"You’re not afraid of foam" dazzles the lips and rushes in to foam the tender tongue for a affectionate kiss.

Mo finally let herself dazzle. "I can swim, but I won’t dare if my brother doesn’t." Mo truthfully dazzled me.
"You are not afraid of me now. I am your generation. I will take good care of you." Hyun looked at Mo affectionately.
"Hyun ~ ~ ~" Foam burst out with tears moved by Hyun.
This generation of foam can’t escape the dazzling heart.
Dear friends, I am sorry! It’s a little late for Yi Xuan to prepare a lot of things in this chapter today, and I seldom play with my brain.
Dear Yi Xuan, I apologize to all of you. I’m sorry for always being so off duty.
Chapter 11 See your parents-in-law (1)
【 Anyi tears to answer the words! If you don’t answer the words, it will explode! 】 tears rang.
I touched the tears table for a long time before I listlessly pressed the answer key "Hello?"
Xuan’s magnetic voice is full of teasing feeling. "Haven’t you got up yet?"
Tears force nodded "well"
Xuan felt spoiled. "Come on, get up. I’ll come to your house and tell you something later."
Tears frowned. "What’s the matter? It would be nice to say no in the words. "
Xuan directly regards this sentence as "all right, get up, bye"
Tears want to say something, so she hangs up, throws her mobile phone aside and looks at the front with her eyes on the bed. Well, she doesn’t want to get up at all.
Tears began to rise after sitting for three minutes.
Tears came just after breakfast.
Xuan saw tears still wearing pajamas and urged "to change clothes."
Tears white at hin "what’s the hurry?"
Xuan waved "hurry up".
Tears fell into the room and soon came out.
Tears tied my hair into a ponytail with a lavender ribbon. Wearing a lavender dress with a lavender bag makes people feel gentle instead of sad.
Xuan looked at the tears and nodded with satisfaction. "Well, not bad."
Tears glanced at the porch. "Can you tell me where I went now?"
Xuan took a tearful hand and "went to see my parents"
Tears unbelievable looking at porch "to see your parents? ! Xuan, is your head all right? "
Xuan patted his head with tears. "Come on, look at Ming. They are all getting married. We can’t fall behind, can we? Being a brother is actually later than being a brother. "
Tears are planted in Xuan’s hand, "it’s okay."
Xuan got into the car with tears. Where’s the foam? Return to bed now and sleep soundly.
Oujia villa
"mom! I’m back. "Xuan put the car away and shouted at the door.
Jiang Luoqing heard the sound of children and immediately came running "son! You can count back and miss your mother. "Then your eyes fell in tears." Huh? Isn’t this the tears of the famous designer Anyi? "
Xuan smiled and held the tearful hand tighter. All this was a panoramic view of Jiang Luoqing, and it suddenly dawned. "Oh ~! Son, why didn’t you tell your mother earlier? "
Xuan teased and looked at his mother. "Isn’t this all for mom?"
Tears bow politely. "Hello, aunt, my name is Anyi Tears." Tears always smile and warm my face.
Jiang Luoqing looked at her daughter-in-law with satisfaction. "Well, don’t wait here to come in."
Said the three men walked into the room.
Ou Zhijian [Xuan Dad] looked at the newspaper in his hand. "Come back?"
Tears directly answer the words "hello uncle"
Ou Zhijian heard a strange woman turn her head to see "Who is this?"
Xuan said "Anyi tears my girlfriend" before Jiang Luoqing’s mouth, with a triumphant smile on her face.
Jiang Luoqing smiled and introduced Ou Zhijian to "A famous designer of Anyi Tears"
Ou Zhijian said how it looks so familiar. It turned out to be a great designer. "Xuan is amazing. It’s so beautiful. You have all your girlfriends."