Hong Xing smiled naively. "You and I want to, but the first thing I want to do is to find a few yuan-infant monks to fight in the war. I’ve been looking for more than half a month and it’s hard to find someone who is either poor in fighting capacity or badly injured. If I can’t finish it, I’ll definitely be punished when I get back. Besides, he just left and you saw that this guy’s strength is definitely not here. I can go back and talk about it this time." The third brother couldn’t help asking, "Elder Hong, it’s hard if he really comes back alive." Want to know two jins of heptyl essence is not a small sum of money. "

Hong Xingzhi sneered. "Let’s talk about it when he can come back."
Xi Fangping didn’t hear this, but he had already guessed it. To be honest, he didn’t agree to the so-called three-month period, but it was cheap and not white and unreasonable. Let’s talk about Monta’s 100,000 pieces of lingshi first. Anyway, if you don’t keep the appointment, you will lose face. Fang Xi is a barren mountain man, not he was born in Hunyuan Zongxi Fangping.
The main purpose of Xi Fangping’s trip is to destroy the Kowloon Array, and the rest can be temporarily put into what to do after destroying the Kowloon Array. Then we will figure out what to do, and take it one step at a time. The situation here is so complicated that conditions are changing at any time. Even if detailed plans are made, there is a great possibility that it will become a disaster by itself.
This shabby-looking city is quite large. It is at least a thousand miles from one side to the other. Just now, the repair shop he saw was in the southernmost part of it, which can be regarded as a suburb, while the city center was about 500 miles away. There were more and more repair shops there, and there were more and more monks coming and going. When Xi Fangping flew there, he first came into his eyes, but the materials of those buildings were hundreds of buildings as high as 50 or 60 feet. From a distance, he could feel the terrible aura in them. Around these buildings, Li Yuandao remembered them very deeply. Ten large Kowloon arrays made these buildings
Each of the ten Kowloon arrays was built on a platform about 30 feet above the ground, and there were no buildings around it. Attacking from the direction, all the monks will be attacked by at least several Kowloon arrays at the same time. Even at the end of the deification, they may not be able to escape. To Xi Fangping’s surprise, these ten Kowloon arrays have been repaired, and they have not been attacked since the Heavenly Sect built the mountain gate in tears. Therefore, they have long been accustomed to the security environment and have not taken turns in Kowloon Array. It’s easy to understand. The forces that can pose a threat to the Celestial Sect are outside the Pleiades. Once they break into the Pleiades, they will know immediately, and then they will send people to take turns.
As the saying goes, the hardest fortress is always broken from the Ministry. This is effective in Zhenling Island, and it should not be much different in Tianling Island. I am glad to see that these large Kowloon arrays are not rotated. Doesn’t this mean putting all the gold and silver in front of robbers? If you don’t destroy these Kowloon arrays, you are really a little sorry to send people from Tianling.
Now, Xi Fangping has to find out whether there is a great magical monk in this place, especially the monk at the end of the deification. If there is any cooperation with these Kowloon array Xi Fangping, he will be in trouble. He doesn’t want to let his monster beast army lose half of it here in vain. It is not easy for Xi Fangping to create this monster beast army. Although he has spent thousands of years in his life for five hundred years, it is not so easy to find such a good opportunity later.
Xi Fangping slightly revealed the knowledge of gods and scanned a number of buildings. He was surprised to find that these buildings did not know what material they were made of, and their own knowledge could not penetrate. After all, they were a big sect, so how could they have been in the fix-up world for so long without a few hands?
After trying several times in succession, Xi Fangping finally gave up his efforts and wandered around the nearby area for a long time. After that, he found an inn about five or six miles outside the Kowloon Array. He can slowly spend time here with the other party. He is sure that in the fierce and dangerous situation of the war, the other party will make great moves, so that he can observe some situations from it. Xi Fangping has been wandering around the nearby area for a whole month, from this repair shop to that repair shop, and it feels like walking from street to street. He’s looking for something. It’s difficult for him to attract the attention of a willing heart. Xi Fangping also felt that someone was probing himself with gods several times. This is normal. It’s difficult for an outsider to wander around the mountain gate every day without attracting attention. Xi Fangping also encountered several inquiries. He came from the barren hills to deal with it. Because the barren hills are famous in the evening star, they are all strange people. Therefore, his suspicion of the celestial party has decreased a lot. It is estimated that this is also the reason why the celestial school people think that the evening star is one of their own. No one would have thought that someone had sneaked into the evening star and was ready to
According to Xi Fangping’s estimation, people who probe themselves should be practicing in the early stage of deification. The reason is quite simple. Xi Fangping can feel it now in the early and middle stages of deification, but a brother who practices spirituality in the middle stage of deification will not be full and have nothing to do. After all, if he achieves the middle stage of deification, he will definitely occupy an important position in the spiritual school. Where is it?
