"You go to the Twelve Peaks in Nanling and give this note to the head of Nanling Sect Mu Yi, who should accept you to practice in Nanling Sect."

Yang Xiu told the route to Nanling School again, but ignored their words of thanks and went outside. He also took a lot of gold and silver ornaments and left.
An Jiajia, the "grandfather’s ancestral relic", saw that Yang Xiu had gone, and his joy faded a lot.
"Alas, the law of the jungle is not as cruel as the Jianghu. This time, we are lucky. If those two people are buried here, besides, I don’t know how many years the relics have been left. I believe that we also knew the ancestors inside before, but we have settled down as before. This may be our fate, but it is also an accident that you can practice in Nanling Sect later. You must work hard."
The two immediately packed up and prepared to go out to Nanling Sect early in the morning.
It’s not that Yang Xiu hasn’t considered killing the grandson and father, which makes things easier. Although Yang Xiu is a little indifferent, he is not a cold lover, mainly because the two men are not a threat to themselves, so they don’t mind giving them a little sweetness.
Yang Xiu rode on a horse and took out the jade slips and tokens. Looking at the tokens carefully, it was dark and shiny. Judging from the ancient inscriptions on the surface of the tokens, it was an antique inscription, but it wasn’t Yang Xiuxue who had studied an ancient script. Yang Xiu didn’t know what it meant. Since he couldn’t understand Yang Xiu, he didn’t dare to try at random and accidentally touch any prohibitions, so he lost his life.
In the jade slips, there is a magic method called’ Gankun Hand’.
Gankun’s hands can only be cultivated by monks in the foundation period. The cultivation method is extremely complicated. It takes hundreds of millions of specific handprints and fingering to enter the hands that need to be cultivated, thus forming a fertile creature that can grow and separate Yin and Yang, five elements and aura in the hands, and it can even break its life and death if it is ingested by monks.
It is said that if you reach the fairy realm, this will become a really small world, and you will become the absolute master of this world, and everything in this world is under your control.
However, in order to achieve the goal of self-separation of yin and yang, five elements, aura, fertility, and life and death, it is not necessary to cultivate handprints and fingering, but also to have an eye and spiritual source of congenital spiritual treasure "congenital chaos", otherwise there will be objects in it.
But the innate chaos is not so good. This is the innate spiritual treasure, which is the real immortal in the ancient immortal world. It is also known for its name, not to mention the decline of the fairy field.
However, Yang Xiu didn’t dream of getting congenital chaos, but it was also good to practice this without congenital chaos. Although it was refined without attacking the enemy and dividing the magical powers of Yin and Yang, Yang Xiu also felt too valuable because of its big and living effects
Moreover, Gankun’s hand is made of several complicated and profound ancient arrays, so it can trap the enemy.
Of course, because there is no congenital chaos, not only can you not attack the array, but if you trap the monk with high mana, it will also destroy and cause collapse, so that the practitioner can recruit itself
However, Yang Xiu is not afraid of the effect of other things
Chapter 25 Parents
It’s already late winter in yuechi county Guoyi City.
Yang Xiu can’t walk fast in the past six months, mainly because he has cultivated Gankun’s hand. Now Gankun’s hand has also been refined into July 7th Yang Xiu’s calculation, and there is still a month’s work to be done.
Coming to Yicheng means that the horse can see his parents.
Yang Xiujia’s home in the suburbs of Yicheng also belongs to the mountainous forest around the country. Just before there were several fields in the forest, Yang Xiu’s parents relied on these fields to study in Yang Xiu.
I don’t know how they have been these years, but my parents must be very worried if I haven’t heard from them for twenty years.
However, the closer I get to home, Yang Xiu is a little nervous. I don’t know how my parents will react when I get home.
The feeling of the hospital has not changed much since 20 years ago. Yang Xiu has some bad feelings, calling people to walk out of the window carefully with uneasy feelings and look into the room. Yang Xiu has released the knowledge of God. His parents are not at home, but there is a sister-in-law wolf sleeping in the bed, but watching her so weak, life is dying.
Yang Xiu saw her sister-in-law wolf lying in her original room, and she thought of something. Yang Xiu also walked into the room and came to the little girl’s bedside.
The little girl is thirteen or fourteen years old, although she is not stunning, she is also handsome.
But at the moment, the girl’s face is thin, her face is white and slightly blue, and she sleeps in bed.
Yang Xiu reiki looked at the little girl’s body and felt that her anger was passing by bit by bit. Although it was slow and imperceptible, it did not escape Yang Xiu’s knowledge.
Yang Xiu was about to make further careful observation, but then he noticed that someone had entered the hospital, and Yang Xiu hurried out of the house.
I just saw an old woman with a burnt face at the gate of the courtyard. Although I haven’t seen Yang Xiu for twenty years, I recognized it as his mother at a glance.
I can’t believe that I haven’t seen my mother in 20 years, so old, white, wrinkled and rickety. My mother is only in her fifties. In recent years, my mother has really suffered a lot. Yang Xiu’s heart is sour
Yang Xiu’s appearance has not changed much twenty years ago because of the practice. The old man saw Yang Xiuzhen’s shock. For twenty years, the two old people have been thinking about Yang Xiu’s appearance in the house, but it really appeared. I really can’t believe that Huang Shaofeng tried to shout.
Yang Xiu finally couldn’t hold back her tears when she heard her mother calling her nickname. Although there were thousands of words, she also said.
"Mom, it’s me. I’m back."
After the brief table of mutual complaint, no
When Huang Shaofeng rushed to shout back to Yang Guo, the father of Chai Yang, who was still in the field, Yang Guo saw that Yang Xiu was swept over and was scolded.
"You have the nerve to come back and have not heard from me for decades, and I still have you dead outside."
Yang Xiuyou bowed his head and made an apology.