At the beginning and the final weapon, Li Yonghao, Frey was a little worried about Li Yonghao’s sudden increase in strength after World War I, but later his magic evolved into the ultimate magic. Zileiyao Tianlong rose to the ninth order, and he mastered the artifact, the thunder prison axe. The worry in his heart naturally weakened the dark mainland magic master’s choice to protect his strength. It is not the first time that Hua Pig completely cut off the cleaning of the sacred island and marched into the dark mainland for a long period of time. With the previous achievements, this sacred evil defeated the negative, which is beyond doubt, and Frey also chose to protect it.

Finally, the forty-ninth day of the holy evil war came, and the violent fluctuation of the Wanli prison robbery circle flowed in the huge magic breath … just like when I first entered the sacred evil channel, everyone lost the ability to move, and the incomparable huge breath of heaven and earth locked in every sacred evil island. The five elements of human light and the five elements of the mainland are so dark, and so are the mainland magicians.
In the sky, a large-sized celestial horizon appears quietly. The celestial pole is half black and half white. It’s hard to imagine that the light and darkness suddenly come out of it, which seems to solidify the huge energy of everyone’s action ability.
Ji Dong, one of the magic teachers on the mainland side of the Five Elements of Light, has a different feeling. He clearly found that the sacred evil celestial body was full of chaotic qi, which seems to be the most original chaotic qi without attributes. If he had to find a reference, he should have the same breath before absorbing the jade.
Constantly, there are light spots from the magic masters’ half-dreams and falling into the sky. There is almost no suspense. The white side keeps sinking and the black side is raised high. This is the real victory or defeat.
There is no doubt that the five elements of light fly up the light spot on the mainland side at most. The leader of the Heavenly Dry Legion died in the holy and evil battlefield. However, the number of enemy magicians and Warcraft in his hands is the largest, but to everyone’s surprise, the second most is not that the Heavenly Dry Legion has more than 60 magical powers, and it is not the top ten in the Yin and Yang School, but Ji Dong.
Wearing the armor of Yin and Yang of Junmo, the dark red halo keeps flowing. There are light spots of different sizes coming out of him and flying to the evil celestial pole. The number of these light spots is amazing. The big one represents the number of magic divisions that killed the other side. The smaller one represents the number of magic divisions that killed Warcraft. Ji Dong’s own strength and strong aggressiveness told everyone what position he occupied in this evil battle. You know, he is only sixteen years old this year, and even when Frey was sixteen, he definitely didn’t have some brilliant achievements. The magic division of that far-sighted Tiangan legion have a faint feeling that in the near future, I am afraid that Ji Dong will be the only person who may replace Fury. Of course, Fury is only 30 years old now, and it is still a long time before he can enter the holy and evil war. But who can say what will happen in the future?
The restraint in qi gradually weakened, and the color of the sacred evil sky became white. A white light came down from the sky, showing one side. At the same time, the sacred evil channel behind them was also opened at the same time. At this moment, if he wants to attack the dark five-element mainland, he can connect two roads and two channels through this. At this time, the sacred evil conqueror is alone.
Frey looked up at the sky, and there was a strong divine light in his eyes, showing the strong color in his eyes. He stood proudly in Zileiyao Tianlong’s head and looked at the milky white channel and became more and more hot.
How much he hopes that one day he can lead the army of the five elements of light to enter the dark five elements of the mainland along this passage and completely swing the other side to unify the two continents! But he also knows that this is by no means an easy task. Even if there is no sacred island, it is almost impossible to take advantage of each other’s wishes. Although the desire is strong, he does not want to see the loss of life.
This time, Tired gained the most from the 49-day holy evil war, which not only got the magic of the Lei Prison axe itself, but also evolved into an unprecedented extreme. Yang Lei Zi Lei Yao Tianlong also evolved into a ninth-order strength, which can be said to be enhanced by several times. It also regained the night heart and led the Tiangan Army to defeat the dark five elements on the mainland. This is the third time that he has made such achievements in the history of the holy evil war, and he has left a strong ink on himself.
