A Jian smiled. "If you say that Cui Gongyuan doesn’t drink it, I’m afraid he’ll have to drink two cups!"

Said everyone laughed.
Cui Shaoxi is a little embarrassed to say with smile, "Rice wine? I have tasted chong yang wine in my home, and it tastes good! I’ll bring you two altars again in another year! "
"I’ll get the wine!" Even ze said and went.
After a while, I really took a pot of wine and two cups and put them in front of Jane and Cui Shaoxi.
"I’ll do it!" Jane took the hip flask.
Cui Shaoxi’s eyes flashed. Like Jane, he is a distant cousin. Why does Jane naturally show a casual attitude at home? Also naturally master to greet him?
This is so unfair!
Of course, Cui Shaoxi refused to eat this, so he reached out for the hip flask and laughed, "I’ll do it!" "
Jane didn’t expect Cui Shaoxi’s head to bend around and smell a faint smile. "Well, then you come!" Let go and let him take the hip flask.
Cui Shaoxi was so happy that she smiled and poured the wine for Jane to drink.
"Don’t just drink and eat food! It’s hot! " Three gu smilingly said
Even Fang Qing said with a smile, "Yes, my beautiful cousin’s third aunt’s craftsmanship is great! Brother Jane also said yes! We all agreed! "
Cui Shaoxi’s face smile suddenly froze again, and he barely smiled and said "good" and was depressed again!
Even such a little girl is a foreigner. Call him cousin and call him brother directly!
Cui Shaoxi smiled kindly at Lian Fangqing. "Qinger, you’d better call me Brother Min!"
"What?" Even Fang Qing opened her eyes strangely.
I’m eating, and even Fang Zhou and others are one leng. What?
Cui Shaoxi coughed and glanced at Jane and said, "Jane is also your cousin. You didn’t call her cousin!"
Even Fang Zhou was slightly surprised for fear that Cui Shaoxi would ask anything again and vaguely laughed. "It’s just a name around. Where are so many fastidious things to eat?" The food is cool in winter! "
"Yes, yes, yes, eat quickly!" Three gu mirth way
Jane glanced at Cui Shaoxi, and her eyes flashed thoughtfully, and suddenly she was secretly laughing. This Cui Jiagong is really interesting. Why is he competing with him everywhere?
Jane couldn’t figure out why she shook her head unconsciously.
A meal was in Cui Shaoxi’s heart, and his third aunt was more enthusiastic than Fang Zhou, and his third aunt was particularly enthusiastic.
It was getting late after supper, and even Fangzhou picked out a box of snacks brought by Cui Shaoxi and a pot of tea and went to Zhang Lizheng’s house.
Zhang Lizheng, who saw the gift she brought, was slightly Zheng Niu’s eyes were bright and walked over to greet her to sit down.
Zhang Lizheng nai took a glance at his wife and felt that his forehead was faintly swollen again.
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This woman always nods and looks educated when she is preaching, but when it comes to the last moment, she will have a sexual outburst, and her eyes will see the benefits. Don’t throw everything behind her skull!
"Fang Zhou this is … ha ha you are too diagnosis! If there is anything I can do to help, let me know if it can help me. Your family has to live! " Zhang Lizheng smiled gently but left room for speech.
"It is a difficult thing to ask uncle Li and aunt Niu for help! These things are just borrowing flowers to offer Buddha! "
Even Fang Zhou smiled and said, "Well, we have a decent friend in our family. My first cousin, Su Jia’s cousin Dexing Cui Jiagong, in Shuangliu County said that he would come and have a look at the preparation for planting cotton! Because I can’t catch the road tonight, I can stay overnight, but Uncle Li, you know that our family can’t stay with guests on that condition. Uncle Li, if you have a spare room at home, can you-let Cui Gong stay for one night? I this is also can’t just have to beg uncle li … "
"That’s right!" Niu heard that a stranger would come to live in his home, and it was not easy to make do. Even Fangzhou was a "spare room". Obviously, people wanted to be alone in a room, so they felt a little unhappy.
"You mean Dexing Cui Gu? Ok, ok! What’s wrong with this! " Zhang Lizheng leng leng is busy laughing. "Our house has bedclothes and new ones. You can rest assured that Cui Gong will come!" Or I’ll pick him up! "
"Don’t bother uncle Li to pick me up and let Jane and Azeri send him two servants! Thank you, Uncle Li Zheng. I’ll go back first! " Even Fang Zhou had expected that Li would promise.
"Okay! Then you go first! I have to clean up here! " Zhang Lizheng is rubbing his hands and his eyes are shining with excitement.
"Then Uncle Li is busy with me first!" Even Fang Zhou got up with a smile.
Even Fang Zhou left Zhang Lizheng and stared at Niu’s busy and ordered, "What are you still doing? Hurry up and clean the east wing, and ask your daughter-in-law to help you tidy it up. It must be clean and dust-free! There are also bedclothes for the daughter-in-law to make new quilts and mattresses after they get married, and then burn a prosperous brazier and put it in, not two! Go quickly! "
Zhang Lizheng commanded to see Niu’s eyes wide open and silly. wait for a while suddenly frowned and shouted, "Didn’t you hear me?" Don’t hurry! "
"Take charge of this you this is possessed! Even my father and mother have never seen such a battle. This is someone else’s friend! " Niu’ s dissatisfaction muttered, "It’ s a loss to get her a little gift!"
"What do you know!" Zhang Li was righteous and said, "What a short-sighted woman! Didn’t you listen to Fang Zhou? That’s Dexing Cui Jiagong! Do you know the Cui family in Dexing? It is the first rich family in southwest China! It’s a great honor for his family to come to our house for one night, understand! "
"Oh …" Niu was persuaded by her husband’s first rich family and couldn’t help but added, "How can Cui’s family be so powerful that they have such relatives? Don’t be fangzhou lying! "
"Hum!" Zhang Lizheng kiss xiu a full face of disdain "said you this woman know! How many poor relatives does the emperor have? Didn’t you listen to Fang Zhou? Cui’s family is related to Su’s family in Shuangliu County, which is what it is! "
He was really impatient to explain to Niu Shi because he explained that Niu Shi also didn’t understand and wanted to think about his sidewalk. "Did you see the snacks and tea from Fangzhou?" How much does this silver tea pot alone cost? That big family is the most generous in public spending. He won’t stay in our house for nothing. There will definitely be a reward for silver! But you can save me some face and don’t ask people to wait! "
NiuShi eyes really lit up a bright surprise way "really will have a silver? Are you sure? "
"sure! Go quickly! " Zhangli Zhengdao
"Ah! I’m going, I’m going! " NiuShi smell speech busy turned to get a broom and shouted daughter-in-law.
Zhang Lizheng couldn’t help but shout again, "Do as I just told you, and don’t give me a free card!"
After thinking about it, I shook my head and muttered, "I’d better stare at it myself!" " Said, and also went to.
Even Fangzhou told Cui Shaoxi to let him stay at Lizheng’s house for one night. Cui Shaoxi was not willing to stay and squeeze.