years older than you when I’m 25, and you have the courage to come to the bartender’s association at the age of 20 to test whether the bartender is from family background or self-taught?"
Ji Dong smiled a little "self-taught", and all his bartending skills were studied by himself, whether in past lives or in this life.
Du Hehe laughed. "If you really want to be a bartender, I can give you some advice. I know many people in Shuicheng this day. It is also a problem to recommend you to some high-end wines."
Ji Dong heart "that’s good! Go back to ask you to give more advice. "If the flame is here, you will laugh. This is called Du Youth who wants to give advice on Ji Dong’s bartending. Even Du Sikang has absolutely no this ability. But Ji Dong can see that this is called Du Qingnian’s generous and straightforward personality. Plus, he wants to make Ji Dong have a good impression on him.
At the same time, Ji Dong also noticed that Du’s hands were white and slender, obviously paying great attention to maintenance, especially the flexibility of fingers and wrists was excellent, which was indeed the most suitable for bartending. It was obviously too bitter for one hand.
Du Dao: "The Bartender’s Association has branches in some big cities. Why did you come from the South Fire Empire to the North Water Empire? It’s not close all the way! See you also don’t like ordinary people should also be a magic teacher "
Although Ji Dong is not handsome in appearance, his temperament is by no means ordinary. Although Du is in a bad mood, he can see something.
Ji Dong said, "I’m a fire master, and you? Surabaya? "
Du Dao: "Of course, our northern water empire magic master is mainly the water master. I’m not a sissy. Naturally, it’s water-repellent. Just now, I heard you say that the skill of mixing wine can be achieved by magic. What is the situation?"
Look at the hot light in his eyes, Ji Dong is slightly one leng, because he seems to have seen his own past life from this light person this year. Isn’t it like him when he was in his twenties? He loves bartending so much that he can ask himself about bartending for the time being after such a big event just happened in the bartenders’ association. This persistence does not prohibit Ji Dong from adding a few points to his goodwill.
"An excellent bartender must first know all kinds of wines. Different degrees and tastes of the same wine will be ever-changing. When mixing cocktails without mixing ingredients, the effect is even worse. Magic can be added to cocktails to influence the taste of cocktails. It is even more heroic to make cocktails qualitatively change through magic, but if it is only this, it will really show the changes of wine. It can be a fixed mode to prepare fixed wine."
When it comes to bartending, Ji Jigen doesn’t think about Kan Kan. "For a simple example, if I make a cocktail, I can make it exactly the same. The materials can be made into 100 flavors by different hands. This is impossible for magic bartending."
Du was shocked. What did you say? The same material is modulated with one hundred flavors due to different hands, and it is not the same for brothers to brag. "For Ji Dong, he showed doubts. Chapter two hundred and sixty-two Dionysian skills are the same as wine.
A listen to Ji Dong said that the same material can be made into hundreds of flavors by hand. Du looked at Ji Dong and his eyes changed a lot. His expression was also cold. I was also a six-star bartender before I left the bartenders’ guild. I can also make three or five flavors with the same material at most. Even the Dionysian Du Sikang could not make the same material into so many flavors by hand. Ji Dong’s poor ability is not a problem, but if he is so far away, we will not have to talk about it. "
Ji Dong smiled. How do you know that the president of Dionysus Du Sikang can’t make hundreds of flavors from the same material? "
Du sneered. "Because he kicked me out just now. He is my father and I am the only one. Is this enough to prove my words?"
Ji Dong had already guessed his identity and smiled. "I don’t want to defend myself what facts prove that everything is best done. It doesn’t mean that others can’t do it. Why don’t we try and make a bet?"
Du eyebrows a wrinkly "bet? I never gamble and I hate gambling. Gambling can make people degenerate. "
Ji Dong said, "Don’t worry, I won’t gamble with you. Just as I said just now, if I can make a hundred flavors with the same materials, even if I win, if I can’t, you win, and you win, I will immediately worship your teacher."
When Ji Dong speaks, he looks cool and poised. Looking at his eyes, Du Xian can feel the arrogance and confidence in his bones. Is he really? No, it’s absolutely impossible. How old is he? Although his father is stubborn, he can never do what he says for many years.
Du Dao "well, since you want to bet on this, I will bet with you. Anyway, I have nothing to lose."
But if I win, there is no guarantee that I will accept you as my apprentice. I don’t like a braggart. If you win, there is no doubt that you will be my teacher in bartending skills. Where are you going? "
Ji Dong pointed to the table in front of him and said, "You can choose any base wine and ingredients here."
"Choose with me?" Du looked at Ji Dong and his eyes became colder. It was like questioning him. You have to be arrogant to a certain extent
Ji Dong’s wrist turned and a crystal shaker appeared in his hands. "I have ingredients in most base wines on the market, and there are some ingredients in this teahouse. You can also choose some juice ingredients." At this time, Ji Dong has not simply learned about what happened in the bartenders’ association from Du Shen. After a simple conversation, he has a general understanding of the obsession with bartending in this Qing Dynasty. He has a soul fire. He looks at people very accurately and Du He has not finished revealing the truth in the process of communication.
Du Shou took a picture of "OK, let me see what you dare to boast about the standard cocktail sunrise base wine and ingredients"
Ji Dong nodded. "Please ask the clerk for lemon shake juice and tequila juice. I have them here."
Du called the waiter and told him not to drink tea yet. A cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a cup of freshly squeezed stone trough juice were of course happy for them to change drinks and tea. Compared with these two kinds of out-of-season juices, they are very expensive.
In a short time, two cups of freshly squeezed juice have been brought, and the pale yellow lemon juice is put on the table like ruby pomegranate juice.
Ji Dong took out a bottle of ordinary tequila from Suzaku bracelet and two standard cocktails to pour a little tequila out of the hypo glass. With a flick of his finger, he handed the glass to Du.