See the emperor so tyrannical and cruel couldn’t wait to slap his posture. Chen Shaobai wasn’t afraid. It was a gentle smile. "This thing is called the Emperor’s Sword? It sounds domineering, but I don’t like the first two words very much. It’s better to destroy them. "

Say he emerged in the whole body bright gold se Buddha light and belong to the true yuan protective green se light, holding a sword in both hands and thrust it into his chest.
A picture of being tired of living and wanting to commit suicide.
But it’s strange that the thick door plate of the emperor’s sword quickly shrinks to the size of rice grains as soon as it comes to the body, and then disappears and is completely annihilated in Chen Shaobai’s body
"YΡ n Yang chaos clock Zijin Shuangyan World Lipudu Shenguang Everything is transformed!"
Chen Shaobai instantly broke out the strongest power in his life, namely, the power of God, the power of faith, Buddhism, Taoism and magic, and the three magical powers gathered together to violently impact the sword of the Emperor.
If there is a heavenly blessing in the outside world, at most, it will damage the sword a little and lose any spirit, but …
The kingdom of God is Chen Shaobai’s heaven and earth!
Crisp collision sends out spider web cracks in the Emperor’s sword, and then it spreads from the collision node and quickly spreads all over the sword.
Poof …
The ghost emperor spewed out an old blood face, and Se was as pale as a ghost.
The destruction of a magic weapon is on the one hand a sharp pain in my heart and on the other hand.
Tempered for ten thousand years, the sword of the Emperor was destroyed at the level of Dao, and the Emperor of Heaven felt his heart twitch violently and it hurt like hell.
"Emperor sword, I add halo to the glory of the Chinese kingdom. It’s your best destination. Give it to me …"
"broken! ’
Scratching …
The sword of the emperor, which was already a foot long, burst violently to melt the dark debris all over the sky and spread and splash around.
The number of fragments is very large, and the material derived from it has even exceeded the volume of the emperor’s sword.
Chen Shaobai was not surprised by this. If the kingdom relied on things that were not compressed and concise enough, they would have collapsed themselves.
As soon as the dark fragments came out, they were plated with a layer of Zijin Se Ze flame, which was decomposed and melted by ultra-high temperature and melted into the kingdom of God.
The stability and strengthening of the kingdom of God has made Chen Shaobai’s realm and strength rise with it.
Chen Shaobai can clearly feel his progress with every breath.
Quenching gas is heavy, nine times heavy and ten times perfect, and it is still strengthening endlessly …
Going against the sky, Chen Shaobai no longer needs to follow the ten realms, but the reference objects can clearly perceive their own changes
"Has reached a critical state! At this time, it is more time to not break through? "
Chen Shaobai’s eyes were shinijīng with terrible j and ng light, and the ghost emperor saw it most clearly, and then he was covered in hair and almost scared back.
Repair strength growth as early as expected, but Chen Shaobai did not expect that the growth rate would be so large that it was enough to make him step by step.
"mystifying! Destroy my magic weapon and you will give me your life to fill it! "
The ghost emperor cold hum a dark ghost claw on the orchid se light will penetrate Chen Shaobai body to tear him to pieces.
Turning a deaf ear to all this, Chen Shaobai smiled at the gourd beside silver moon’s sword.
"I was greatly moved by your self-sacrifice and self-immorality, and now I happen to have to cross the sky again."
"What is barely let you see my ultimate meaning …"
Never put off till tomorrow what you can Chen Shaobai slowly untied the waist wine gourd and shook it, which brewed a peerless avatar.
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Chapter three hundred and thirty-five I don’t know the cat’s life
Chapter three hundred and thirty-five I don’t know the cat’s life
"I didn’t intend to curse Dionysus, but now you’re out of luck if you break the boundary and meet it."
Chen Shaobai took a ponder look at the Devil, unplugged the bottle stopper of Zijin gourd and gulped down a mouthful of wine. The whole body’s mana and divine power blended together and gradually condensed into a statue of heaven and earth behind him.
