"Do you know if it is still alive?"

Shen Qiqi thinks that the old man’s words have an inexplicable power that people can’t help but believe that she is not too entangled in trying to make sure that Manga is still alive.
"Don’t worry, it’s alive and well, and there will be a time. You don’t have to worry about it."
"Now that it’s all right, let’s go." The girl was very happy for Shen Qiqi and asked her grandfather, "Grandpa, can I invite them to the stockade?"
"Of course, but they gave you the colorful poisonous spider, which will be the most distinguished guest in our village."
She nodded with a smile.
"In this case, I’ll introduce myself to the guests first." The girl jumped up to Shen Qiqi and Junyang, put her right hand on her left shoulder, bent her legs and bowed to them. "My name is Xiuer, and this is my grandfather Hanu. On behalf of our Baihua Village, I welcome two guests to our home."
"This …" Shen Qiqi was moved by Sa’s enthusiasm but hesitated at the thought of their eyes.
"Since Xiuer and Hanu Castle Leader kindly invited us, is it reasonable not to go? We might as well go to the stockade and have a look, but we are not in a hurry."
Jun Yang comfort way
"Well, then, that’ll trouble you two."
Shen Qiqi towards sa laughed
"Great, then let’s go."
Sa is happy to come and hold Shen Qiqi’s hand and walk in front of her.
Jun Yang still grabbed Shen Qiqi aside and didn’t let Sa pull her hand.
Shen Qiqi secretly stared at him in distress situation. He pinched his palm with his fingers, only to be held back by him and gently rubbed the back of her hand.
Sa didn’t hold Shen Qiqi’s hand and didn’t feel anything still jumping in front to lead the way, but Hanu old man looked at this scene carefully and shook his head funny.
"Don’t blame me, gentlemen. I don’t know what you’re here for. Is there anything I can do?"
Hanu quick line two steps to your Yang side said with a smile.
"To tell you the truth, we are here to find a way out."
After all, Hanu is a virtual person who must know more about this place than they do. Tell him that maybe he can help them point the way.
Sure enough, Hanu was not surprised after hearing Jun Yang’s narrative.
"This does have another entrance and exit, not the one you said, but another place."
"So do seniors know where?"
Jun Yang couldn’t help but be overjoyed after hearing what he said. Shen Qiqi was also looking forward to looking at him.
"Of course I know, but this exit is sometimes restricted. It will only be opened when it reaches a certain time. There are still almost three years before the exit is opened. During this period, the two of you still live in the stockade with peace of mind. After three years, the old man will take you there."
Jun Yang and Shen Qiqi glances saw Nai from each other’s eyes.
"Thank you for your predecessors."
Jun Yang thanked Hanu and carefully asked him some questions of interest.
Hanu also patiently answered one by one.
Sa walked ahead and heard their conversation. Heart raised its mouth. Chapter 418 Baihua Village
Baihua Village will arrive soon, which is different from what Shen Qiqi imagined.
Shen Qiqi’s original Baihua Village was worthy of the name. There should have been many flowers, but it was not until she found out that it was a village, and even there were no flowers around it.
But it still made her amazing.
Baihuazhai house is not built on land, but built on tall and stout trees. There is also a small room. From a distance, the small room with gray roof is as exquisite as it grows from trees, which makes Shen Qiqi sigh.
"Here we are. This is my grandpa’s house. Welcome."
Sa led them to the tallest and most beautiful tree in the village and invited them along the ladder.
The tree house is a log builder, and there will be a faint smell of wood inside, which is very good and comfortable.
Sipping a sip of tea from Sa, Shen Qiqi suddenly felt that it would be a good choice if she lived here for a while.
She likes the environment here very much
More importantly, both Xiuer and Hanu make her feel easy to get along with and give her a feeling of wanting to be close to them.
"You and I will choose a tree later, and the people in the stockade and I will help you build a tree house. In the meantime, you can stay in the tree house next to you for a while, and I will ask Sa to help you pack it up later."
Hanu junyang sat opposite and took a sip of tea and said