The deputy altar master smiled. The strength of the mysterious man behind him is not very strong, otherwise he wouldn’t be secretive.

But many experts, they have their own style, if
I don’t want the clan of Cangling to be assassinated here. The deputy altar master stopped the young man impatiently.
In this case, the young brother’s face is still very worried, but he can’t say anything more. He has to shut up.
Situhao didn’t expect that this deputy method master could be so insightful that he would disturb himself in a few words. It seems that if he wants to swallow the sword Sect of Fengyun Cangling Zongdi, he must find a way to kill him.
After consulting with each other here for a while, the altar master was buried in the coffin and his brother was sent here to guard it before leaving.
Situhao killed a group of pale spirits’ brothers here, but he had to kill the refined deputy temple master to succeed. When they walked, he immediately followed him in a magical form.
The deputy altar master went back to his room and shouted to the three girls in the room. He also called five Jian Zongdi to guard him in the room and went to sleep peacefully.
Deputy altar master is a cautious person. It is really difficult for him to arrange for Situhao to kill him.
Situ Hao went back to Fengyun Jianzong to find out the mystery of his mother’s disappearance, but now Fengyun Jianzong has been accused by Cang Ling Zong in the dark, so he can’t show up and trace the things to Cang Ling Zong’s brother. His most urgent thing now is not to go into the abyss again to ask the ghost whose mother looks exactly the same.
After all, the bottom of the precipice is not a good place. He was lucky to be able to get away from it twice, not because he turned into energy.
Moreover, Stuart Hao, the white altar master, has sent someone to Cang Ling Zong to report the situation here. If he wants to do these things well, he must do them well before Mu Tianfeng sends someone.
At this time, it’s already too early to count as the second day. Find out if his mother left him and he can take the soul part of the person in the room into his own body.
Want to white these SiTuHao directly in the beam unreal back to the body-absorbed soul technique interest display to a moment later, he has already felt the soul of six people will slowly absorb them.
The soul force of the deputy altar master is very strong, and it is also very difficult to take it in sleep. The souls of the other five people were taken into their own bodies by other departments, and their souls were only about meters away from his body.
Bang bang bang bang bang.
Just then, five swordsmen who had been ingested the soul fell to the ground one after another, so that the deputy temple master was awakened by the ingested soul and threw himself straight at his body. The deputy temple master made a carp stand up and turned over, and with a wave of his right hand, he showed a knife that haunted the aura weapon and stared straight at the beam Stuart. Chapter 16 Excellent countermeasures Gold medal plus more.
Situhao didn’t expect the deputy method master to be so powerful. All the accidents happened just in a flash. When the deputy method master raised his sword and looked at himself, he had already landed on the ground and sacrificed his hand to crack the thunder blade.
Situhao is still dressed as a woman at this time. When he flew to the ground, the deputy method master couldn’t help but stare at him stupefied. Situhao didn’t hand to him.
Obviously, he is still very concerned about the identity of Situhao.
Castle of Wrath is not easy to offend.
Who are you to use the soul-taking technique? I’m a pale spirit, and I hate you. You have taken more than ten of our brothers’ souls. The deputy altar master asked with a heavy face.
Deputy method chief HeWen SiTuHao mind flashes came up with a wonderful countermeasure.
SiTuHao cold calm face weapons in his hand is very casually ZhuGeQingLan sound a face proudly said hum this also ask? Of course, I’m from YuanLingBao.
Both the fairy and the demon know whether the fortress of hatred is a female brother or not. You’re lying.
Hatred spirit castle won’t say goodbye to her younger brother, but I think they will. Situhao still said to the deputy altar master.
What’s the vice-altar master more staring blankly?
Hum, why should I tell you that you fucking animals don’t respect women at all? I can’t stand it. I want to deal with you in the name of my dad, but I didn’t expect you to see through Stuart’s cold hum and say gloomily
Situhao’s voice fell to the ground, and the deputy method master’s face changed greatly. You are Xiao Yang’s elder daughter.
What should I tell you?
But I’ve never heard of Xiao’s elder daughter. I know he was killed by Situhao when he was burning immortals alone.
Hum, don’t say that beast Situhao. I’m here this time to hear that he may return to Fengyun Jianzong. I want to avenge my brother. Situhao has been so effective that he even scolded himself, and his anger will never arouse suspicion.
You, you are really Xiao’s daughter.
If it’s not his daughter, can I go to his mind-reading?
It’s really disrespectful for Miss Xiao to be here. The more I think about this, the more I think about it. He is very respectful to her immediately.
Situhao saw that the deputy altar master believed in himself, and his heart was flooded with a cold smile, but he was still very calm. I can’t afford to salute you. People like you, I can’t wait to pull your muscles and skin out.
Situhao’s sound at this time is Zhuge Qinglan, which sounds like a heavenly curse, but it’s also very pleasant to listen to. The deputy method master listened to the cold and beautiful sound and didn’t say anything. When he finished, he said to Situhao that Miss Xiao was right. I will definitely not change this in the future, and I will also urge the people to change it.
Situhao nodded his head. Well, that’s more like it. I’m tired. Find me a room to rest.
It’s me. I’ll ask someone to wait on the young lady and rest.
No, just find me a quiet room. I don’t want people hanging around in front of me. I’m quiet
Situhao has now been identified by the deputy altar master as the daughter of Xiao Yang, the owner of the Evil Spirit Castle. He is now interested in this identity to carry out his own assassination, and he doesn’t want anyone to disturb his own good deeds.
Yes, yes, yes, it’s not safe to arrange it without Miss Xiao. I’ll ask Miss Xiao to arrange a room now.
Situhao nodded his head. You’d better hurry up. I’m exhausted from dealing with you these two days.
Situhao lived so openly in Fengyun Jianzong. Although the immortal-burning brothers knew that he had absorbed the souls of more than ten of them, they were afraid to be dissatisfied and had to salute respectfully to see him.
Situ Hao was treated as a VIP in Fengyun Jianzong, and his status has already surpassed that of the deputy altar master.
After all, Xiao Yang’s brand is not to mention their brothers, even the patriarch Mu Tianfeng has to give him seven points.
Moreover, after SiTuHao swaggered into Fengyun Jianzong, the bad behavior of those pale-spirit brothers vanished, and the younger brother was never used as a tool to relieve harmonic desire by burning immortals.