This war is destined to be an extremely difficult one.

No one can beat Hu Ling, who hides the soul in one or two hundred strokes.
If Hu Ling’s hidden soul is the hardest bone in the sky, Lin Yi is going to chew it slowly.
Until this hard bone is chewed up.
Return the sword to its sheath. Lin Yi’s body soared again.
At this time, Hu Ling’s hidden soul came again
Lin Yi broke through the ground and lost an opportunity for Hu Ling to hide the soul.
Lin Yili’s leakage of extraordinary feats also shocked Hu Ling’s hidden soul
Hu Ling’s hidden soul is also very angry.
He growled and waved his hands and rushed to Lin Yi.
Lin Yi also roars and dresses like a strong breeze blowing and flying.
Lin Yi waved his hand to greet him.
The two men’s body shapes are flying and flashing, and they are all crazy about more than forty palms. At the same time, both sides are waiting for opportunities to get out of their feet for nearly twenty times.
Lin Yi kicked Hu Ling’s soul.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul also kicked Lin Yi out.
All the bones kicked are broken.
Although Hu Ling’s hidden soul suffered an extra kick, he didn’t know the pain.
Lin Yi’s fracture is painful.
Both of them are playing hardball
Hu Ling hides the soul like thunder, but Lin Yili is like a raging sea.
People didn’t expect the two to play hardball.
This kind of play is also extremely cruel.
The blood in Lin Yi’s mouth kept overflowing, and the hide of Hu Ling’s Tibetan soul was also dyed red with blood.
They hit the ground and hit it from the ground.
The tactics of the two also kept changing.
As the two men moved, the crowd watching the game also retreated
Slow down was overturned by two powerful Gang Qi, and two people were even more shocked and bled to the ground and died.
Su Jiner Mu Yishuang, they have been watching with fear.
While counting the number of strokes in my heart.
However, due to their limited martial arts skills, Lin Yi and Hu Ling sometimes hide their souls so quickly that they can’t see clearly.
So they asked Zeng Tengyun from time to time how many tricks he had played.
Zeng Tengyun told them that he had made 150 moves now.
Su Jiner said, "How many tricks will it take to win or lose!"
Zeng Tengyun said with a wry smile, "God knows, but in my opinion, they haven’t tried their best yet."
Not only Su Jiner, but they can’t see how many moves they have made, and more than 90 people out of 100 people can’t see how many moves the two sides have made.
So those people asked for advice from their martial arts skills and good eyesight.
There is another discussion in the field.
Even the Shaolin monks are whispering.
Master Dragon Tree said to Miaoxue Road, "What do you think?"