With the strejīngth of j and ng into the Dionysian curse, the magic method has become more and more dignified. Although it is still the appearance of the giant Buddha holding the wine gourd, it has already had a touch of fairy flavor.
The Dionysian curse has just been brewed, but it has not really given off its due power, and the ghost emperor has keenly captured its threat.
"This, this, this … what is the avatar? It’s the secret of quenching gas. How can the little guy have such a horrible atmosphere? He must be mystifying and deliberately creating fantasies! "
Even so, I comforted myself, but the ghost emperor still felt that it was not right to make fun of his own life. Immediately, some scattered world forces were running, and they tried their best to fly to avoid the edge.
But …
"I am locked by the popularity machine?"
The Emperor of the Ghost found himself oppressed by a powerful momentum, and it was difficult for him to escape from the scope of Dionysian curse. He was at a loss, finding that three people playing soy sauce and clearing the Xuanmen were looking at him coldly, and his eyes were full of Shaqi and death.
Paris, Lin Yuanxi, and Du Guzhou, the three great magical powers, joined hands to oppress the atmosphere, even if the Heavenly Ghost Emperor entered the sea one day, he could easily get out of it for a while.
"Red hair kid, damn it!"
The ghost emperor coldly stared at a picture of Yu’s quick expression in Paris.
With his strength, even if Lin Yuanxi and Du Guzhou join hands to consume some scars and burn some real yuan, they can’t escape, but adding a great avatar is the distance between life and death.
It’s very interesting to feel the flame between the eyebrows and the eyes of the ghost emperor jumping up and looking back with the same cold eyes.
If you want to kill myself, live first.
Although Chen Shaobai was said to face it alone, it was really life and death that could give the enemy a black hand to clear the Xuanmen. All three of them did not hesitate to choose action.
What a joke! Is this the so-called fairness that the two great magical powers of God and the younger monks of the quenching gas secret realm one-on-one hit the latter with their companions watching?
Chen Shaobai’s potential is the rise of Qing Xuanmen. ZTE hopes that if anything happens to him, Lin Yuan Xi and Du Guzhou will really regret their generation, but nothing else is important to Paris. It is good to keep Chen Shaobai alive.
Although the means are not very aboveboard, Shao Qing Xuan door is a conscious conscience of three people.
When the situation reached an extremely critical moment, the Ghost Emperor had to put his face down. Don’t drink on the spot and call for help from his peers. "Help me behead Lin Yuanxi and that red-haired kid. I owe you this time!"
Although he didn’t name names, all present knew what he meant.
I have been watching from the side when I heard my companion asking for help, but I didn’t make a move. Mei Qiu Shuang’s arch eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and there was a complicated and inexplicable light in her pure black eyes.
One is that Chen Shaobai can instantly burst into such a powerful avatar that she consciously has a good eye, and the other is the life of the ghost emperor.
The double boundary of the fairyland of the gods ordered the world not to die and not to collapse, but the heavenly emperor ordered the world to rely on things that have been collected by Chen Shaobai to destroy the kingdom and collapse. If she doesn’t help, the former may really fall on the spot.
"I don’t want you to owe me a favor. Just don’t pester me after this time."
Meiqiu frost glanced at the ghost emperor with a frown and raised his plain hand to pull it.
Strictly speaking, her relationship with the Emperor of Heaven is not deep. They are only the pursuer and the pursued, which are even more indifferent because of the impassability of the road. However, after all, both of them are of the same root and origin, and they are the overlord of the emperor in purgatory. If the Emperor of Heaven really dies here, she will not be able to explain it when she returns.
Never put off till tomorrow what you can, she popped up as white as a lotus root element hand, and a deep purple Se flying sword emerged around her.
"Nine days of magic sword!"
In an instant, a thousand larks ofuda flowed around Mei Qiu frost, and the magic sword attracted nine days of dazzling brilliance and condensed into a colorful river, which impacted in the direction of Lin Yuanxi and Paris.
After all, it’s a double peak figure. Although it’s a subsequent attack, it can be a latecomer, so let the attack come first.
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and colorful magic sword river runs through heaven and earth and comes to the eyes of the three people in Qing Xuanmen.