"Hey!" The fragrance of trees and grass suddenly spread around.

"I’m sorry, let you not interfere with my steps or turn into wood for the time being!" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick Hegel’s body immediately lignified blink of an eye and turned into a humanoid wooden face still with that shocked look!
"Ha ha offended!" Xiao Fan took a deep breath and put away everything. wood blade raised my hand and grabbed Hegel’s waist key and flew towards the door to a floor.
"The warden, the warden!" All the jailers panicked.
They were regarded as gods in their hearts, and the general warden was killed by the other side?
And … This … This became a piece of wood? Are you kidding me?
"Don’t worry about relying on him to practice my universal wood blade power method for too long. It is estimated that he will return to the original state when he can’t get half a column of incense!" Xiao Fanyin slowly floated up in the sky.
At this time, however, Xiao Fan is also nervous.
That blow was just a chance, and he didn’t expect to win by surprise. Otherwise, if Hegel was prepared, the wooden sword root of everything would not have any effect on him.
The key point is that Xiao Fanhua’s burial attack only hurts his epidermis, which is to deter the other party.
However, it was Hegel’s absence that made Xiao Fan display everything, and wood blade succeeded in turning it into wood!
"Xiao Fan you can’t always go so hard? You have overwhelming strength for these three levels of hell, but you can be merciful. The farther you go, the stronger your opponent will be. You will leave your hand for them, but they will not be merciful to you. You must know that you are an intruder and a rebellious person who dares to provoke the majesty of hell! " Malaria said at this time
"Then what can I do? Mina repeatedly told … "Xiao Fan sighed.
"How do I feel that the higher you fix, the more indecisive you become? Where’s your crazy momentum? Our purpose is to save people. What do you care if we can save people? Even if the sky falls, there is nothing with you Xiao Fan! "
"Is this because the greater the ability … the greater the responsibility?" Xiao Fan shook his head.
"It’s not that you think it’s too complicated!" Malaria left his mouth and said, "If you are an enemy, you will never be merciless. If you are a friend, you will never hide your secrets and dare to look ahead and look back. This is what a gentleman does!"
"Before, I taught you that thinking is to make you change your reckless personality instead of erasing the madness in your bones. Now you have crazy money but no crazy courage, which will make you weak!"
"The real dragon is smart and domineering, dare to fight and fight, Xiao Fan. You are such a person, but you are far from giving play to what is hidden in your heart!"
"I … have something hidden in my heart?" Xiao Fan couldn’t help laughing. "Do you know what is hidden in my heart?"
"Although I don’t know the details, I can feel that it’s a wild beast with a hideous soul. This terrible monster is also like a docile kitten, which makes me feel a little like the weird-universe that the former sloppy drunkard took you to play chess!"
"The universe? In my body? " Xiao Fan one leng.
"Maybe it’s my illusion!" Malaria shook his head and said, "But no matter what kind of choice to make, I’m just a suggestion in your hand. Of course … I hope that you can follow the trend in the future. Adults once told me that there are many great mysteries and secrets about whether it’s the nine realms or the outside world. Only by cracking these secret parts can we really reach the peak. There is nothing in heaven and earth that can hurt you or threaten you!"
"Suixing’s adult told me that he really hopes that you can grow up. Although the road is still far from long, you have this potential! I’ve been told not to tell you this, but … you seem to have taken a fork in the road now, and it’s my duty to guide you back to the right path! " Malaria tone heavy said
"Are you? I am taking a fork in the road? " Xiao Fan had to pay attention to malaria.
It is true that one’s own school sometimes has various purposes and dares to go all out regardless of the consequences and be called crazy at all costs.
However, after stepping into the sacred land stage, I suddenly became timid, just like the original kind of hard work seemed to suddenly swing away.
Is it what you look like now?
Even if you come to the hell to save people, you are afraid of this scruple. If you rely on your own personality, you will have killed all the way to the end!
Mind is important, but momentum must not be lost!
"Hey hey, thank you for malaria!" Xiao Fan whole person calmed down and licked his lips. "You’re right. It seems that I have become weak. Yes, since I want to do it, I will worry too much." I used to go against my fate and God tried to kill me several times, but now I have to follow God’s will and think about it carefully. It’s ridiculous! "
"Hey hey, you can think white best!" Malaria couldn’t help laughing
"I don’t understand what nonsense I have to care so much?" Xiao Fan shook his neck and said, "Even if Mina can’t be Yamaraja because of this incident, I will take her back to Yang and suffer from lovesickness in both places!"