"Xiao Jin, if the memories are difficult, don’t say it …" Zhuge Yue looked at his sad heart and felt more and more embarrassed!

Xiaojin shook his head. "No … I remember when Dad picked me up … I don’t remember anything about the past!" "
"So that’s it." Zhuge Yue and the night looked at each other like strangers, and she couldn’t help but look at the feathers in her hands …
-dividing line-
A figure suddenly slipped in by the wine pool. It was Liu Qing who saw the white rock by the wine pool at a glance!
"I said white rock … whether you tell me the origin of Xiaojin or not …"
But Bai Yan didn’t seem to hear what she said, but she still concentrated on making wine, and the fragrance was overflowing. Qing was almost drunk, so she stared at him.
"Are you dumb?"
No matter how you ask, Bai Yan just doesn’t talk!
That’s as cold as ice. It’s like Nan Haochen treating her.
No matter how much he pays, he will never see it, and it will always be her wishful thinking. She is more depressed when she thinks about it!
Suddenly took a deep breath and jumped into the wine pool, drowning the whole person in the wine pool, which finally brought a white rock reaction!
He froze for a second and immediately grabbed her hand from the pool!
But she just buried her head in it and kept walking, deliberately not letting him catch her!
"What are you doing? This will die! " White rock roar loud!
"It’s good to die … it wouldn’t be so painful …" The muffled voice of your face has not been heard really. It seems that you will soon faint. Chapter 697 I don’t marry uncle pervert (4)
"It’s good to be dead … it wouldn’t be so painful …" The muffled voice of the outflow Qing has not been heard very real, and it seems that it will soon faint …
"Nan Hao Chen, I hate you. Why do you come to me …"
She has been talking nonsense. Bai Yan jumped directly without hesitation, then put her arm on her shoulder and dragged her out. Both of them were so full of alcohol that they could hardly open their eyes!
"Nanhao Chen, you are stupid. Can’t you see that I am sincere to you?" Liu Qing kept banging on Bai Yan’s chest and took him as Nan Haochen!
Bai Yan was silent and looked at her almost crazily.
She is really drunk …
"Nan Hao told me that you begged Dad to tell Grandma to find that bastard named Baiyan, but he didn’t tell me who the reincarnation Buddha was!"
On hearing the reincarnation of the Buddha, Bai Yan leng leng almost made Liu Qing fall into the wine again!
But fortunately, he reacted to hold Liu Qing!
Liu Qing fell asleep softly leaning on his arms …
His eyes are out staring at Liu Qing face don’t know what to think …
-dividing line-
Before dawn, Zhuge Yue heard a rustle and then woke up. When she saw a man carrying her baggage, she was still a thief and rushed over at once, but the man left with the baggage faster than her!
"Don’t run, don’t run thief!"