Xi Fangping waited for a whole month and finally got a good chance. On that day, Xi Fangping strolled around the repair shop all day and returned to the inn, but now there are more than a dozen heavenly brothers outside the inn, accompanied by a monk in the early stage of Yuanying, and the door is blocked up.
XiFangPing leng maybe the other party know their identity to send someone to arrest him? Not really. If I really knew that he was Xi Fangping, the Tianling Sect would never be stupid enough to send these dozen little guys to deal with them. Don’t talk about the monster beast army. Even Xi Fangping could easily kill their department in a half-column.
After thinking about it, I felt that there was nothing to expose my identity flaw recently. Xi Fangping was relieved to carry his head high and swaggered to the inn. As expected, he had just arrived at the door, and a guy with a knot in Dan’s period stopped him and said with a little apology, "I’m sorry, Mr. Fang, you can’t go back to the inn."
Seats half face a heavy asked crossly "what? Since when do you lack money? Why can’t you go back to the inn?
The shop assistant said shyly, "I’m sorry that the senior joint ordered Fiona Fang to leave for three miles, and all the non-spiritual Ranshi brothers have to leave, not just for the senior."
XiFangPing one leng, he obviously felt that the spiritual faction would make a move. This is a good opportunity to observe the strength of the spiritual faction in one day. He thought for a moment, and his face became heavier. "What? The Heavenly Spirit Sect can’t be so overbearing, can it? I just want to buy something, but I don’t have to leave them. "
Chapter two hundred and seventeen Sneak attack ()
Two flat tones have this big cause that led Fang Ying to repair in the early stage. His face sank and he went to Xi Fangping and asked the shop man, "Who is this guy?" Where did you come from? "
The shop assistant replied with a hint of fear, "This is Fang Xi, a senior. He came here from the barren hills to find a material for making utensils. He has lived in Xiaowu for more than a month."
When I heard that it was from the barren hills, the guy’s face changed and became easygoing. Many people looked like the barren hills were really a scary place to take out. It was different. "Oh, it turned out that it was from the barren hills, where Fang Daoyou was poor in resources. It is normal for Fang Daoyou to come here to look for the materials for making machines. Please forgive us for receiving the face-to-face notice for three days. All the people who are not in the same position have to stay away from here for 30 miles. Please excuse me if it causes any inconvenience to the Taoist friends."
Although this guy is polite, Xiao Xifangping knows that he is afraid that he is from the barren hills. If it is from any other family, it is estimated that this guy has already scolded him. Since the barren hills are slightly aloof and unreasonable, Xi Fangping’s play is going to be like "bullshit". This is the guy’s order. It’s hard to come here from the barren hills and haven’t found what you want. Will you be forced to leave you and always be as obedient as those pugs? In the barren hills, I always go there and do whatever I want. Up to now, I dare to argue with the old man whether it is a monster or a monk. It has become a bone.
This is already full of murderous look. That guy can’t help but take a step back when he listens to his face. The fierce name of the barren hills is not white. He feels that he seems to have lost face. The guy’s face turned red and stepped forward toward Xi Fangping. He said, "Fang Daoyou also needs to respect himself. This is the order of the elders. No one dares to disobey Fang Daoyou. He is from the barren hills, but it can also be regarded as a celestial Sect. Do you want to disobey the order of the elders?"
Xi Fangping frowned. He knows very well that the so-called big elders in the spirit school are all godsworn brothers in the period of deification. Under normal circumstances, it is called that the elder network is small, just like destroying the magic star.
Xi Fangping said coldly, "What nonsense elders don’t know each other? I have the guts to ask him to drive the elders away in person."
The leading monk’s face changed sharply and said, "Fang Daoyou, don’t be shameless. I know that you big barren hills people have several unique skills, and it is possible to deal with monks who are five orders higher than you, but can you deal with monks who are five orders higher than you?" A friar of the fifth order? "Xi Fangping gives a little aura to make the mask he wears blue and white for a long time, which means that the elder in your mouth is a godsworn at the end of the deification. In our big barren hills, the fist is the boss, and your fist is older than the boss. This is away.
