I vaguely heard people say …

"Don’t cry at the Princess Hall … you cry like this … your face wound is getting worse!"
Mulan really couldn’t resist pushing the door and came in. She frowned and looked still crying. Mu Qian’s face was glued to everything. It was horrible to look at it!
His clenching fist is like being stabbed in the heart by something!
His pride was actually made like this by that wind, blue moon and night, so what if he was righteous!
When he roars like a lion, he scares those pharmacists who are going to refine medicine so much that they can’t get up!
"Ah … you must cure Sandy, or you will see him first!"
In the night like a stranger and the windy and clear moon, his hands slowly spread and tighten like a cat catching a mouse. "You are either squatting on the island and waiting for me to uproot you, or I will cut you to pieces from that poor protected area!"
-dividing line-
At this time, Zhuge Yueyue, like a stranger, and his party just prepared to leave the island as he wished.
Chen Yunnan personally sent them to the edge face with a full face of apologies. "This is my business, but Qianyou has been ill. If I don’t accompany her, I won’t rest assured …"
"Why not …" Zhuge Yue nodded. "Now for me, Hector even shallow leisurely is also my friend. What does it matter if my friend contributes?"
Hear ZhuGeYue incredibly said Hector even shallow leisurely is his friend Chen Yunnan is really have a kind of want to find a hole in the hole to rush 444. 444 Tang Priest and Sun Wu (a)
Hearing Zhuge Yue actually say that Hector even shallow leisurely is his friend Chen Yunnan is really an impulse to find a hole to drill into!
"After what we did to you, you still …"
Zhuge Yue shook his head since Hector even took her as a friend and told her all the reasons for pretending to be crazy. It turned out that everything was Chen Yunnan!
Her thoughtfulness and selfishness made Zhuge Yue feel awe for her!
Can a woman do this and ask for more from her man who loves her?
There is admiration and blessing left in Zhuge Yue’s heart. She believes that saving Helian Qianyou will certainly break through many obstacles and turn the tables on him like saving mosquitoes!
However … She is still too idealistic …
Chen Yunnan just sent them to the critical point. As soon as several people came out at night, they stretched out their hands and held them!
Nan Haochen and Xiao Mosquito are alert enough to guess that something must be wrong when they see the night like a stranger doing so!
However, Nan Lichuan is still at a loss to know "What’s the matter? What’s wrong? "
Zhuge Yue hurriedly covered his mouth and made a quiet gesture. Nan Lichuan blinked his big eyes that were brighter than grapes and finally got quiet …
He was quiet, but then he just held his breath …
Zhuge Yue looked up and saw the hill near here and vaguely saw the arrow. Nine times out of ten, Mulan sent him to want a million arrows to pierce the heart. This once-and-for-all sneak attack method made their department surrounded by a one-time death ray!
Now they are facing these archers’ dead ends, and they will die further, take a step back and die, especially at night, and return the novel to her ear!
"This is no ordinary bow and arrow. This is a tracking arrow …"
As soon as I heard the term Zhuge Yue, I understood it in seconds!
What is it?