"Little fool!" Yi Yi patted her head and said with a smile that her eyes were full of spoil "Hum! No! " Tower you coquetry said, "I don’t want to learn." Yi Yi coaxed her and said, Look at Yi Yi’s being so good. Tower you forgave him for playing with mink in Yi Yi’s arms.

"Uh-huh ~" Suddenly the mink got up. "What happened to the mink?" The tower asks you, but the mink leaves the tower and runs to the door. "The mink" is attracted by the tower’s quiet call and sees the mink jump quickly into a person who has just entered the door.
"Sister?" Tower you got up and called "Europe", and others got up and called the ice pupil. This is the first time to go out since that incident! "What’s wrong with everyone?" Ice pupil holding the sable son came to the front and asked with a smile "? Oh! It’s nothing, "said the dog. Seeing their expression, Bing Pupil smiled and sat down on the sofa.
"You little villain ignored me when he saw his sister." Tower you looked at the mink in the arms of the ice pupil and scolded her, but the mink didn’t look at her. She kept rubbing against the arms of the ice pupil and lovingly touching the mink hair.
"Tayou is jealous!" Tianyi sneered, "I won’t argue with it!" Tower you pouted and said, "How can I be as knowledgeable as it is?"! Come and sit down. "Yi Yi took the tower and you did it by his side, then looked at the ice pupil. Others also looked up at the ice pupil, but the ice pupil kept looking at the mink with his head down, and they didn’t try so hard to look at her like that.
A moment later, Bing Pupil looked up at them and said with a smile, "Everyone has worked hard during this period. Now that everything has passed, everyone should resume their posts."
"What do you mean?" Everyone knows that there is a tower in vain, and that little confused person still doesn’t know what it means. "It means it!" Ice pupil here paused a deliberately keep her appetite.
"What’s wrong!" You are in a hurry. "It means that you should go back to school and there are still many things waiting for you to deal with." Can’t you go? " Tower you face collapsed to some sad asked.
"Sister Ta knows that you don’t want to learn, but you have to know your mission. You will inherit the family business of Jiuyue in the future. You can’t rely on Yi Yi to help you. Do you have to work hard yourself?" Ice pupil looked at tower you explained.
"I know, I will work hard." You know what you want to do and others know your mission.
"Princess Hall" Suddenly a maid came to the ice pupil and shouted, "What is it?" Ice pupil asked "three temple people! Those people who are not from the four families want to see you for the last time, "said the maid.
"The palace knows that you will tell them that the palace will go later." The ice pupil hesitated and said "Yes". The maid nodded and then went to the ice pupil. She turned to look at the eyes and asked him if the dog coughed unnaturally. Then she looked at Yi Yi Bing pupil and turned to Yi Yi.
Yi Yi smiled awkwardly when he saw that they were all watching themselves, and then said, "I let them leave now, and everything has come out, so they don’t need to stay here, and the palace order removed their royal status, and they and the royal family would be gone." Hearing Yi Yi explain the ice pupil, it was white that the maid panicked just now.
The ice pupil stood up with the sable in his arms and said to them, "Let’s go! Let’s go and see "others also got up behind the ice pupil.
————— Ask for recommendation! ——————
"Do you think she will meet us?" Sakura forest looked at them and asked, "I think so!" To tell you the truth, he is not sure. After all, they have done so many wrong things.
Just then the maid came to them, looked at them and said, "The Princess Hall will arrive later, please wait a moment." Then she turned and left.
Xi and others heard that it was not long before Bing and Xi came to them. "What do you want for the palace?" Ice pupil asked, "We want to say goodbye to you in the Princess Hall and we also want to say sorry to you." Although I am unwilling, I still called that name.
To tell the truth, Bing Pupil felt bad when she saw the heartache expression, but she still kept her original expression and looked at them and said, "I know that you should go first!" Palace there are a few words to say with sakura "hear ice pupil so they looked at sakura forest and then looked at her good turned to leave first.
Sakura forest came to Bingtong and asked, "Is there anything else you want to see me about, Europe?" Bing Tong took a look at her, took a box from the raccoon and gave it to Sakura Forest, and said, "There are some things in Sakura. You can see them when you get to the plane!" "What is this?" Sakura forest puzzled asked.
"Have you seen it? Let’s go! Don’t let them come back to see your father sometimes when they are anxious. ""Well, I will, then I’ll go. "Sakura Lin held her things tightly and looked at Bing Pupil and said," Well, then I won’t see you off. "Bing Pupil said," Then I’ll go. "Sakura Lin looked at everyone behind Bing Pupil and turned away.
"I hope you are well," said Bing Tong, watching Sakura Forest and others leave. "Let’s go home!" Gou said, "Well," the ice pupil looked at everyone behind him and smiled, and then a group of people left here.
———————— Ask for support! ——————
Sakura forest they returned to China this time by four families’ private jets. Just after the plane, Sakura forest had to wait for the ice pupil to give her the box, and everyone watched and saw the box with a medicine bottle and a letter. Sakura forest typed the letter and then looked at it.
You must have seen the medicine bottle in the box! Give that medicine bottle to the porcelain! But to treat her facial scar, she always went to a porcelain clinic before she died. I want to repair her sister who loves him very much, even though he knows that they have no blood relationship. I have done something by doing this.
You tell them that Hugh and I forgave them and told them not to blame themselves any more. You should live a good life with them and sometimes come back to see your father and I will take good care of him. Don’t worry! I hope you can live a happy life.
Ice pupil
After reading this letter, Sakura Lin burst into tears and sat beside her. Naturally, he also saw the letter. He had to say that the ice pupil had a really big mind.
"What did that letter say?" They asked, "Europe said she forgave you and let me live with you." Sakura smiled and wiped away her tears and looked at them and said, "Really?" Sure enough, I was happy to get up. "It’s true." I said "Thank you, Europe." I lost my tears and looked at the distance and thought.
Sakura forest collected the letter in her hand and then picked up the bottle of medicine in the box and came to the porcelain Jue. "What is this?" Porcelain Xuan asked, "This is Europe giving you medicine to paint your face and your scar will disappear." Sakura explained.
"I don’t want this. Maybe she gave poison." Porcelain Xuan was still so stubborn and turned her head and said, "Love you or not, just let it be! "Ugly monster" Sakura Lin threw the bottle of medicine at the porcelain table and walked back to his seat.
Porcelain Xuan saw Sakura forest go back and picked up her bottle of medicine. I wonder if she should be so kind? Porcelain Jue thought that it would be like this anyway. Porcelain Jue picked up the bottle of medicine and wiped it. Everyone smiled when they saw it. Porcelain Jue just had a hard mouth!
————— Recommended! ——————
British royal family
"Come and prepare the ingredients for the palace. You have to cook in person today." As soon as the ice pupil entered the palace, he ordered "Yes". When the maid heard that the horse had prepared the raccoon and others sat on the sofa and quietly looked at the ice pupil.
"Can I help you?" "I’ll cook the lunch alone, so just wait!" asked the dog. Ice pupil naughty smile and then walked to the kitchen, others are quietly sitting on the sofa waiting for the ice pupil food.
After a while, a maid came up with two plates of snacks. She put the snacks on the table and bent down to say to everyone, "The Princess Hall is worried that you will be too hungry, so please wait carefully." Then she turned and left.