"Feather, this little job is unique!" There has been no talk. Yang Chen said, "As a result of our scruples, things are getting more and more chaotic, and even the master is dead-he has to force your mother to come forward and put an end to the two grievances."

Mo Qing nodded to think that he went to see his mother with his face again today?
Yang Chenke’s so-called Yang Muyu is more so-called, but he can’t. That’s his real mother!
Sure enough, when Yang Muyu and others returned to the small building, the ghost servant came and told them that "6 Qing was rescued."
"You’re not hurt?" Yang Muyu smiled and asked
The ghost servant bowed down and replied, "I have already told you not to work hard."
"Feather, you had a plan?" Xue Rao asked sitting beside Yang Muyu holding his face and smiling.
"Aunt Xue, don’t pinch my face-"Yang Muyu’s face turned slightly red and told the ghost servant to bring 6 Feihong to Li San to send tea. Yang Muyu personally held a cup of tea for her and smiled. "You got whipped yesterday, but you stay away from me today."
"Ha ha ….." Snow Rao couldn’t help laughing. The smile was crisp. "Mr. Mo didn’t? I will play with Muyu. Are you serious? "
"Children’s nonsense makes the fairy laugh!" Mo Qing smiled faintly and put the tea on the table and leaned slightly in the chair.
"No!" Yang Muyu holding the snow Rao shoulder will she turned to Yang Chen.
"Morning-you feather. You’ve gone too far. Feather is such a lovely child. Oh, my God … I warn you that if you dare to hit him again, I’m not finished with you." Xue Rao looked at Yang Chen in surprise. "When did you learn to be violent?"
Yang Chen wry smile he told the snow Rao is always give a look at the Yang Muyu Yang Muyu said not only jumped up and hid behind the ink qing at the snow Rao winks and laughs "Aunt Xue, it’s very kind of you to marry my dad. I call you mother."
"How lovely!" Xue Rao listened to be elated, lifted his fingers and sucked Yang Muyu all over, holding his face and laughing. "Aunt Xue also likes you-Yaochi Fairy, unless you have an heir, I can’t get married unless your dad is adopted by adoption. Yaochi is too wronged for your dad. Wait for another two years until the green radish is old enough to bear the weight of Yaochi."
Chapter 21 If You Are the One
Yang Muyu had always been curious about Yang Chen and Xue Rao, but it was a match made in heaven, and my concubine was interested in how she never got married, but it turned out to be Yaochi.
If Xue Rao marries Yaochi, there will be no head. Although Yaochi Fairy can’t help getting married, unless she is adopted by Yang Chen, she will have to wait for a Yaochi Fairy to take over Yaochi. She is free.
"How long will it take?" Yang Muyu frown asked.
"Soon!" Xue Rao laughed. "Green radish is very sensible and it’s good to practice. When I was not in Yaochi, she was the agent in charge. Now she has been in experience for three to five years."
Mo Qing suddenly sighed, "I’m going to ask the fairy to marry my younger brother. Isn’t it a long wait?"
Xue Rao laughed. "The marriage between you and me is not bad. My second disciple Fei Yue looks very good. Although she is not as good as Laura in martial arts, her temper is much better. When the time comes, Mr. Mo has something to take care of me. You also know that Yaochi is a weak woman. Now this mountain and sea world is messy enough …" She not only sighed.
"You and Qing are like this. Are Yaochi and Qingyaocheng still outsiders?" Mo Qing smiled and asked
"Yes, I’m confused. No, I’m a narrow-minded Mr. Ink." Snow Rao also laughed.
Mo Qing nodded and smiled. Yang Muyu suddenly felt something was wrong. It seemed, seemed, probably, maybe … His marriage was so booked that a person had never met a woman?
God, what is this? Okay, okay, how did you get yourself in?
"Cough … cough …" Yang Muyu deliberately had a dry cough for two times before he smiled awkwardly. "Can we talk about that … marriage later?"
"Oh, I’m still shy!" Xue Rao couldn’t help but hold Yang Muyu’s face and say with smile, "You didn’t blush when you gave me the medicine."
Yang Muyu was so busy hiding behind Mo Qing that Mo Qing gave a dry cough and a wry smile. "Fairy, don’t tease him. It’s just a nonsense at his children’s house."
"You are protecting Mr. Mo. I really want to know what would happen if … it wasn’t me that day but an ordinary girl. Do you think this unlucky child tricked other girls into lying in his bedroom and got some aphrodisiacs?" Snow Rao body a wave stopped Yang Muyu again.
Yang Tie frown a layer of light above the light flash in front of Yang Muyu light tunnel "fairy this is fighting skill deceives people"
"Mr. Mo, your family is too devoted to your duties. I’m just teasing Mu Yu!" Snow Rao saw Yang Tie blocking the bad start work again sitting beside Yang Chen calmly laughed.
"Yang Tie is not my house" Mo Qing smiled and said
"Really?" Snow Rao puzzled asked.
"He MuYu accept righteousness" Yang Chen mouth explain Xue Rao just picked up the table handless little drink a mouthful of tea smell speech milli fairy image department gushed out while laughing body disorderly fibrillation, pointing to Yang Muyu and looked at Yang Tiexiao speechless.
"Fairy, please pay attention to the image" Yang Muyu sat in Moqing and laughed.
"If I marry you in the morning, is it white to pick up such a big child and a nine martial arts practitioner as a grandson?" Xue Rao finally stopped laughing and asked.
Yang Muyu is a dry cough with a full face of embarrassment and dare not speak.