Xi Fangping is quite disappointed about this, but it’s true when you think about it. It turns out that he is a well-known elder in the field of fix-true. I can hear from his tone that he is not opposed to going west more than he strongly supports it. But his first thought is to keep the inheritance, and then Xu Tu will go west. Xi Fangping doesn’t want to stay for another two or three years. During these two or three years, the strength of fix-true in Wu will recover, but the strength of Jinlong Sect will also recover, and they have considerable influence in Wei and Qi Zhao. The degree of recovery may be much faster than that of fix-true in Wu

Several monks, including Zhang Jianxin, nodded slightly. Obviously, they also agreed with Huang Tian’s view, including Sanqingguan Bai Shaofei Nangong Yuan Wang Jiashun and Qingxu Palace Zhang Jianxin, Lin Wenmei and other sects in Chen Zhibin. No one supported Sanqingguan and Qingxu Palace, which have always been as close as lips and teeth. At first glance, the monks became two factions, and they wanted to strike while the iron is hot, so they wanted Xu Tu to slow down their opinions, so they couldn’t be unified. Xi Fangping thought for a moment and said, "So now I can go to the State of Qin and tell you the truth."
Cathode said without thinking, "Teacher Xi doesn’t have to worry. If other factions don’t want to go to the Moon Palace, they will do their best, even if the whole sect is built in the Moon Palace."
After exchanging a look with Yuan Qing, Teacher Zaizhen, Ci Hang ‘an also said categorically that "it’s a great friend’s matter that Wu Xiuzhen’s director will keep Wu Xiuzhen stable for a long time, and our temple will support your palace."
Cathode was overjoyed. "Thank you, Teacher. If you can successfully eradicate the future trouble, we will try our best to make up for the loss of your temple."
Cathode turned to look at the double holy courtyard GongSunSheng GongSunSheng hands spread out with a wry smile and said, "Don’t look at me, even if you don’t send troops, our double holy courtyard can send troops behind Xi Daoyou. Our territory is still in the hands of Jinlong Sect, and we don’t want to be a homeless child without territory, even if we don’t think about Wu’s fixing the true boundary."
Cathode ha ha laughed. "Sun Daoyou has always been quick to talk, and sure enough, I don’t know what several Taoist friends in Baiyun Temple think?"
Baiyun is now suffering heavy losses in Jiaojiao Cave. The flesh of two monks in the early days of this battle was also broken. Now Baiyun Temple is just like Qingxu Palace. Song Ying is the only one. Song Ying thought for a while and said with a wry smile, "It’s rare for you to see our Baiyun Temple. I know that Baiyun Temple and Chicheng Mountain once had some conflicts with your palace and Xi Daoyou. Now, although it has been decades, it is all a law for both of us. After this war, it is finally white." The fix true world of that kingdom of Wu is in the midst of wind and rain, and all the sects can advance together and retreat together to ensure the long-term stability of the fix true world of the kingdom of Wu.
Xi Fangping and Cathode exchanged a look and then nodded slightly. Since E Lai, the monk in the middle period of Yuanying, was killed in Jiaojiao Cave, Baiyun Temple is now presided over by Song Ying, whose attitude towards the sect has undergone a fundamental change. Song Ying’s words came to Yingyue Palace to show weakness and admitted that Yingyue Palace has lived in it. Secondly, Song Ying posed to mediate the grievances of Baiyunguan Temple in Yingyue Palace for many years. The entanglement of grievances of Xi Fangping is a quite good strategy for Baiyunguan Temple, which is already at a disadvantage. Song Ying is not as ambitious as Niu E Lai, but his attitude and strategic vision are far from that of Niu E Lai.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Recover the Double Holy Court
JiFangPing toward Song Ying arch hand big said! "If Song Daoyou is willing to be good and old, the grievances in Baiyun Temple and Chishengmen will be written off.
Song Yingxi hurriedly got up and saluted, "Xi Daoyou is so open-minded that he is willing to lead the whole elite of Baiyun Temple to the State of Qin, and at the same time he is willing to come forward to lobby Chicheng Mountain, the elders. Although there are no monks in infancy, they still have considerable strength. At the same time, they are good at making magic weapons of fire properties and so on, which is also of great benefit to the west. In the past two years, Chicheng Mountain has repeatedly asked us to let us Baiyun Temple mediate their grievances. I think they should be willing to send troops."
Cathode laughed. "It’s normal for the battlefield to have its own injuries. If we stick to these grievances every day, it’s really difficult for us to show the realm of Wu to fix the truth. Since then, wouldn’t it be happy for us to get along well with each other and never move our swords and soldiers? Later, I will personally come forward to talk to several elders in Baihushan to see what they think.
