As the saying goes, I’m willing to put the emperor Lama in a hurry, which makes the bird worse.

"Do you really let me go?" King Karura’s little eyes, which are not much bigger than mung beans, turned and looked at Qin Shaojie and asked
He is hesitating that Qin Shaojie should have an amber sword, and this sword is human-god. In other words, he has the identity of Qin Shaojie with them, and he dare not presume to start work.
"You take the treasure box and leave the people." Qin Shaojie saw that he was a little loose and repeated it.
"Good," said King Karura, just after saying that, he suddenly waved Qiu Re behind Qin Shaojie, and Qin Shaojie quickly recovered the amber sword and turned around. If Xiang Qiu flew in the past, Qiu Re was imprisoned and repaired, and if she didn’t catch her, it was estimated that she would break her arm and leg.
"Qin Dage" was held in Qin Shaojie’s arms, and Qiu Ruohong’s face was weak and weak. At this time, his fear in his heart had already been replaced by shyness
"Well, it’s all right," said Qin Shaojie Xieqiure, who was imprisoned and repaired. He turned around and looked at the Karuna King, who had already disappeared.
Chapter 146 Out of his legacy
"Spirit month owners they come back" Lingfang suddenly said, pointing to the sky.
Spirit month looked up just to see Qin Shaojie holding the autumn if the royal sword flew back.
"Autumn, if you are all right," Ling Yue asked worriedly. Although Ling Yue always looks like an iceberg goddess, she is still very concerned about her disciples.
"Master, I’m fine," said Qiu Ruohong.
"Are you all right? We have something" Xinghai suddenly jumped out from a corner and said that Ling Yue glanced at him lightly and didn’t speak.
"Master Qin doesn’t know where the treasure box went that day?" Xing sea color is not good asked.
"By the bird man robbed bai" Qin Shaojie shrugged his shoulders and said.
"Robbed? Hum, do you believe this yourself? " Xinghai cold hum a said, "and what treasure box of Emei female doll will be robbed when it reaches her hand?" Why do you want to give her the treasure box? "
Xinghai this words say obviously is alluding to the autumn if Qin Shaojie colluded with the magic way early, just that scene is just acting.
"What are you excited about?" Qin Shaojie looked at Xinghai and said
"If you took it, you took it. If Shao Qiu hadn’t come back, wouldn’t you care why you were in such a hurry? Besides, I didn’t let him take it until I saw that the treasure box had been closed."
"Be together? Can’t you fight if you are joined? Besides, who can prove to be a treasure box? " Xinghai aggressive asked.
"Then we can doubt that you and the female doll in Emei collude with the magic word again? Even if it is closed, it will still fall into your hands? "
"I … we really didn’t and that treasure box was closed by myself when I was taken away." Qiu Re quickly explained.
"Hum, spirit month, spirit month, I didn’t expect you to collude with the magic way." Xinghai ignored Qiu Re but turned to spirit month.
"And the name is small qin would have hooked up with your little apprentice? Don’t you, Emei, collude with the magic way? "
"Xinghai, you fart." Ling Yue was immediately aroused by anger. Ordinary people actually opened their mouths to scold.
"You want to slander me with your credentials. Emei, are you motivated?"
"Do I have to say this? Evidence? Hum, just now, that magic Taoist robbed your apprentice, but this Qin Xiao was saved unscathed. If that magic Taoist was lower than us, we would have found him. He could rob people under our noses, and that repair would definitely be higher than all of us. How can this little one save people unscathed? " Xing Haida gave out what he called evidence.
The heads of all factions bowed their heads and said nothing. It seems that Xing Hai’s words make sense. If that person is taller than someone in the place, it is theoretically impossible for Qin Shaojie to save lives unscathed.
But in fact, if Qiu came back unscathed, on the other hand, if they have nothing to do with the magic road, will the other party let him go?
This group of old theorists almost all think so.
"It is true that you should give us an explanation, and you should also give us an explanation, as well as Ling Yuexian," said Shen Yuan.
"I’ll give you the surface explanation? My own disciple, I know best that I have always been guilty of doing things and colluded with the magic way. "The expression on the face of the spirit moon was silent and seemed to have no intention of explaining it at all."
"Don’t don’t explain can mix in the past, you can see just now? How close was your little apprentice to that Qin Xiao when he came back? No one believed them? " Xinghai is making an issue of Qin Shaojie’s autumn again.
"You you nonsense I didn’t" Qiu Re hastily argued.
"I say you have finished this old miscellaneous hair? Why do you have to cling to this matter? " Qin Shaojie said impatiently
"I can tell you that the treasure box that I just snatched was a monster beast with golden wings. What did he say his name was? Go and find him yourself."