After that, he ignored the guy’s jumping and flying towards the outside. On the surface, Xi Fangping was scared away. In fact, he was happy in his heart. It took him a long time to find what he wanted to know. This guy said that the elder was a monk at the end of the deification, which means that he is only a monk at the end of the deification in Tianling Island. Otherwise, he wouldn’t say elder, but so-and-so elder
The Godsworn at the end of the deification is strategic, but he won’t be dispatched casually. From that piece of jade slips, Xi Fangping knows that the Godsworn at the end of the deification has stayed in Tianling Island. For thousands of years, they have dispatched so few times that almost a slap can be counted. But now there is a Godsworn at the end of the deification on Tianling Island. What did this say? The other four monks have been sent to Tiens Star Field at the end of the deification period. This guy is dedicated to guarding the mountain gate. With this guy, the monks will stay at Tianling Island. If there are too many heavenly sects, they won’t want to. It’s strange that a servant will be happy if he doesn’t try his best to keep his house during the war.
If there is a godsworn at the end of the deification, it is not so difficult to seize the opportunity to entangle him. Even if he is not killed on the spot, he will have no chance to hinder his action of destroying the Kowloon Column. Of course, at the same time, he must try to entangle the strength of other godsworn Xi Fangping’s monster army. This can still be done. To do this, we must take sneak attack, otherwise the godsworn at the end of the deification will be extremely fast, and no one can guarantee what will happen.
It’s the other side. What is it that wants to drive all the people away from Kowloon Array? Xi Fangping is puzzled. There is a possibility that the Tianling Sect has made a big move. We have to ask again to know what the big move is.
Xi Fangping flew hundreds of miles and then entered a Gao Shanfeng, where he hid and released his gods. He was generous enough to detect the surrounding areas. Sure enough, after a few hours, there were heavenly brothers passing through Fiona Fang for hundreds of miles. As a result, I was waiting for one person and two people, and the infant period was relatively high. At the end of the day, more and more people came. Those monks in the Dan period all appeared in teams. Many times, there were tens of millions of people in a team. Some people sent their brothers to the mountains. Some people’s gods were spying on them, but they were not the same.
Looking at more and more monks, Xi Fangping’s mind flashed two words: review. Yes, it should be the word review. Or I learned from Li Yuandao’s mind that every time my brother went through some training, he had to go to the center of the island to receive a godsworn review. It was actually a review, which was to practice on the site around Kowloon Array for the elders to see the results of the training, and then to dispatch all localities to review the new brother. It is a big thing for the Tianling Sect, but sometimes it will not happen once in dozens or hundreds of years. Now that the war is tense, it is estimated that we have to review it every once in a while. In the process of review, the elder usually encourages a younger brother to arouse their morale on the spot for tens of thousands of years, but all the heavenly brothers have experienced such a review … Peng … 8 bubble Zhao is not like a face!
The inspection is aimed at the younger brother of Jiedan period and Yuanying period. Normally, the younger brother will not go to the scene to practice for people. However, there will still be a large number of Yuanying monks on the scene who are responsible for directing or maintaining order. It is really a golden opportunity for Xi Fangping to think of this.
Xi Fangping emerged from the mountain and changed his clothes and a mask. He didn’t believe that those godsworn monks had such a good memory that they could remember all the looks of their infants clearly. If he could get close to his opponent for several miles, his chances of success would be considerable.
Xi Fangping transformed himself into a handsome and graceful young man, especially his eyes, which took away the hearts of several female monks. Of course, this mask was still a little worse than his own. Then Xi Fangping flew to the Kowloon Array. As expected, when he entered the Kowloon Array, there was no heavenly spirit to send a brother to ask about the peace that Su Xing had enjoyed for more than 10,000 years. Their vigilance against enemy attacks has dropped to the point where it can no longer be lowered. It is hard to imagine that such a sect can still mix quite well in the fix-true world.
At this time, about 400,000 monks in the ten large-scale Kowloon Array are neatly arranged and holding standard magic weapons and quietly suspended in the middle. That’s quite good. If it were changed, others might be scared and afraid to start work. But for Xi Fangping, who is used to big scenes, this battle is too small. In those days, Xi Fangping faced thousands of monks in Meihua, and his face remained unchanged.