Say that finish cathode turned to look at the yellow day and Zhang Jianxin Zhang Jianxin pretended not to notice the eyes of the cathode, but turned to look at the yellow day. Huang Tian thought for a moment and said, "Extreme friends want to get rid of the future trouble forever. In support, they are trying to rebuild the mountain gate. Please forgive them if the war is not over three years later."
As soon as Huang Tiangang was exported, Zhang Jianxin Lihai accepted the message "I’m sorry for the heavy losses in the Qing Xu Palace, a very good friend."
Sanqingguan and Qingxu Imperial Secretary also readily got up and walked towards the door after they had finished. It was not until the two factions of seven Yuan infant monks walked away that the cathode face revealed a sneer. "Huang Daoyou is really cautious."
Yuan Zhen hit a Buddhist name and then said simply, "Huang Daoyou didn’t have confidence in our current strength, so he just quit for an excuse. It’s also the war that the other side fled. There are ten yuan-baby monks and fifty thousand monks, and twelve yuan-baby monks who escaped. Yuan Ying is far stronger than we are now, especially the combined strength of Qin, Wei and Zhao is still much stronger than us. Even with the help of friends, we are also in the wind. Therefore, Huang Tiandaoyou didn’t expect that if you don’t send troops this time, Huang Tiandaoyou would quit." Years later, when the state of Qin recovers its vitality, we have to face another disaster. If they fight again in a hundred years, it is better to have a good fight while the morale is high now or show the attitude of the state of Wu to other countries.
The cathode nodded a little. "The visit to Sanqingguan and Qingxu Palace will definitely take away ten Kowloon pillars, and I can’t refuse them, otherwise it will definitely lead to another battle in the kingdom of Wu. I wonder if the teacher has any thoughts on this expedition?"
Yuan Zhen thought for a moment and said, "I don’t have much confidence in this expedition. We can’t hurt the vitality of various sects. In my opinion, I think it’s better to send three-thirds and two-condensation monks. I have calculated that about 5,000 soldiers can help Xi Daoyou to carry out a powerful blow to the monks of Qin, Wei and Zhao during the air-entraining period when the morale of the other side is low. Will they stay in the battle and stick to the part of Yingyue Palace and return to their respective mountain gates to revive the sects in Kowloon Column?"
Cathode turned to look at a mat Fang Ping asked softly, "I don’t know what teacher younger brother means?
XiFangPing nodded "everything is up to the senior"
Xi Fangping knows that the main force of the Western Expedition is still his own monster beast army. Several sects of them mainly go out to occupy territory and contain some forces of the other side. But to be honest, their risks are not much lower than their own. In a sense, these sects are also looking at him. This is the initiative to ask for troops.
Five days later, the specific plan was worked out. Two people, Yin Ya and Ci Hang An Yuan Qing, stayed behind to preside over Ying Yue Palace, leaving the Kowloon Pillar to ensure that once the Western Expedition failed, several major sects still had a place to live. At the same time, the younger brothers of all factions returned to the mountain gate to rally and recover, and the younger brother naturally stayed with his master at Ying Yue Palace. This was obviously a deliberate arrangement of cathode and Yuan, but everyone tacitly had no objection.
There are a total of 5,217 people in the Western Expedition Army, including Cathode and Yuanzhen, two monks in the middle of Yuanying, Yuan Yinggong Shengsi, four monks in the early stage of Yuanying, and Xi Fangping, a total of seven elders. In addition, there are 200 monks in the stage of knot Dan and 5,000 monks in the stage of condensation gas. Xi Fangping noticed that all the young monks who stayed were those with excellent qualifications and great potential for promotion, that is to say, they had already prepared for failure in going to seven sects, and especially left the elite of the sects here, even if they failed.
This expedition to the Godsworn’s army is well equipped. There are more than ten flying boats from various sects alone, including 20 Reiki cannons, 40 sets of large-scale attack machinery made by Feijianmen and 20 magic weapons found from various sects’ warehouses. A considerable part of these magic weapons were damaged in the battle of Yingyue Island, and all the sects almost took out everything at the bottom of the closet, and they could barely make up 20 pieces. Moreover, they were not powerful enough and the front roots were not regarded by others.
However, those 40 sets of large-scale attack machines are no joke. This kind of flying sword gate stuff is quite dazzling in the battle of Yingyue Palace. Each attack machine can shoot nearly 100 arrows with a range of six miles in a short time, which can not only cause fatal damage to the monks during the condensation period, but also kill them well during the knot Dan period.