Ji Dong also looked up at the gradually fading sacred evil pole. It was also a great coincidence that he harvested the samples in this sacred evil battle. The powerful magic skill was close to the super-killing skill, and he made his magic of Yin and Yang blend with each other by obtaining the artifact Tianyu. Although the magic level did not rise much, it produced a qualitative leap, which was a great wealth. He had already thought about it. After leaving the sacred evil battlefield, the first thing to do was to go to the center of the earth to see the fire, then to bury the shining golden girl who was banned by Xuan Bing, and then to sacrifice.
Yao Qian Ji Dong’s eyes fell on Zileiyao Tianlong’s back, and his mood was very contradictory at this time, not because of the head of Taohua pig in his arms, but because of the words "Heaven-dried saint". He never imagined that this visit to the sacred island would be such an ending. Aofeng and others broke away completely, which made him forget the words "Saint" day by day. Although he loved money for a long time, he was stingy, but young people who didn’t belong to his heroic dream. Of course, he hoped that it would be his own to lead a group of strong people to win the sacred war.
The first holy and evil war is over, and all eyes can see that this first holy and evil war is the second time to pave the way. When the second time comes, the biggest one will show Chapter 113 Victory, Cheer and Leave.
The flower holy pig is lying in Yao Qian’s arms, but his eyes are toward the sacred island * *. There is a strange brilliance flashing in the thin little eyes, and the corners of the mouth are even more sinister. I don’t know what I’m thinking about, but a layer of pale white flashes quietly from its eyes.
The five-year war between evil and evil has come to a successful conclusion. Of course, it will take five years for the five elements of light to come to the mainland for water.
Li Yonghao’s sacred passage behind a mountain has opened a huge black dragon to lift his body to a place 30 meters above the ground. His hands were slaughtered and his eyes looked far away. Once again, the sacred and evil war was over. He also participated in three sacred and evil wars like Frey. He was also a few times different from Frey in age. He lost Frey’s hands three times, but at this time, he could not see that the loser felt that there was a deep and intelligent flashing brilliance in his black eyes.
Li Yonghao’s word "save the people" behind him releases different powerful breath from everyone, which is the purest energy fluctuation that belongs to the magic attribute of the mechanism. Their eyes are also inclined to the light side like Li Yonghao’s, and they don’t show sadness. On the contrary, they can vaguely see excitement and some intense battles that can’t stand it.
"Five years and five years, you know? I’m lucky to be the leader of the Millennium Plan of the Dark Five Elements Mainland for fifteen years. You’ve lost three wars and three defeats. Do you know how much I’m trying to defeat you and your Ukrainian allies? But I can’t do that. I have to wait for the Millennium Plan. No matter what I suffer and what I pay, I have to wait until that day comes. When the Millennium comes, the efforts of the ten generations of dark secrets will finally be completed. Five years later, it’s time for you and me to really fight it out. You’ve got the artifact. Then let’s fight openly. I will let you know what is the
There are five mainland magicians who have seen the dark and dry saints in the former holy and evil battlefield, but now there are a lot of dark saints behind Li Yonghao. Everyone can feel the grandeur of clothes from Li Yonghao at this time, even though they all have the ultimate magic, they still can’t help but take a step back.
Yes! They are all lucky, and the Millennium plan fell behind, and their generation of dark saints came into being.
Shoe quietly looked at Li Yonghao’s mind not far from the front, and the rough or violent or cold figure reappeared. In his mind, Li Yonghao was not compared with Reddy Frey, but compared with the guy whose magic was less than 50, but he almost lost his life several times. Although he knew clearly that this was the root, the guy was far away from the big brother, but this comparison still appeared in her heart.
When the barbarians meet again in five years, if you appear on this mainland battlefield, I’m afraid you will never live again. I must personally end your life for five years, and I will practice hard and surpass you.
"Lei Di Lei Di-"The shore of the five elements of light is already a piece of land. All the Tiangan Legion soldiers are jubilant. At this moment, the soldiers stationed in the five major empires of the mainland are all in the middle of the shore with fresh swords and guns, and there is a new metallic luster everywhere.
Although they can’t see the battlefield situation of the holy evil, they can clearly see the tilt direction of the sacred evil day when it appears. There is no doubt that this sacred evil war ended in victory on one side, and they all cheered the names of heroes in their hearts.
