More minutes at ten o’clock in the afternoon

Chongdu qinjia
Qin Yu’s window coaxed his little daughter to foam and rushed Lin Chengdong with words and said, "Let’s talk to them first for you. The main idea is that the mining industry will give them ordnance if it agrees."
"Good I see" Lin Chengdong nodded.
"Digging the bottom of Jiang Xiaolong, we all agree that there is someone behind him." Qin Yu continued to charge, "Since we want to get close to him, we must understand his route."
"Okay, I get it."
"That’s it"
Say that finish two people ended the call when Lin Nianlei just came from the second floor.
Qin Yu picked up her daughter and looked back at her wife and asked, "Why are you so idle today?"
"There’s a dinner at noon and then we’ll go there at noon." Lin Nianlei was dressed very simply and didn’t have any jewelry.
"Who will have dinner with?" Qin yuwen
"Ling Ye" Lin Nianlei took the cup and took a sip.
Qin Yu was a little surprised to hear this. "Hehe, how did you two get on so well?"
"She took the initiative to ask my wife about diplomacy." Lin Nianlei replied faintly and suddenly looked at Qin Yu and asked, "Has she something to ask you recently?"
Qin Yu suddenly felt a little strange when listening to Lin Hanhan’s words, because his wife would never happen before this vocabulary and way of doing things.
"But Minister Lin can engage in lady diplomacy now?" Qin Yu said with some surprise
"Hum, look down at me. You still wear crotch pants when I am in contact with politics." Lin Nianlei rolled her eyes and shook her hair and said, "I have to work overtime if I don’t come back for dinner late."
Chapter DiErWuEr Mrs Social
Ling Ye, the street in front of Qin family, stretched out his hand and tugged at the door and said with a smile, "Please go to the first lady of Sichuan government."
"Oh, don’t make me dizzy." Lin Nianlei smiled and waved and bent down to sit in the co-pilot and politely replied "thank you."
Ling Ye returned to driving and asked "What to eat?"
"It’s your treat, you decide"
"Well," Ling Ye said softly as he started the car, "I’ve wanted to ask you out for a long time, but I heard from Wu Di that you are also very busy …"
Lin Nianlei and Ling Ye don’t really know each other very well, because the former two sides don’t have any intersection, and this is the first time they meet in private, but good women will always have endless conversations, from children’s husbands’ families to putting on makeup, which can break the embarrassing topic.
About twenty minutes later, they came to a high-end Chinese restaurant and took a window seat on the second floor.
Ling Ye asked Lin Nianlei to help her pour a cup of tea after ordering. "Hehe, why are you dressed so plain?"
"Oh, boss Qin’s aura is too heavy. I’m in the news department all day. It’s not suitable to dress too brightly. I have to dress seriously." Lin Nianlei said softly with a teacup in her hands. "Don’t talk about jewelry at ordinary times. I don’t even wear my wedding ring."
"… in? You don’t show up on the screen. "
"It’s better to be serious if you have more contact with people."
"The art of leadership Bai Haha" Ling Ye teased with a smile.
"No," Lin Nianlei looked at each other and changed the topic. "Hey, don’t talk about me. You’ve been in Sichuan for a while. How can you adapt?"
"It’s fine here, but it’s too idle. I’ve been staying at home since I gave birth, and there’s nothing to do. To be honest, it’s really boring."
"Isn’t there business in your district?"