There are about 5,000 Yuan-infant monks scattered around these Godsworn brothers, but they don’t look as serious as Godsworn brothers. These Yuan-infant monks are directing their hands, maintaining order, or simply chatting in twos and threes. For them, this is not a review, but more like a party.
Xi Fangping looked around all the time before he was suspended in the semi-silence, waiting for the big man to appear. Xi Fangping waited for an hour and was almost impatient. Suddenly, a building gate slowly opened a strong pressure, and a wind blew the roadside trees from the inside. Xi Fangping was shocked and worthy of being a monk at the end of the deification. It was a huge single force that could roll up the wind with coercion, and it was only when the four gold dumplings were dispatched that he had such pressure.
After the gate was opened, a beautifully decorated wooden platform slowly flew out from the inside. This wooden platform is one foot high, two feet long and two feet wide, and there are several carved dragons and painted phoenix pillars around it. Look, it’s almost like the throne of the secular emperor. There is a big chair sitting on the platform. An old man with a yellow hat and yellow clothes is white, his face is rosy, and his eyes are as fierce as an ox’s eye. On each side of the chair, there is a small handsome female monk holding a incense burner and a green stove, which gives people a feeling of being immortal.
Xi Fangping left the pie mouth. This old guy must be a good show-off monk. He is in a general posture with him. Xi Fangping really hasn’t seen it. But the big shots he saw before Xi Fangping are at best the elders of various sects, too elders. I really haven’t seen anyone more powerful than this guy. After all, people are big sects, and they send big elders with their eyes on their heads. Isn’t it true that Tianling sent people to learn from this guy?
The wooden platform was not carried by anyone, but it stopped in the middle of the flight. It was five or six miles away from Xi Fangping. When Jin Jiao flew out, this guy had enough reaction or escape, so if he wanted to kill him, Xi Fangping frowned. The best distance to let the other side escape should be three miles, three miles and four Jin Jiao appeared, and he could attack immediately. Although the distance of three miles was only a tenth of a breath for these Jin Jiao, he could arrive, but the other side was a monk at the end of the deification.
The old guy got up and walked a few steps with his hands behind his back and coughed gently. Even the trees stopped just now. The old guy’s words were very light, as if he were chatting with people, but everyone in the place could hear them clearly. He was a monk at the end of the deification. "I’m Mao Zhifeng, the elder of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, and I think you all know my name. Because other elders are fighting outside, I’ll personally review your Cui Lian achievements in the past six months. It’s really a little fresh to come out and review my brother for the first time since I advanced the end of deification.
It’s a great thing that Xi Fangping is happy that all the elders are out there. It’s not bad at all as he expected. It looks like we have to have a good fight today. Of course, we have to try to get closer to this guy before that.
"You are all brothers selected by various families. It is your luck and your family’s luck to join the Celestial Sect this time. It is estimated that this review will last for three days. During these three days, you have to show me what you have learned in the past six months. I will not mistreat the one thousand brothers who performed well. I will personally teach them an hour."
Xi Fangping noticed that the monks at the stage of Jiedan were having a little trouble breathing. At the end of the deification, the monks threw an altar to explain the problems he encountered in the practice process one by one. What a chance it is for the monks at the stage of Jiedan. After this altar, they will be able to make an epiphany and take a big step forward. This old guy has to agree with me if he wants to throw an altar.
The soft voice rang again. "Brothers, you also know that Tiens Star Field is having a war, a war about the future and destiny of Tiens School. We have several loyal brothers, we have several profitable resources and we have powerful allies. We will surely win. Go ahead, make achievements, win glory for yourself and your family. Everbright Road is waiting for you. You will be the heroes of Tiens School."
400,000 brothers raised their magic weapon in high spirits and burst into cheers. These are all monks in the Dan period. They shouted at the top of their voices and could be hundreds of miles away.
Xi Fangping had a brainwave, and when Mao Zhifeng was about to speak again, he suddenly shouted, "Elder Brother has something important to report, please come and talk."
Mao Zhifeng was pushed into the belly with a lot of words, and Mao Zhifeng looked at the seats one or six miles away and asked coldly, "Is there anything important you can leave for your younger brother in the early days of a baby? Just say it there."
