"Now Li Tang has not yet unified the sky, and even the north has not unified it and dares to claim the title of emperor; And Xiao Xian, who was on the retreat in the south, also heard that there was an intention to proclaim himself emperor, and Li Jiancheng wanted to kill his father, that is, taking a big blow would definitely cause chaos in Li Tang. At that time, Kou Zhong had many more opportunities. "

Suddenly, it seems difficult for Donglaibai to hide such a trick in the situation. Although this will give Kou Zhong more opportunities, it will also give more opportunities to enemies beyond the Great Wall. It can be said that there are advantages and disadvantages.
But then again, to maximize the benefits is to make the principle of coming from the east have such an opportunity. Where can the east miss it?
The East insidious smile said, "Although I want to get my weapons back, our grievances are not clear yet. I don’t want to become such a scene because I have a chance in Taidian …"
Li Jiancheng immediately got up when he heard the word.
He remembered that he had always resented himself from the East. How could he be stupid enough to provoke the other side? But now the other side wants to settle the scores by itself, so it is irreversible.
At this time, Donglai added, "If Taidian accomplishes one thing for others, then maybe we will consider turning to arms …"
"What conditions!"
Li Jiancheng is in a hurry.
He is the person who knows best who makes Donglai. Don’t say that he can get the support of Donglai first, and then Li Shimin will compete on his own, saying that he can go to this terrorist enemy and pester Li Jiancheng, and then he can smile.
Ling Donglai said, "I don’t know if the two lovers of Wu Zun Bi Xuan, Tuoba Yu and Chun Yuwei, and the rest of the soldiers in title of generals in ancient times have all come to Chang ‘an?"
Li Yuanji ma nodded. Because of this, they were Li Yuanji who personally greeted him and planned to come and grow a scene. By the way, they shocked this unruly guy from the East.
"That’s good …"
Make the east and set a hazily said, "our reconciliation condition is that you kill TaBaYu and Chunyuwei for me, and let one or two of you casually blame Yin decyl pie or Li Shimin for the rest of the title of generals in ancient times."
"This …"
Li Jiancheng hesitated.
Although TaBaYu and Chunyuwei’s martial arts are not at the top level, there is a huge patron behind them to suppress the idea of looking to the sky, which makes them dare to offend at will, but Li Jiancheng is very conative at the thought of offending the possibility of reconciliation.
Li Yuanji, on the other hand, has another idea
He remembered that TaBaYu and Chunyuwei, the strangely high-ranking Wu Zun brothers, had also participated in making Donglai have a feeling of settling accounts after the autumn.
Weighing the gains and losses, Li Yuanji said to Li Jiancheng, "Big brother and younger brother think it has been done too much."
Li Jiancheng didn’t have the idea to ask Li Yuanji.
However, Donglai interjected, "You have indeed done too much, because if you don’t promise, you will die now. If you promise less, there will be a possibility of turnover, which will be very harmful."
Li Jiancheng’s breath first lingered, and then he showed a very conative expression to humbly ask, "How dare you ask Mr. Wang about the reform here?"
To the east, "Tuoba Yuhe Chunyuwei, although your martial arts are your brothers, their martial arts are simply worthless to you. You need a glass of poisoned wine to clean things up, and then you can blame the Yin decyl faction for the problem, so you can pull the Yin decyl faction closer to your chariot; Not to mention framing Li Shimin. "
Li Yuanji suddenly asked, "Is it just revenge to make Donglai do this?"
Don’t say that Li Yuanji suspects even Li Jiancheng, who is a little in a trance.
It’s a good mood for Donglai to say, "Revenge is just a matter of time. My trick of diverting the disaster from the East is to make you Li Jiahe Yin decyl faction more troublesome and come to my trouble."
"What can I do for you, sir?"
Li Jiancheng finally regained his former wisdom and cut to the chase.
Make Donglai nod and answer, "I’m not afraid to tell your evil emperor relic that we are determined to win. This time we are so accommodating."
Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji finally heard the news of the evil emperor relic, and they couldn’t help but cast a nervous look on the East, but the East’s answer was too sloppy to get any information.
Although the evil emperor sarira is a secret of the magic door, only high-level people in the magic door know the real way, but the state machine has more or less obtained some relatively secret information. For example, the real value of the evil emperor sarira is terrible enough to make a person become a master at the top; In addition, in order to successfully absorb the evil emperor relic, we must first understand a unique magic door secret method and have sufficient time and security environment
The original intention of Bering East from Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji
"Well, I hope I can hear your good news these days …"
Make Donglai go as he did when he came, and wait for Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji to come and make Donglai shadow.
Li Yuanji asked, "Big Brother, do we really have to do what this person says?"
"Don’t do it?"
Li Jiancheng was surprised to see Li Yuanji as if he were an idiot.
So that Donglai can come once and naturally come for the second time, this absolute strength weighs heavily on he is my brother.
Li Yuanji fought back his anger and said, "Alas, we are not as good as people. If we have the skill to achieve success, we can rest easy …"
It is a pity that Li Yuanji is still a little short, and Li Jiancheng, the so-called master who spends all his energy scheming, is even more unbearable.
So Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji can accept their fate.