Lumu became ill after she came back in a hurry.

Until Lu Ying comes back.
Lu mother grabbed Lu Ying’s hand. "They are simply animals! ! !”
Lu Ying also grasped Lu’s mother’s hand. "The girl really became a deserter this time."
Lu mother looked up in astonishment and saw Lu Ying nod and raise your hand again and slapped Lu Ying hard "motherfucker! ! !”
Lu Ying didn’t argue that she knelt in front of Lu’s mother. "Mother is unfilial, but she can’t figure out the prince of Zhao, the benevolent king and the imperial court. We are all one country. Why should we kill each other? Mom, do you know who we captured before? Many of them are hometown countrymen and don’t want to be deserters, but they don’t want to fight and see their countrymen die in front of me again. "
Lumu didn’t go out.
Lu Ying looked up. "Mom, what is the royal wrong death but we koo people?"
Lu mother hurriedly covered her mouth and looked around quickly. When she saw Tian Tang and Bai Guanzhong and others not far away, her eyes were a little more vigilant. "Are you crazy?" Do you know what you are talking about? "
She said, holding Luying in her arms tightly. "Son Niang knows that your heart is bitter. Stop it. Mom finally waited until you came back safely. I think you can live well. Stop it. Even Mom asks you to put these words in your heart. Don’t say a word."
This room is not big, even if the vowel sound is extremely low, the dialogue between the two people is still open in the room.
Tian Tang can probably guess two people talking.
Don’t blame Lumu for being so nervous. After all, this era is the era of the emperor. Ordinary people have doubts about the emperor, which is simply eating the heart of a bear.
Even Tian Tang wouldn’t have taken this step if it weren’t for the present situation.
She approached the two men.
Lu mother immediately tightened her body.
All the previous events happened when Lu Mu was in a coma. She knew that she woke up and saw the resurrection from the dead. Lu Ying didn’t know what had happened before. At this time, Tian Tang suddenly approached her and naturally became wary.
Lu Ying got up from the ground and bowed down to "God’s Messenger"
Tian Tang nodded. "Are you familiar with this Linchun mansion? Is it easy for people in Linchun mansion to go out?"
Lu Ying frowned. "It will be easy if it is old, weak, women and children, but it will be questioned if it is a mature person."
"That’s not difficult." Tian Tang took out a list. "These people are willing to come with us. You will find a way to send them out of the city. Li Erzhu is waiting outside the city to be careful not to leak the news. You should know what the consequences will be if you leak the news."
Lu ying knelt down and took the list in Tian Tang’s hand. "It is God who makes adults belong to the mission."
"I’ll go with you," Zhou Fengmu suddenly said, grabbing Lu Ying’s hand and grasping Ying Lian’s hand. "Our family of three should go out without anyone suspecting us, right?"
Lu ying looked back at Tian Tang and asked her opinion.
"Take him. There are some things that he may be able to help you with." Tian Tang said that this is also the reason why she brought Zhou Fengmu out. On the surface, Zhou Fengmu looks like a simple naughty child, but he is at least a top class student. In terms of cleverness, Lu Ying and Ying Lian are probably not as good as him.
Lu ying sees Tian Tang nod naturally and has no opinion. He will soon go out to do things with Zhou Fengmu and Yinglian.
Before Lu Ying went out, Lu Mu lay in bed and coughed two times.
Lu ying looked back and looked at Bai Guanzhong. After confirming from Bai Guanzhong’s eyes that Lu’s body was fine, she didn’t talk to Lu’s mother again and turned to go out directly.
Lu mother clung to her quilt. In her opinion, Lu Ying was just out of the den and into the den, which was a dead end.
Tian Tang went to Lu’s mother and sat in the chair in front of her bed. "Aunt Lu, Lu Ying was taking care of you before you woke up. He was afraid that something would happen to you."
Lu mother turned away from Tian Tang’s eyes.
Tian Tang smiled. "Aunt Lu wants to know what Lu Ying called me’ the messenger’?"
Lu mother turned her neck stiffly according to her body, pursed her lips and looked at Tian Tang.
Tian Tang’s face is still smiling. "Lu Ying became a deserter, and he really feared death, but he didn’t resist at the beginning, but I didn’t give him a chance to resist, not only those soldiers he was with, but all the prisoners are alive now."
As she said, she grabbed Lu mother’s hand and held her fist in front of her. When she put her fist in Lu mother’s palm and spread her hand again, Lu mother had a handful of glittering and translucent white rice in her hand.
Lumu’s body is stiffer than before.
Tian Tang asked Lu mother to hold the rice in her hand. "This time we are not just here to find you, but we are going to take away the relatives of those soldiers who stayed in Linchun House. Lu Ying is a deserter, but he has not given up benevolence and righteousness. He doesn’t want to see more koo people die."
Lumu’s eyes widened. "God … God?"
Tian Tang smiled and nodded gently "hmm"
Chapter ninety Heart ecstasy
"Mom, slow down." Lu Ying held Lu’s mother and walked out carefully.
Lu mother’s eyes have been falling in front of Tian Tangshen.
These days, Lu Ying searched for people in Linchun House according to Tian Tang’s requirements, and Ji didn’t come back until late at night every day. However, it was not long to go out early the next morning to do things with Lu’s mother.
Lu’s mother wanted to ask something several times, but she couldn’t say it when she saw Lu Ying’s tired appearance. As a result, it was time to leave Linchun House.
Lu ying helped her, carefully helped her carriage and sat on the frame with the driver.
In addition to them, the others have been sent out of Linchun Mansion in twos and threes, waiting for Li Erzhu and others to meet outside. If it weren’t for Lu’s mother’s physical discomfort, they might have left Linchun Mansion long ago.
In addition to them, the family who took care of Lu’s mother nodded and agreed to go with them.
When Tian Tang rode the bus, he saw Lu mother looking at her with bright eyes.
Tian Tang Weiwei smiled and turned to Lu Ying and said, "Get out of the city."
I will leave Maeda Tang’s sight and keep looking at Linchun Mansion outside. Even though she has lived here for a few days, she still feels that Linchun Mansion is just surviving now, but this small town has a strong historical background. The sight is all traces of the past.
Tian Tang Gai che Lian
Well, this place is nice
The carriage went out from the gate and lifted the curtain. It was a car full of infirmities. Lu Ying coughed again, and the guards quickly frowned and let it go.
After leaving Linchun House, the road outside is no longer so flat, and several people sitting in the carriage also feel the bumps.
Fortunately, they soon met Li Erzhu and others.