Xi Fangping respectfully suspended the middle school and made a ceremony towards Mao Zhifeng, then said, "The elder brother has shown the trace of Xi Fangping"? "Mao Zhifeng facial expression, a" you mean Xi Fangping disappeared in the Pleiades more than one hundred and sixty years ago? No way. How could he be in Pleiades? And how can you possibly know about Xi Fangping when you are a baby? " Xi Fangping said, "When I was still in the Dan period, I followed many predecessors to Cape Star. I heard a lot about Xi Fangping. Two years ago, my brother appeared a few monsters in the barren hills, which were similar to blood-sucking butterflies. My brother was puzzled. He disguised himself and tracked them in the barren hills for two years, and now there were monsters such as ice scorpions, short-tailed ice dragonflies, fire crows and bats with human faces in the original battle of plum blossoms, and even some monsters. It can be seen that Xi Fangping once stayed in the barren hills for quite a long time.
Mao Zhifeng’s face is as black as charcoal. "You mean that Xi Fangping sneaked into the Pleiades and stayed in the barren hills more than 100 years ago, and he has been spying on our heavenly spirits?"
XiFangPing nodded "is the elder brother is so recognized.
Mao Zhifeng’s face sank. "Come and tell me everything you know."
After a ceremony, Xi Fangping jumped towards Mao Zhifeng. When it was about two miles away from Mao Zhifeng, Xi Fangping said softly, "The elder brother has been tracking the monster beast all the way here for two months. According to my brother’s speculation, Xi Fangping is likely to be hidden among these newly recruited brothers."
Mao Zhifeng was shocked and asked, "How is this small?"
Chapter two hundred and ten Sneak attack ()
Second, eliminate Mao Zhongfeng’s stupidity opportunity. The monster beast of the 144th order suddenly appeared in the Lei call. Mao Zhifeng’s head suddenly appeared with a huge golden claw, and the great spiritual force made Mao Zhifeng almost breathless.
Suddenly, Jin Jiao’s attack was fierce, and Mao Zhifeng couldn’t avoid him. Suddenly, a pair of yellow armor appeared on his body, and a yellow bowl of big beads appeared on his head, forcefully blocking Jin Jiao’s attack.
A miserable shout Mao Zhifeng body tasikmalaya flying out of his low wooden platform and smashed into powder. Two nuns with Yuan Baby’s final stage were crushed into patties by Jin Jiao’s great spiritual force, and even Yuan Baby was destroyed at the same time. Mao Zhifeng’s head and yellow beads disappeared, and his armor also showed cracks. Even if Jin Jiao attacked him in the 44th order, he was beaten to a serious injury and just flew out of the net. Mao Zhifeng’s heart moved a few feet. Four terrible spiritual forces were striking Mao Zhifeng, and he stopped his body abruptly and forced his aura to emerge. After the golden light, he turned his head. He was surprised that the otter is now four feet high and three eyes away from himself. At the same time, the white light from the eyes on their foreheads has firmly hit him. The golden light of Mao Zhifeng’s body was smashed by the white light from the otter in four eyes, but after the golden light blocked the white light, the strength was greatly reduced. Although it hit Mao Zhifeng’s body, it was just two or three mouths of blood.
Mao Zhifeng’s body was in a hurry to retreat from a huge fist that was much bigger than the room, and his face was full of aura, but now he actually fell into a terrible sea of fire. The temperature of the sea of fire was so high that it constantly eroded Mao Zhifeng’s aura, even if it was better than Mao Zhifeng’s only staying in the sea of fire, he was immediately burned to the ground, and his skin squeaked and his barbecue was seriously injured again.
Mao Zhifeng scared the daylights out of him. He saw that the terrible three flavors of true fire were four-order, and like a four-legged lizard, Mao Zhifeng knew that even if he was not injured, he couldn’t bear it for long if he was attacked by such three flavors of true fire. He didn’t want to turn his head and run away. Mao Zhifeng just flew away without a mile, but now there are 14 dressed in Tianling Paidi clothes hanging in front of him. The smiling brother Mao Zhifeng’s net just started to relax a little. His brothers finally arrived. It was Mao Zhifeng’s sudden stupefaction. The 400,000 brothers present were not in the middle of the deification. All the 14 brothers were sent to fight in the middle of the deification. Before he could react, fourteen heavenly brothers suddenly turned into fourteen monkeys in clothes and fourteen pairs of fists silently bombarded Mao Zhifeng.