Guangrong Wulong and several directors of Tiangan College all stared at the place closest to the coast where the sacred and evil channels were reopened. Guangrong Wulong did not hide his excitement in his eyes, but the eyes of several directors of Tiangan College were full of complex brilliance.
Although no country in Frey holds a substantive position, in fact, there are people at the top of other parties who are more popular.
After all, almost all the officers who have been able to bear the burden of senior military generals have been stationed here. This three-time victory has pushed Frey’s popularity to the peak, but now Lei Di is no longer the pride of Tiangan College or the chief of Yin and Yang School. How do you feel when Tiangan College is in control?
The huge figure of Zileiyao Tianlong finally appeared at the exit of the holy evil channel, and the cheers of hundreds of thousands of people soared to the mechanism. At this moment, the cheers actually overshadowed the sound of the sea, and the name of Lei Di was constantly echoed in the air.
On the same day, several directors of the dry college could not help but become more ugly when they saw Zi Leiyao Tianlong sitting on his back and being held in his arms.
Shi Long Song Ruilong was the first to meet him. When Fury stepped down from Zileiyao Tianlong, the night heart gave way by itself. Fury Song Ruilong’s majestic body just hugged together and didn’t need any more words. It was enough to say everything with a bone crack and a fierce hug.
The glorious Five Dragons and Frey embraced each other, and the whole shore has turned into a sea of joy. Every magic teacher took part in this holy and evil war and was received like a hero, but no one noticed that two people had just landed on the shore and immediately accelerated and left the shore to cheer and make noise.
Ji Dong and Frey had already told him that he didn’t need to celebrate and didn’t like that kind of people. There were many scenes, so Ji Dong and Yao Qian left the team immediately after leaving the sacred island.
Blue Bao Er quietly watched Ji Dong go away from the school of Yin and Yang. Just now, Ji Dong said goodbye to her. She didn’t try to leave him and watch him leave. This kind girl only silently wished her that this man didn’t belong to her.
"Excuse me, what are your plans?" Without Wan Lei, the great pressure of the prison robbery even a simple breath made Ji Dong feel indescribable. He came to Yao Qian, about 20 miles away from Haibin, and the enemy stopped.
Yao Qian is full of worries and sighs.
Ji Dong, I can’t believe that Aofeng and others should be like this, but after all, we are heavenly saints! It shouldn’t be like this. I’m going to go to the secret city first. I’m going to ask the secret why this happened. Holy saints should be heroes rather than despicable people! You go with me.
Ji Dong shook his head. "I’m sorry, I can’t go with you. I know you feel bad, but some things can’t be realistic. You’ve always had a misunderstanding. Isn’t it true that saints can’t fight against our mainland? You’ve done well in the battle of evil and evil, and you haven’t colluded with those selfish and arrogant guys. No one can say what the future will be like. I still have a lot of things to do, so I can’t accompany you to the secret city. I always think that if you want to grasp the world, you must first grasp yourself, and we must guard our hearts and make ourselves strong before we can talk about other things. Frankly speaking, although you and I are the ultimate magic owners, can we really do anything? Don’t say that compared with those who respect the strong, even compared with the senior brothers, we are still far away. "
Yao Qian nodded. "You’re right. You have to be strong before you can do anything else. When will we meet again?"
Ji Dong smiled and said, "If there is fate, maybe we will meet again soon. If there is not enough fate, we will definitely be able to meet again in this sacred battlefield five years later. We will not wave our ultimate magic in vain, will we?"
Yao Qian said, "Well, let’s meet in five years. We will meet here again on the eve of the holy evil war. I will definitely not let you surpass me in these five years."
Ji Dong smiled. "Then you have to work hard. I practice very fast."
Why do you talk so much nonsense? I’m hungry, Yao Qian. I’m hungry, "said Yao Qian, a chrysanthemum pig, twisting his body in his arms."
Yao Qian face reveals a nai wry smile way "you this dead pig will know that before eating from the holy evil island, didn’t you just eat four heads and six orders of Warcraft? What can you do besides eating? "
Chrysanthemum pig snorted. "You also said that it was before the sacred island, and it’s not that you haven’t given food yet." Let’s go. I’m hungry. "
Ji Dong took a deep look at the chrysanthemum pig and winked at Yao Qian. "Take good care of your pig. This guy is still a good shield. Let’s say goodbye and see you in five years."