Nowadays, there are several deep scratches on the window paper at home, and just watching these wolves leave traces makes their legs weak.

I can’t think back to the situation last night. I can’t imagine what would happen if such sharp claws were caught on me.
After a long greeting, Jane said what she had come for. "Did you do something? That wolf pack just came to your house? "
A few people in Wang Qilang’s family looked at each other as soon as Jane said this.
Each thought for a moment and shook his head.
Wang Qilang also distressed and said, "We are also very strange to talk about this! What’s wrong with the wolves? Why come to our house! "
He looked at Jane with some eagerness and asked, "Jane, help us think about what this is!" Well, I’m not afraid of your jokes. Many people in the village have come to ask us about it. Some people’s words are really-not nice! "
Even Fang Zhou and Jane look at each other gently. It’s natural. The wolves who don’t go alone come to besiege and live in almost the middle of the village. If your family says there is no special reason, who will believe it? If you can’t find the reason yourself, it’s the scourge or "retribution"
It’s strange if people think it’s nice to talk like this!
Jane said, "If you think about it again, there must be a reason. Do you think about anything special these days? Have you done anything different from usual? "
Several people in Wang Qilang’s family bowed their heads and thought about it carefully, but the family racked their brains for a long time and finally shook their heads with a wry smile. It was really nothing!
"Our family is an honest Zhuang family can have what thing? It’s just been the end of the year, and there was no farm work before last year. Nothing really happened! " Wang Qilang wry smile way
This Jane is also difficult.
He wanted to think about the sidewalk. "Why don’t you think about it first? We’ll go back first and tell me when you think about it!" I don’t think that wolf pack will come for no reason! "
Wang Qilang’s family also thought it was suspicious, so they nodded and agreed happily.
Lian Fangzhou and Jane were about to leave when suddenly a fluffy little head appeared in a straw basket in the corner.
Wang Qilang saw that Lian Fangzhou looked over there and laughed. "It was a puppy that I picked up two days ago …"
Before he finished speaking, Fang Zhou’s face changed slightly, pointing to the furry gray puppy and exclaimed, "Jane, do you think that looks like a wolf cub?"
"Wolf pups!" Wang Qilang’s family was stunned.
Jane took a few steps in her heart to arrest the dog in Wang Qilang’s mouth, and sighed with a wry smile, "I say you are so courageous!" What a puppy is really a wolf cub! No wonder those wolves are going to besiege your home! "
Jane remembers clearly that there is indeed a lactating female wolf among the wolves. He didn’t expect this awakening Wang Qilang at the moment. They thought it was a good thing that Fangzhou saw it!
Wang Qilang’s family changed color and exclaimed involuntarily. They stepped back and stared at the whining puppy-the little wolf cub had a cold sweat on his forehead.
"Originally, originally, because of this!" Wang Qilang murmured
Jane shook her hands and whined and twisted her limbs. The little wolf cub said to Wang Qilang, "What do you think of this little wolf cub?"
Wang Qilang rushed back and shook his hands in a panic. "We don’t want it, don’t want it! Brother Jane, do what you want with it, or you can take it with you! "
Wang Qilang daughter-in-law also busy way "is not you help to take away! Take one more look, my legs are weak! Oh, what a shame! If I had known it was a wolf cub, I would have thrown it out! "
A Jian smiled. "In that case, I’ll take it with me!"
"Bring it!" Wang Qilang’s family is very relieved.
Jane smiled and even Fang Zhou left together.
Even fangzhou is not afraid, but curious. I can’t stand this little wolf cub’s furry face, silly brain and bright eyes. It’s really cute.
But that howl last night was not cute at all!
"What are you going to do with it?" Even fangzhou could not help but ask
"What do you say?" Jane laughed and seemed to pinch the pups, by the way, and immediately twisted up her furry, soft body to protest against her watery eyes and looked at Jane quite wronged.
It is so cute! Even fangzhou couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and touch it.
It feels good, too
Oh, are you going to kill it?
Even fangzhou felt a twinge of grief at the thought.
Back home, even Fang Qing and Lian Che, Lian Ze, and three aunts got up, and they knew nothing about what happened at the village entrance at noon.
A few people’s eyes lit up when they saw Jane’s little wolf pups.
Even Fang Qing jumped up with surprise and joy, stretched out his hand and carefully rubbed the head of the little wolf cub. "Have a good time with the puppy, and I’ll take care of it after my sister, okay?"
Even fangzhou is one leng.
Even Che couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and touch it with a smile. "It’s so cute, little dog sister and brother Jane, where did you get it?" Sister, I’ll take care of it with Qinger! "
Three gu pie pie corners of the mouth "what such a small thing! Can’t see home again! Alas, can you live in such cold weather? You should wait until the weather is warmer before buying one! "
You Lianze looked at the wolf cub left and right, hissed, took a deep breath and wondered, "Sister Jane, why do I always think this puppy is a bit strange!"
Lian Fangqing said quickly, "Because it is cuter and more painful than ordinary puppies!" Of course, your own puppy is the best.
Even Che nodded in agreement with this.
Even Fang Zhou was in distress situation, but she couldn’t help but feel a little eager to try. Her eyes were bright and she looked at Jane. She asked Ke 44. Chapter 44 Adoption of the Little Wolf.
Jane smiled and nodded to her. "I think it’s okay?"
"That’s great!" Even Fang Zhou clapped his hands and smiled and waved and said, "Let’s talk about all three of you!"
Even the puzzling three aunts such as Ze blinked. What’s wrong with this girl?
When I heard Lian Fangzhou say that this furry little thing looks like a puppy but it is actually a wolf, my third aunt exclaimed and almost fell off the stool.
Lian Ze revealed a pair of "I said how strange!" Even Fang Qing and Lian Che are obviously more interested in bright eyes.
I heard that I want to keep this little wolf cub at home. Aunt San is firmly opposed to it. Can wolves be kept? When you grow up, you will eat people! She is old, but she can’t stand being on tenterhooks every day!
And he said, you see, he is as honest as a dog now, but a wolf can’t become a dog even if he keeps it! Put it in a sack as she wants and beat it to death!
As soon as she said this, Lian Fangqing and Lian Che immediately looked at her warily.
Even ze is a dispensable one.
In the end, the little wolf cub stayed, and the third aunt repeatedly asked Jane for assurances, so she was unwilling to step back.
In fact, what impressed her the most was even saying, "How awesome it is to watch our house like a dog when the little wolf grows up!" Let’s raise it as a dog and it will naturally obey. It’s still so young that it won’t hurt us when it’s close to us! "
So the pups became a part of the family.
Lian Fangqing and Lian Che are so happy that they have to make a nest for it and prepare it for eating.
Even Fang Zhou gently coughed at this moment, and his face was slightly right. "Don’t go yet. I have something to tell you so that you don’t know …"
She wants to say that Yang Huaishan saved her life naturally.
It doesn’t make sense. This matter is known to outsiders, but it’s not good for them to go out and have fun.