Emperor Junyi seems to feel the fire. Ryutsuki flashes his doubts and still smiles lightly as if everything is normal.

"Adults told you it was not a big deal," heavy lotus Temple said flatly. "Now you have found the hibiscus resin and fluorescent squid poison. The lion and the gluttony should be able to complete it smoothly, even if they have all the materials."
Speaking of lion and Jing, I wonder what happened to them.
"Let’s go and see Ah Jing and Little Lion first …" Ziyun proudly said at once.
the other side
Ah Jing was facing the little lion and shouted, "Little lion, why did you run to the surface?"
The little lion on the roof was lying on his back.
"I can’t spit out the six flavors of Xuan fire completely …"
"You promised Aoer how can you break your word?" Ah Jing said.
The little lion is very strong. "But the strength is here. Look how long I’ve been throwing up. I’ve tried everything and I haven’t even seen a four-flavor fire."
"I haven’t seen the same blue." Ah Jing was a little discouraged when I heard that. "Come and eat spar with me. Maybe if you eat too much."
"I’m not as optimistic as you. I can get an upgrade by eating something casually." The little lion hung his head, but spar is very expensive after all, and it still feels guilty to be treated like a baby by them.
Speaking of which, how much money do they have to eat this day?
But no matter these questions, if Ah Jing can spit purple spar later, it will definitely be a great contribution to the overall level of magic power. Of course, if possible, let’s stop selling blue spar, otherwise it will be bad if there are so many people threatening him and his friends.
Hey, hey, hey, let’s stop talking about such a distant topic.
In the dark, Ziyun ao and others looked at it and thought that it was not enough to do something, so several people whispered something.
The little lion and Jing heard it and cried for help if there was anything-
"I seem to hear the sound of the master and the proud son. Go and have a look …" The little lion really heard it soon and became very nervous!
Ah Jing is not behind two people, but she is stunned by the present situation!
Ziyun Ao and Huang Junyi were tied up by a rope and flew over here with the white dragon.
"What are you tied up! !” When the little lion saw it, he roared in surprise, how powerful his master was, how proud and awesome he was, and how could he suddenly be trapped!
"It’s our disposal method before the fluorescent squid. Have we heard that there are six kinds of mysterious fires that can save us?" Ziyun proudly said. "The Bailong has brought us back all the way. Little lion, help us quickly. Chapter 793 of Jie Bing Rope is getting more and more boring.
Little lion leng leng if it’s fluorescent squid, it’s absolutely possible … After all, it’s a master who eats the sky.
But can there be a mysterious fire to save them! ?
"Little lion, I feel so cold. Try to destroy this ice rope quickly!"
The power of language rendering is really great. I have never seen two people compromise. The little lion saw that they were so’ painful’ and the hidden power seemed to condense with hot and fiery flames. His eyes have also become more dazzling-
"I’m coming-"the little lion shouted loudly and firmly at once. "Master Aoer, I will definitely save you!"
Flames came out of his mouth, generate.
The huge ball of light was sprayed like crazy at the ice rope that bound the two people, but when it met the ice rope, it seemed that it was absorbed by the other party and it was scattered several times.
No, the root hasn’t changed!
Ziyun ao still has encouraging light in his eyes to signal him to continue his efforts!
The lion’s eyes suddenly shrank and his weight fell steadily. He maintained this majestic and domineering posture. He once again adjusted his energy and sprayed out the heat gathering force-
The lion opened his mouth and continued to breathe fire.
This time, the fire has grown stronger than the previous one, and many severe attacks have caused a small corner of the ice rope to melt a little
No, go on!
The little lion is getting impatient, but after all, he has made progress and is ready to go again-
But every time I tried, I couldn’t get the result he wanted!
I don’t know how long it took, but everyone didn’t even see the fire shadow of Liuwei Xuan.