"Peak challenge? What’s going on here? " After a monk outside the door heard it, some Zhang Er "touched" his head and couldn’t help but curiously ask the monk Luo Tian beside him.

"A mortal country’s war can’t end until one side compromises or the territory is completely defeated and occupied by the winner. Is Wang Gan crazy to start a war at this time?"
Everyone knows that Wang Gan should save his strength and adjust his state to the highest peak at this moment, so that he can win more. I didn’t expect him to start a war at this time.
"You see face is not the three peak brother? Don’t Wang Gan want them to fight? The style is like a human being. Is it still a waste in the bones? I am afraid that when I am a meat shield, I will not think that this is not a brain? " A monk ha ha sneered.
His laughter resonated immediately, and they pointed and made sarcastic remarks.
These words clearly fell into the ears of friar Sanjiefeng, and everyone unconsciously lowered their heads and clenched their fists tightly.
It’s better to be wronged than to be wronged. This is their portrayal of heart.
"Are you very angry and annoyed?" Wang Gan said flatly, "This means that you have made some progress. If you change your job, you may not even have this kind of mood."
Hearing this sentence, everyone looked up and cast a glance at each other. Although they didn’t speak, they nodded bitterly.
At this moment, they didn’t resist Wang Gan’s command so much. An idea in their hearts gradually became clear and defeated Xiao’s own strength to prove that he was not a waste!
"When I see the time to start work, it’s still Wang Ganshi, the younger brother. He just used it as an example." One person "exposed" an expression that I have seen through this person’s thoughts and said dismissively, "These younger brothers are really lucky. In the future, they can take this opportunity to brag about their achievements to others. Bah!"
"No, didn’t you hear? His challenge is that Xiao’s family is just a minor peak. It’s really bullying and timid. Go to his main peak and fight! "
Some very arrogant monks even sneered at Wang Gan.
Hearing their words, Wang Gan didn’t move "color" because he didn’t intend to shoot all questions from the beginning, and then it would naturally break down.
After all, this is Xiao Xiang’s vendetta. He wants to rely on his own hands to personally avenge Xiao’s family.
They followed the oasis and slowly flew to Xiao’s home.
Before too much, Wang Gan had already seen Xiao Jiagao’s flag at the head of the city. He took a deep breath and Lang shouted to Fang, "Xiao Jiazhu, do you want to be a little puss-head?"
Xiao Xiang also got up from the wheelchair at this time, endured the painful pace at the knee and walked slowly to the front to the foot. Xiao Jiafeng folded and drank "Xiao Hong! And those disgraced people! I, Xiao Xiang, have come to collect debts from you! "
"Xiao Xiang you have the face to see me! Don’t give it to me! " Xiao Hong’s face "color" flew darkly out of the mountain and stood in the middle, posing as the master’s majesty and cold drink a way.
Then he turned to Wang Gan and said fearlessly, "Wang Gan, you should give up your identity as your own brother and not take part in the peak battle!"
He said that because he was afraid that Wang Gan didn’t know the rules and suddenly began to do it. Although Xiao Shan guaranteed it, he was still afraid.
"Ha ha ha ha ….." Wang Gan Xiaoxiang was enraged by him.
"You’re right, I won’t start work." Wang Gan shook his head and flew out of the crowd outside the oasis as if watching a play.
Seeing this, the onlookers immediately fried the pot and whispered.
"Wang Gan won’t really don’t want to start work? What can you do with these wastes? "
"I don’t know what you call them waste, but these people have a bloody murderous look in my eyes. This is definitely a life-and-death fight." A layman feels very keen and doesn’t think so.
"That’s right, and they don’t practice low. Most of them practice nine floors and ten floors. If they practice for a while, they can break through to the preconditions." Another monk outside the door echoed.
They are not bound by subjective ideas. Naturally, Brother Luo Tian has different views.
But those monks in Luo Tian are very different about their views.
Seeing that Wang Gan actually retired Xiao Hong Leng Leng, he was overjoyed, and then he saw his brothers flying out of the peak one after another, which actually formed a soaring momentum.
But in the eyes of pedestrians, it’s a bit delicious.
Xiao’s younger brother already knew that he was desperate at the moment, but after hearing Xiao Shan’s explanation, he suddenly "exposed" the surprise "color".
They are afraid of Wang Gan, but they don’t care about the waste of Sanjiefeng.
"Su Li rot, you were still a bad gambler before you entered Sanjie Peak, but you owe me a lot of lingshi from Xiao family. Today, you have the face to attack my Xiao family. Do you want to die?" A Xiao gudi pointed to the oasis one sneer at a way
Sulihuan clenched his fist tightly, and he recognized this man, who designed it, and he lost everything and was exiled to Sanjie Peak.
His eyes were red when he thought of his days over the years.
"Hua Chen loosens your guts." Another person clapped his hands and praised his expression, but he smiled sarcastically. "I didn’t let the thugs kill me at the beginning. I didn’t expect you to dare to take revenge on me. You can have a good result by following me, Xiao traitor?"
When Hua Chensong heard his words, there was a ray of shock in his eyes, but soon he pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes like a poisonous snake ready for revenge. He knew this person, and he just got acquainted with a "bosom friend".
Hua Chensong believed what he did and followed him. He did a lot of bad things and got a lot of benefits. But suddenly one day, he was beaten by a group of masked men and became seriously injured. Qi Hai was almost ruined and finally escaped to Sanjie Peak and lived in darkness from then on.
He never thought that the thugs were sent by this person, even though he knew that he had done too many things to kill people, but he escaped by himself
His eyes were red when he thought of his days over the years.
"Xiao Hao, my good brother, why are you here? You should know that you have lost everything and become a scum. Do you still have face in front of your brother? Are you trying to beg me? You beg me, you lick my feet! "