"Thank you, Brother Yuan. I won’t eat first. I’ll go back to eat with my dad later. He’s waiting for me at home!" The woman waved her hand at Yuan Zhi and smiled.

"It’s okay. You eat the old man’s share first. I’m ready to come out. Remember to take it when you go back."
"That’s how not bashful?" The woman looked at Yuan Zhi’s enthusiasm before, not shy, and bowed her head to stretch out her hand to break her hair on her forehead and sip her ears. After that, some sweaty baby faces were covered with a touch of red.
Lotus is very embarrassed to pull the skirt palm out of the sweat.
As everyone knows, this scene just fell down the stairs. Mei’s eyes slipped and she almost fell down the stairs. Fortunately, she stepped aside and Hong Zhan reached out and caught her arm. This was a blessing.
"What’s embarrassed? You, Yuan Dage, have never served anyone like this. This shows your sincerity! " Mei moved her ankles to death and found that her left foot hurts when she can’t move.
When the woman heard this, she became more restless and shy. Yuan Zhi didn’t know that she was sincerely sarcastic and immediately gave her a white look.
"My ankle is sprained and I’m still in the mood to make fun of me. How are you?" Yuan Zhi jumped to her in two steps and bent down to look at her injury.
"I’m fine!" Mei Qiang said Su Shiyuan sat at the desk and looked at the awkward two people with a smile
"You’re here. Let’s go." Su Shiyuan got up and said.
To Chu Lin’s surprise, this girl was not nervous this time. Mei knew that she was not a cruel person.
Mei hopped on one foot and jumped a few steps forward, which made her breathless.
"Yuan Zhi!" Chu Lin called a.
"Master!" Yuan Zhi dare not neglect hurriedly should way.
"Help send Mei back" At Su Shiyuan, Chu Lin turned his head to evoke a lip smile. This playback Buddha has gained insight into her mind.
"It’s the Lord," said Yuan Zhi fuels, and then came to Mei’s side.
Mei knew that General Chu’s orders could not be violated, so she tried to be brave and he passed by.
Su Shiyuan took Xianer to get the carriage first, but Mei was too fat and twisted her foot. On weekdays, it is not easy to think about the carriage, let alone now.
"Feed! Where are you touching? " Mei hesitated before another carriage, but suddenly she felt that her feet had been lifted up.
Although Yuan Zhi was thin, his strength was very great. Mei was also impressed, and then he gave him a bad face.
It’s really busy to hold a tournament in full swing in the afternoon and embrace beautiful women at the moment
"Click" Mei’s one leg is not working. It’s easy to see a virgin not far away. When she was nervous, she stepped on a branch behind her.
"Who? Who will come out quickly! " Qin Kai immediately released the Su Zhimo cold exit.
People have been walking towards Su Shiyuan’s side, and the three glances have put their hearts in their throats.
Su Shiyuan is not afraid of him, nor is he afraid of confrontation. The point is that there is no scar and sweat on his face!
Su Zhi Mo, the "Temple", called to this backyard. At ordinary times, there are few special people coming in and out. The big deal is that handmaiden has nothing to worry about.
Qin Kai raised her hand and motioned for her to stop talking. Su Zhi Mo immediately stepped back.
"hiss!" Suddenly there was a strange sound from the backyard. Before Qin Kai could react, Su Zhimo was very sensitive and cried.
"ah! There are snakes! " Su Zhimo’s legs are weak with fear. Although she hasn’t seen the snake yet, she can’t move. After her past experience, she is most afraid of this thing now.
Mei couldn’t support her strong body with one foot. She took advantage of the chaos and sat on the wall. Xianer had to admire her own monarch. She could call animals so much alike!
Su Shiyuan also wiped her eyes and found a special ventriloquism!
"Mo son, don’t be afraid of the root, there is no snake." Qin Kai looked around and found nothing unusual. He went back and stretched out his hand to soothe Su Zhi Mo in his arms.
"But I heard it!" Su Zhimo’s legs were still weak and he fell into Qin Kai’s arms, and his cheeks clung to his chest, feeling his strong heartbeat and feeling a little bit of security in his heart.