After careful study in recent days by Feijianmen Shuangshengyuan, the effect of the integration of the specialties of the two major sects is unexpected. The Shuangshengyuan tied the lightning produced by its own sects to the arrow and shot it out. This combination has greatly improved the combat effectiveness, which can not only deal with the monks in the condensation period and the knot Dan period, but even the monks in the Yuan infant period may suffer big losses if they are not careful.
Five days later, Friar Wu’s troops came to the location of the gate of Shuangshengyuan, from which they looked. The gate of Shuangshengyuan was depressed, trees were cut down, and buildings were destroyed. In many places, atrix’s traces can be clearly seen. Once the fight broke out, the lightning became the main attack weapon, so there were potholes everywhere outside the gate. I don’t want to know how fierce the battle was.
Looking at the gate that is already out of shape, the seven elders are walking in front with angry faces. The monks from other countries have invaded many times, which will cause great damage to the realm of Wu Xiuzhen, but the realm of Wu Xiuzhen retaliates because of chaos. Now the opportunity has come. They will go abroad for the first time. They want to show the monks from other countries that the realm of Wu Xiuzhen can not bully if they want to bully.
Together with Xi Fangping, the seven elders saw several monks leading in a bush near the mountain gate. One was that Jiedan was respectfully saluting the middle in the early days. Gong Sunsheng was a square piece. He was not sent to Wei and Zhao. How could he be here?
Cathode face light change "see sample is what’s the big thing, let’s go and see.
Cathode waved his hand lightly, and the rear army suddenly stopped. Seven elders fell to the ground gently, and Fang Sheng looked quite young. He looked in awe and rode a one-horned ox, Xi Fangping, and then strode forward and said, "Brother Fang Sheng, see Elder Tai, see six predecessors."
Sun Shengda asked, "What happened to Fang Sheng? Why are you here?"
Fang Sheng nodded and said, "It’s too big for the elders."
Now that Wei and Zhao are in chaos, the news can’t go out. My brother can go back quietly with his hands and is preparing to go to Yingyue Island. I just met you when I arrived at the mountain gate.
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
"Wei and Zhao are in chaos? The cathode’s face lit up. "Is it because the three countries of Wei and Qi Zhao scattered to rebel or that the two countries of Chu and Qi sent troops?"
Fang Sheng looked at a cathode with admiration and said, "The elder was right. Two days ago, the two countries sent troops to Qi and Chu, and then the country sent 100,000 godsworn troops to Zhao Wei, respectively. The elite of Zhao and Wei countries left behind a lot of godsworn brothers, and the roots didn’t expect to be raided. Therefore, only a few days later, the gates of the major sects of Zhao and Wei were sentenced to guard. Five days ago, they withdrew the godsworn army from Wu to join the fray, which barely supported the situation."
Cathode and others laughed ha ha. The two countries really picked the right time to raid at this time. As a result, Qin, Wei and Zhao were attacked on three sides. It is estimated that the day will not be better. After thinking about it, the cathode asked, "Fang Sheng, according to the normal situation, the degree of raid between the two countries can’t be so fast. In a few days, he occupied most of the gates of the two countries. Even the original Jinlong Sect didn’t have this matter."
Fang Sheng respectfully said, "This is the fact that the Yin and Chu countries have been preparing for a long time, and the three countries of Wei, Zhao and Qin are elite in the outer roots, so they have been caught off guard. Moreover, the strength of the armies of Qi and Chu is quite terrible. Each country has 50 monks in the Yuan infant period and 1,000 monks in the Dan period, plus some powerful magic weapons, and many sects and scattered practices in Wei and Zhao countries are quite dissatisfied with being enslaved by the Golden Dragon Sect all the year round. Not only did they not resist, but they also helped Chu and Qi countries. The army is even more like entering the country. Several people looked at each other with a worried look. Is it good or bad for them to send out so many troops? They have no way to predict that Chuqi is a natural ally for the realm of Wu Xiuzhen now, but once the Jinlong faction is uprooted, they will definitely have a conflict in the realm of Wu Xiuzhen. Both countries are famous and populous in the realm of Xiuzhen. There are also more than 70 people in each country only in Qin, although Chu is addicted to happiness and Qi likes to talk; The combat effectiveness of the monks of the two countries has always been a joke in the field of repair. For many years, the two countries of Chu and Qi have been separated by Wei, Zhao and Wu, but now they have joined hands, which cannot be underestimated. Together, these two countries are more powerful than Qin, which can make waves in the field of repair.
Wanted to think the cathode asked, "Fang Sheng, you have been in Wei and Qi Zhao for a long time, and now the strength of their three-nation Coalition forces, as you should be quite clear, right?"