Lei Yin confused the enemy. This is definitely the strangest attack that Chen Yuanyang encountered when he debuted. The two men fought fiercely, but there were several pairs of eyes watching them in the dark …

The fifth chapter three killers
Chapter V Chapter Three Killers
There was a sudden explosion.
This sound is like a direct string from Jiuyou Hell into the depths of Chen Yuanyang’s soul, which makes Chen Yuanyang’s eyes blurred.
Lei Yin confused the enemy. This is definitely the strangest attack that Chen Yuanyang encountered when he debuted. When Chen Yuanyang reacted, the talons from the East had been killed.
Seeing that the five fingers of the East’s right hand are hooked, the skin is radiant with veins standing out. With a piercing strong breeze, Chen Yuanyang’s shoulder is directly buckled. This talon skill is like an eagle hunting fast diseases and cruel. It is difficult to practice without a decade’s temperature. The most terrible thing is to abolish Chen Yuanyang’s single hand.
"You …"
Chen Yuanyang with blue face hurry back.
But he didn’t have a chance. Since the National Security Bureau stared at the East, the East must be covered up. Otherwise, the next thing will far exceed the East’s ability to bear. In doing so, he can still bet that Chen Yuanyang is too confident to monopolize all the credit and didn’t report the specific situation this time. Let the East come to down came a blackbird.
Poof …
Chen Yuanyang, a master figure who made Donglai not the kui, was kicked by him with a flat and agile tan leg without speaking.
Practicing boxing without practicing legs is like a daredevil
Killing martial arts such as Tan Leg, which can often be seen, can be learned with a little thought, so it is naturally no problem for Dong Lai to have talent. Even many tricks in Tan Leg have made Dong Lai experience power personally.
"You should come out after watching it for so long …"
Killing Chen Yuanyang made Donglai feel no joy. When he finished the final blow, he noticed that three different smells showed profound murder to him. Such sharp murder made Donglai second to none even in the number of killings, but now the appearance of three people really surprised Donglai’s mind.
But when Xiang Donghai saw the appearance of the three people, all the calmness in the East disappeared, because this kind of will alone can make people collapse and kill them, which makes sense.
Make Donglai show a bitter smile and sigh, "I didn’t expect the stingy organization to invite someone to bleed. The three killers, Lohan, Two-faced Man and Ghost, are really too generous to someone."
Blood Lohan Shaolin Temple defected brother ranks seventh in the killer circle. This man is dressed in a thick yellow-brown monk robe, and his bald head and scar are particularly conspicuous. Combined with his face, the disgusting scar looks like a gray figure at first glance, not like a monk.
Two-faced man, a strange killer with dual personality, ranks third in the killer world. This man is quite orthodox in clothes, just like an active employee in the class with a harmonious smile, which makes people feel no discomfort, but makes the East know that it is absolutely bloodless for a two-faced man to change his face.
Ghost is a rather mysterious figure, ranking fourth in the killer world in terms of speed. This person comes out in tights, so that his speed advantage can be brought into full play, and the ghost tooth with blue light in his hand is his famous weapon.
In martial arts, there are five levels: self-divided strength, dark strength, strength, Dan strength and strength. In the middle and late Qing Dynasty, number of periods martial arts masters emerged one after another, just like crossing the river, and so did Dan strength masters. It is pitiful and ridiculous that Sun Lutang, a martial arts master, reached the peak of "honesty".
And to the east and the eyes of these three enemies are all at the level of strength, even if one is invited, it will cost a lot of money, and it is not rich to invite them out, let alone three people together.
The two-faced man replied with a smile, "Ge doesn’t sell himself short. You are the second strangest killer in the world. You haven’t lost for several years, and even the master who has turned his strength to the top will hate you. It is really worth the three of us to join hands."
Hearing the name of the "Devil King" made the East suddenly reveal an unspeakable pain.
In today’s killer world, the code name "Magic King" makes Donglai ranked second. He has never failed in his debut for several years, and even if his opponent is a great master of chemical energy, he still hates his palm, which makes Donglai rank second.
Because the first killer is a living wonder, whose code name is bridled, and he has never failed in the world for more than 30 years, great figures in martial arts, masters, politics and business circles, even top killers in the killer world have become the cornerstone of his wonder. Even though he is no longer born, if he is still alive, he can’t surpass the honor of the first killer, and it is impossible to be crowned on his head.
