In that way, even if you have any mana, you can resist quenching gas. Nine times is a perfect figure.

In the same way, 10,000 cultivation bodies may not be able to see the peak cultivation with high difficulty.
be virtually unimaginable
"But the so-called refined array is the peripheral spirit engraved ofuda. If we can break through the quenching gas this time.
Quadruple in the sword, there will always be a layer of guardian power when carving a large array of bodies, but it is not necessary to repair it
Refined to the peak level of refined body. "
Chen Shaobai’s eyes sparkled and he was confident enough not to say anything when he came to this little secret place again.
It’s a thousand times better to be calm and calm than it is now, even when the cave collapses.
He may not have no chance to live.
The intense discomfort brought about by the transformation gradually subsided, and the scenic spot Se appeared in front of Chen Shaobai.
Fiona Fang, the secret land of Long Mai in the Yangjie, can be called a fairyland purple mansion, but it is full of spiritual tree treasures.
The light is flashing red and green, the flowers are rare, the grass is sparse, and there are even three or two rest places with unique secrets.
Rich aura gathers into fog, and it is hidden in every Se glass gem into neon, and Se Ze is like burning incense.
It is the peach blossom that shines brightly, and the condensed smoke band reflects the wonderful flowers of the Danzi tree in four seasons.
Don’t thank me, Se, for the common cover of Yun Ni.
Experience has decided that the past has given Chen Shaobai vigorous and resolute action, and it has done nothing sloppily.
After a few words of casual conversation, he got the fire, Xuelian Qin, and sat on the spot to fiddle with it.
Knock, knock, knock …
As soon as the piano music is played, it is high and heroic, and the melody is like a drum. With the fondling of Chen Shaobai’s hands,
However, a piece of ghosting crimson strings fluctuated back and forth on the snow-white piano body, if the remnants of blood Se were not fire.
If the quality of the jewels in the Saussurea involucrata is extremely tough, I’m afraid one end will be destroyed.
"What’s the matter? If it’s just revenge, the first two money avatars are enough, aren’t they
Dream glass and other places to offend this person? Isn’t this man too bitter? "
As light as a frown.
Don’t blame her for thinking so much. Chen Shaobai really has some destructive qualities. Anyone who comes to see it will.
This is an expression of dissatisfaction.
But if you look at your face, you will see the unusual performance of Dream Glass.
The brand in the original eyes, xing, is dead, and now it’s gone, replaced by a trace of expectation.
Desire-sharing a house with Chen Shaobai’s childhood friends for ten years, the two of them have played the role of playing games and dreaming about emotions.
Be very careful in expression
Less is like light. It seems that this is the Aegean people meeting their peers, mountains and rivers, and bosom friends.
Mixed with a little love between men and women
Suddenly, the sound of the piano came to a violent standstill-this is because Chen Shaobai relies on his strong physical quality.
And magic simulation skills.
The sound of the piano seemed to have ended, but it was connected again a moment later.
Playing the piano in this way will naturally not be melodious and elegant music, even if the tolerance is high
The audience will not find this music pleasing to the ear, but it makes people want to continue involuntarily.
Keep listening.
Although Ruguang doesn’t understand the piano, she also hears a little taste from it.
This is a story about the growth of a secular swordsman.
Next to the dream glass, the mana of closing your eyes is gradually increasing, and it seems to be chanting with the music.
"Fierce, strong and unyielding, the river and the moon compete with each other before the weak crown."
This is a period when the great swordsman is young, energetic, talented and vigorous.
"Ziwei soft sword accidentally injured the righteous man before he was 30 years old, which was ominous and abandoned the deep valley."
This is a period of prosperity and decline.
"If you don’t work hard, you will be arrogant before you are forty years old."
This is the time to return to nature and make a sudden increase in repairs.
"After forty years old, you don’t lag behind things, plants, bamboo and stones. Since then, J: ng’s gradual sword is better than a sword.
Condition "
You don’t need a dream glass to explain, such as light, you can detect that aloof determination.
Compared with all other arrogant immortals, they look so pretentious.
"Now that I have been defeated by Tianchang Jianli, can you give me a defeat?"
A short sonic boom stuck the story in the middle, making it so anxious that I couldn’t wait to whip it.
Give Chen Shaobai a good beating and let him continue playing.
Chen Shaobai stopped fiddling, qi and blood, and mana surged. J: ng, God’s mind, carried out the restriction of heaven and earth, and suddenly and violently.
Rise up
This is to take the opportunity to break through the four realms of quenching!
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Chapter two hundred and twenty-five Three veins? All laws go to the devil!
Chapter two hundred and twenty-five Three veins? All laws go to the devil!
Chapter two hundred and twenty-five Three veins? All laws go to the devil!
Chen Shaobai closed his eyes and meditated, and his magic did not change according to the established route. It seemed that he was realizing something.
With the help of the piano music, that one got a glimpse of the true meaning from the lonely body, and that sharp, strong and invincible enemy was faintly circulating in the body.