Xue Rong "Taotao, you said you would give you half a spirit and you would help me save him!" "

Taotao took out the spirit bead and threw it to her. "I can’t do it. I’ll give it back to you."
Xue Rong bit his lip and looked at Wu Liang hesitantly. Wu Liang was livid.
"Whatever." Taotao saw that Xue Rong couldn’t bear to part with her boyfriend and didn’t insist on turning around and leaving.
Feng Xiaojuan hurriedly pushed Xue Rong to her side "no! We’re not leaving. You take Rong Rong with you. "
The ghost-eating vine climbed to the door. It had been suppressed for a long time and seemed to know that if they didn’t start work, they would be pre-emptive. When Taotao came out, they pulled out the branches and came at her crazily.
Taotao put away the dagger and didn’t intend to cut the wrist blood to attract ghost vines so that Xue Rong and them could leave.
She chopped off the vines in front of her with a sword, but the green vines were a dime a dozen and covered them again in a second.
She whispered to Lin Quan, "Do you have a charm?"
"Have you ever learned to break the magic seal?"
"a little"
"Change of plan. Now I’m out of the way. You break the magic seal and limit its action. See if you can rush out."
Nymphs didn’t answer him. "I think it’s more suitable to break the magic seal than to break the magic seal. The scope of breaking the magic seal is too small to barely cover the three of us. People here may all have a chance to go out."
"If you don’t break the magic seal," Taotao was close enough for the two of them to hear the sound saying, "No one else can leave here."
When she finished, she shouldered Xue Rong and turned to push one side of the wall. She grabbed the vines on her head and wanted to swing from half to the front corridor without eating ghost vines.
But at the moment when she jumped up, her body suddenly became heavy. Xue Rong looked down and found that the peach feet were held by Wu Liang.
There was a pleading look in his eyes. "Rong Rong, don’t throw me away and take me with you-"
Peach and peach were eaten by ghost vines, and they were exhausted because Wu Liang didn’t control the center of gravity and fell straight into the middle of the vine.
Hastily, she threw Xue Rong back into the crowd and fell by herself.
Eating ghost vines is like a huge green-mouthed vine with fine spines, among which are sharp teeth.
It seems that it has been waiting for this moment for a long time, and then it will tear her to pieces without mercy.
"no! Taotao-"Xue Rong tried to hold Taotao but was held by Wu Liang.
Nymphs in situ quietly staring at this picture.
Just as Taotao was about to be devoured by crazy eating ghost vines, a red sickle mark suddenly flashed on her forehead and disappeared in a moment, followed by a strong red light suddenly bursting from her body and covering the whole corridor to eat ghost vines.
Sharp as a dead baby crying at night, the sound of terror exploding in everyone’s ears is one thousand times sharper than what Xue Rong heard before, which can almost tear people’s eardrums
Everyone was dizzy and almost passed out.
When they were in a trance, they saw that the vine that had just been arrogant and eating ghosts was writhing and screaming painfully in that strange red light at the moment.
It cringes at the vines and wants to retreat, but it can’t move. It eats ghost vines inch by inch and withers into a pile of hay in the red light path.
The red light circled in the corridor for a week and returned to Taotao’s side. The strong light dissipated and finally died gently in her body.
Taotao qilai
Most of the vines that eat ghost vines were wiped out by that strange red light, leaving a few sparse twigs to escape and drill out of the anatomy building.
Not far away, the students also wandered from the crying of the dead baby. Wu Liang saw that the ghost vine was dying and was about to walk towards the gate, but his chest was severely kicked.
It was so powerful that it kicked him out five meters away. He got up from the middle of the dusty debris and had cold eyes on Taotao.
His lips wriggled, but he looked at Taotao’s hands, and his eyes were terrified, and he finally didn’t speak.
"Little doctor" Taotao sneered, "Be careful of your boyfriend’s ulterior motives."
Just a moment ago, eating ghost vines turned into hay, and Xue Rong didn’t react. What happened? Taotao had left with Taoyao on her back.
Nymphs behind her Xue Rong grabbed his cuff "could you please take this to Taotao?"
She handed me half of her spirit beads.
Nymphs gave her a look and didn’t answer, so Xue Rong chased her out.
It’s almost five o’clock now, and the sky is about to dawn.
As soon as Taotao went out, he saw the black cat, which was lying on a bench in the courtyard and staring at Taotao coming.
When Taotao came out, it ran over and rubbed her ankle to eat.
Taotao picked it up with the skin on the back of her neck and squinted dangerously. "Do you think I have a bad memory and forgot about your stealing my ham in the past three hours?"
Black cat! "
It realized that the danger was coming, but at this time it was already caught in the talon method and got away.
When Xue Rong chased her, Taotao didn’t go far and sat on the bench playing with the cat.
She grabbed the black cat’s two front paws like a bully, let it land on its hind feet, and dragged its fat body to do broadcast gymnastics.
Former Li Sanjiu will do aerobics in the courtyard with the radio every morning. Those peaches are too familiar.
The black cat’s pupil is vertical into a crack, and his face is full of love.
"Taotao …" Xue Rong ran tired and bent down in front of her to gasp. "How can I walk so fast? I still have something to tell you."
Taotao played with the cat’s paws and made a stretching movement with it open.
"What is your body back multiplier? Why does the red light wither when it appears to eat ghost vines? "
Taotao doesn’t know what the red light is. She did carry a few instruments in her bag before Li Sanjiu’s death. It is possible to say that it is the protector of the instruments, but how can the general instruments have such strong power?
Although she is confused, she is too lazy to think about it because of her personality.
Xue Rong: "Thank you for saving us. I really don’t know what to do if you weren’t here tonight. Besides, Wu Liang was not like this before. He was probably too scared just now … I apologize for him. You’d better keep this."
Taotao didn’t take the pearl and continued to take the cat for chest expansion.
"Don’t you want it?"