You can also see from the side here that the East is terrible.
Lohan blood doesn’t talk nonsense like a two-faced man.
A high-level encounter left a shame scar on the face of the blood Lohan from the East, which also became the mark of hatred that Lohan could not erase all his life. Lohan took this time back.
Seeing blood, Lohan’s eyes burst into an unprecedented cold light. The first shot was the famous pictographic boxing of "crossing the river with incense" in Buddhist martial arts, but the footwork with extraordinary artistic conception and the "dragon claws" in "Dragon Boxing" suddenly grabbed the east’s heart, which was very vicious.
This fragrant elephant crossing the river comes from Volume 1: "Like the Ganges River, all three animals cross the rabbit, horse and fragrant elephant rabbit, and they float by endlessly;" Horses have a bottom or no bottom; The metaphor of "the elephant is at the bottom" is profound; It is also a metaphor for exquisite and thorough poetry
What Xiangxiangduhe pictographic boxing takes is an artistic conception. If it can really be cultivated to this state, then the posture can also become more and more popular.
It is said that the "Xiangxiangduhe Boxing Score" has been lost for decades, but I didn’t expect it to be performed again today, but it makes people wonder whether the trauma suffered by the Shaolin disaster decades ago was as serious as it was told.
If the dragon claw player is converted into martial arts in martial arts novels, it is the famous Shaolin Sect in Jin Yong’s master that the dragon claw is not as good as blood. The actual name of Luohan Dragon Boxing is "Dragon Zun Boxing", which is one of many routines of Dragon Boxing.
Long Zun’s boxing method is vigorous and powerful, soft and simple, and it is conducive to actual combat. There is no flower stand, but every hand can change in an instant to play three functions of "blocking, preventing and attacking". Spit like a hungry tiger out of the forest; Floating Dapeng spreads its wings; As heavy as an old man holding a turn, "seemingly defending the Lord can lure the enemy into a deep surprise."
At first hand, it is the two great schools in the secular world. This blood arhat is really the seventh most vicious character in the killer world. The exquisite claw skill cooperation has made the blood arhat famous.
Lohan’s claw of blood seems to vomit and swallow, which makes people feel uncomfortable.
However, the reaction from Donglai was far beyond all the expectations of Lohan Blood. He turned out to be a claw-to-claw monk himself, "Eagle Claw Skill" for Lohan Blood and "Dragon Zun Boxing"
Lohan’s blood is quiet, thin and deep, and his eyes are a little scary, but his claw condenses his strength into five fingers, such as iron claws and steel hooks. The method of strengthening is very different. A boxer with ears can break the enemy’s joints and even kill the enemy. It doesn’t look like a teenager who is more delicate than a woman can deduce it.
That’s right. Lohan Blood is betting that Lohan Blood will be afraid of his claws. The reason is also very simple. In an encounter, Lohan Blood is to hate the talons from the East.
Make Donglai confident that he will win this claw. Although he became a monk halfway, the brief skill of Avenue is a natural thing when he cultivates martial arts. What’s worse, eagle claw skill is a kind of pictographic boxing. For Dong, who is proficient in Xingyiquan and Taoist martial arts, his skill of double claws is not inferior to that of eagle claw master who has been practicing hard for more than ten years.
Luohan, who made Donglai really bet on the blood, may think that Donglai is doomed today, so it is unnecessary to give his own hands to create opportunities for the other two people. So he instantly transformed his claws into "Hongjia Tiexian Boxing" and "Baojinqiao". Lohan paid attention to the blood with his thumb and wrist, then turned to four fingers to hold the palm of his hand forward (but his thumb was straight), and at the same time he blurted out "Wow" and looked ahead and then settled the situation.
The most important thing about this move is that the head should be flat when pushing the palm of the bridge finger, so as to find the virtual place when the enemy is close.
Lohan Blood moves so hard that everyone can’t find anything wrong. It seems that this Lohan Blood is not only a Shaolin Juexue, but also involved in other martial arts routines. This Hongjia iron fist may be the real card of Lohan Blood.
Unfortunately, when Lohan Blood faced it, the tactics of Lohan Blood from the East changed, and the talon skill of Lohan Blood from the East also changed with it. Then, the snake claw directly used a trick of "White Snake Spitting Letters" and Lohan Blood "Baojinqiao" to push the hand gently, and then the two of them touched the missile.