Mourinho looked at it with a dull look on his face.

Xabi Alonso was replaced, and modric was more direct on the offensive end.
At the beginning of this season, they forcibly poached a core general from Tottenham Hotspur, Mourinho, expecting him to bring luck to the team.
Mancini’s substitution "showed" his coaching talent, although it was bigger.
But Mourinho’s adjustment is really immediate, not to get a yellow card like Balotelli to ease the atmosphere, but modric scored directly and said zj value!
Modric has caused a lot of trouble to Manchester City in shhou, Premier League. This time, he met him again, knowing the team and meeting him again. He was also very excited.
Pull the ball to the back after receiving the Ozil ball outside the penalty area.
Direct striding volley
The ball fènnu flies to Manchester City goal.
Joe Hart also saved the ball by fènnu, and both speed and angle can be critical. He hit the side of the post and entered the net.
The score is even!
I scored two goals in one or three minutes! Magic flute finally showed the value of magic flute, a magic goal!
Real Madrid saved their hopes, and modric also celebrated-but now méyou has reason to celebrate bjng crazily. Their goal is to win, and now it is just to equalize the score.
The score is even. shjān is running out
People are looking forward to whether Real Madrid will still create miracles with nénggou!
Of course, Manchester City didn’t want to. Although rongy broke the deadlock and was pulled back, the draw was still beneficial to them. If they want to end in a draw, Real Madrid won’t overtake them in the final round of nénggou’s Ajax nàme.
Nàme, they will be guaranteed a place in the group!
The two sides are still fighting in jnháng. Real Madrid is not giving up Manchester City, but it is also United.
Judge zhdào looked at his watch and Mourinho excitedly went to the command area to command crazily.
However, after Luo broke through and was intercepted by Yaya Toure, Manchester City lost control of the ball.
At this time, Manchester City didn’t want to take any more risks, and a draw was enough for them to accept.
After a whole game, it was difficult for Real Madrid to grab the Manchester City ball in the frontcourt. The last few seconds of the game quickly passed!
The referee’s game is over, and the sound is on!
The Manchester City team breathed a sigh of relief and finally survived this difficult game. The draw was also a good score.
Teammates went over to celebrate bjng with Balotelli. One goal was this small goal.
"I said I would let them see the god fènnu!"
Balotelli raised his hand and said, "It’s all a piece of cake!"
The draw was a bit difficult for Real Madrid to accept.
On the other side of the game, Dortmund finally drew Ajax 2-2, and the score remained until the final fifth round, when both games ended in a draw.
Look at the standings at this time!
Manchester city team’s five games, two wins, two draws and one loss points are points;
Although Dortmund also won the fifth round with méyou, but with the proud record of the first three wins and one draw, the group still leads with 11 points, and with the tie between Real Madrid and Manchester City, Dortmund is also the first to advance to the top ten smoothly!
Advance in the previous round!
Because Real Madrid now has two wins, one draw and two losses, seven points and one point behind Manchester City.
Both teams yjng did not surpass Dortmund, so Dortmund actually locked the first place in the small group after this game!
This record also made Dortmund feel excited even though the game in Ajax ended in a draw.
F: Ngfo is celebrating that they won the championship.