He mumbled and blinked, and his eyes were a little moist because of the monstrous excitement in his heart

"Girl!" He suddenly knelt down at Lian Fangzhou and trembled, "Girl, this is a great effort to benefit our country and future generations!" I I … Thank you, girl! "
Whether he has been an official or not, or whether the people live in solidarity with each other, the agricultural officials are more excited than others.
"Get up quickly! This can not be done! " Even fangzhou busy to avoid the avoidance of laughs.
Su Ji bent down and lifted Qin Feng up jokingly. "Look, you startled the girl!"
"I am so excited! Old problem, old problem! Let the girl laugh! " Qin Feng wiped her eyes.
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "I can’t afford to be a gentleman without laughing!" I, myself, have made you laugh! "
Qin Feng is busy. "Girl, this speech is poor. Even so, this technology will be made public sooner or later. This is the future!"
Jane couldn’t help but stare at Lian Fangzhou in meditation, so Fangzhou would be too eye-catching. He had to keep an eye on her all the time, and don’t let her be assassinated by the younger generation …
Even Fang Zhou didn’t dwell on this question much, sipped his lips and smiled. "Jane and I will go to Su Jia’s home to send this one to Dr. Ding in a few days!"
You have to talk to Sue’s family about setting up a factory, and then talk to Dr. Ding. Once Dr. Ding knows about it, it will be made public soon. Before that, even Fangzhou has to do all the preparations well.
This is called preemption.
"Let’s go on a good day!" Jane is thinking, don’t hear this, and immediately her eyes shine and she smiles at Fangzhou.
Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help secretly giving him a look. Does this man have to bring out some traces to make people see? It’s not the first time to go back to Shuangliu county. I’m so happy this time. Is this because I’m afraid others won’t be suspicious?
Fortunately, Qin Feng and Su Ji were immersed in the great joy brought by the quilt and didn’t notice anything else
"It’s all right for a girl to discuss with Sue’s family about the follow-up things, so that she can save time and get confused." Qin Feng and Su Ji are all transparent people, and they will understand when she says so.
So the next morning, Lian Fangzhou wrapped a quilt with a large piece of light blue floral cloth and rushed to Shuangliu County.
When I passed Yuhe County, even Fangzhou wanted to see Lianze and the newly renovated shop. After careful consideration, I didn’t go. Since I left it to him to do it, let him make up his mind. It’s not too late to see it again when it’s decorated.
Jane, the carriage, naturally held her in her arms unceremoniously, and even Fangzhou struggled slightly. Where was Jane willing to let her go? It’s just that she can’t beat him.
"Now I just white you see these cotton so seriously! I didn’t expect it to be a windfall. "
After two people intimacy said a sweet nothings, Jane hugged her gently sigh a way
Cotton has never been strange in the future, but in this era, as Jane said, it is a windfall.
"Fortunately, I feel at ease with you!" Even Fang Zhou lifted her eyes and smiled at him.
Since you can make huge profits, you can make a fortune or get into trouble
Although the whole Yu county and two other counties have promoted cotton planting, the total area is not small, but it is impossible for anyone to understand the principle of topping, and there will be no Lian Fangzhou who is so concerned about the fruit. You can imagine what it will be like!
Compared with Lianzhou’s cotton, someone will definitely covet it.
Even fangzhou, although not necessarily afraid, is bound to spend a lot of effort and a lot of things.
It’s not much easier to have Jane, is it?
Jane bowed her head and kissed her gently on the forehead and smiled. "Just when you need me, I will come to you. Fangzhou, we are born with fate from time to time?"
Lian Fangzhou smiled and asked, "What do you think!"
"I said it must be," Jane laughed. "I will protect you," she said with a chuckle. "Of course, when you sell cotton, you will become rich overnight. You can’t leave me!"
He made a sad face, "Fangzhou, I am home, but I have you!" "
Even Fang Zhou giggled and said, "I can’t bear to talk so pitifully. Well, why don’t I build a big room and leave you to watch the door!" Such as? "
Jane laughed. "Isn’t it overqualified for me to go to the doorman with prosperous wealth and gray?" I will warm the bed! "
You!’ Even fangzhou’s face suddenly became very red!
Ow, ow, ow, he actually said he, will, warm, bed!
Don’t be such a flirt!
And he would say such a thing unless he heard it with his own eyes.
Even fangzhou was so embarrassed! Cover your face with your hands.
Jane laughed in a low voice and hugged her slender waist. Her hands were tight and she bowed her head and kissed judo gently on the side of her neck. "How can you be so ashamed? You and I are the closest people in this world!"
Lian Fangzhou took a bunch of exclamation points and ellipsis in his heart.
Well, maybe they switched roles. He’s the one who crossed over!
But after listening to his words, her heart was limited to joy and sweetness
Even Fang Zhou was ashamed and embarrassed. After listening to Jane’s cheerful and smug smile, the feeling of being teased made her decisive, unwilling and angry.
No matter what, you can’t lose face on the traveler, can you?
She was so soft that she stuck a stick to him and rubbed her hands around him. She looked at him with her head tilted back and winked at him like silk. She ticked off a charming smile that was not ambiguous and greasy. "Brother Jane, how do you want me to warm the bed? Um … "
Is that "um" ending sound sexy and ambiguous when Jiao Jiao drags a little dumb?
Add this move, this expression, this smile is not charming, and it is tempting. Chapter 385 So fruitful.
Jane froze in her head. "Boom!" As soon as something collapses! It’s falling apart!
His eyes were wide open for a moment, and even Fang Zhou suddenly felt thirsty and licked his lips, and his breathing became heavy.
A pair of eyes staring straight at even Fang Zhou’s fundus has a warm flame beating!
The atmosphere suddenly became ambiguous.
Shit! Even Fang Zhou had gone too far when he saw this.
Realizing that something was wrong, she smiled wryly and struggled to get up from his arms and get as far away as possible.
But it’s too late!
Where would Jane let her go?