Black giant ants spewed out an acid like rain, and several Skynet soldiers were covered with smoke on their hands, chest and face, even before the barrel melted and softened.

"Not good!"
Everyone’s face changed!
Red ants have fallen in front of black giant ants.
It quickly rushed out to several fallen soldiers.
The ferocious, sharp and powerful jaws bite like tongs, let alone flesh and blood, even if steel is bitten, it will be chopped up instantly.
Close call
A flying knife hit the soldier ant in the head.
The blade pierces the shell, and the whole insertion is more powerful than a rifle bullet!
Hang Yu throws a flying knife, although the damage is not great, it can hinder the action of the black giant ant, which can be delayed more or less. At this time, he has already rushed out of the way to block the injured Skynet warrior.
Black giant ants react.
Jaws emit light. It’s time to start skills.
Su Yunbing quickly shouted, "Danger hiding is a skill attack!"
Black giant ants are not easy to provoke. The carapace is not only comparable to steel, but also very fierce. It has very tenacious vitality, super lethal bite and tear skills and the ability to spray formic acid.
Hang Yu didn’t take the initiative to take out a piece of equipment.
This is a full payment of the high spiritual world tax of the ten white crystals!
Ground microseisms
A heavy iron ball slightly larger than a man’s head falls to the ground, which is not ordinary. The iron ball is covered with sharp iron thorns, and the long chain connection is impressively a chain hammer.
The first-class plain forest long Dao has been eliminated.
He needed a new main battle weapon, so he chose this!
The "Power White Wild Boar Hammer" is the only bright white weapon that exploded in the whistle of attacking wild boar.
This big yo-yo has the highest attack power among weapons seen so far, and the instantaneous strength of picking up the hammer has increased all over the body, which makes people feel that the strength has soared a lot.
Just try this guy!
Hang Yu suddenly waved the chain and the big hammer was dragged to lift up a lot of sand, which was thrown out like a javelin, and also broke out with skill light-a fierce blow!
Class 5 extremely bright white weapon
Level 3 skill is a fierce blow.
What effect can the combination of the two produce?
How much destructive power will it explode?
Others can hardly see that Hangyu’s moving chain hammer swings too fast, and the heavy impact is almost the same time when a huge iron ball hammer rings to greet the giant ant body.
Half of the body shell is broken.
Giant ants swooped down and the momentum was interrupted.
It was hammered five meters away, fell heavily and rolled out several meters. Its shell was broken and its legs were broken, so it could not even get up.
Su Yunbing stare big eyes.
He is not dumbfounded.
What the hell is going on here? I saw an illusion!
Feng Gang and Logger Vick were also completely shocked-this is too exaggerated!
The explosive power of this hammer is probably not inferior to that of an RPG rocket.
Luo Yuanzheng, Huang Yan, Liang Dong and Liang Qiu seem to have a short circuit in their brains at the same time, especially Luo Yuanzheng and Huang Yan, who are not at ease with the people who will bring spiritual benefits
But this guy
One blow will abolish the level 4 elite!
The three Skynet captains didn’t exaggerate their strength so much!
If the black giant ants are replaced by one person at the scene, they will be worried that they have been killed by Hangyu!
Hang Yu waved his hand.
The chain hammer retracts to rest.
He was very satisfied with this weapon that the white boar fell out of!
Strong enough, fierce enough and sharp enough, this is a real man’s weapon, and this is called a pure man attack
Chapter 142 Ant King
Black soldier ants are level 4 elite monsters.
Its strength defense is also seen by everyone.
If the damage of this blow is quantified, it can reach at least 50 or 60 points.
The black giant ant was hit by a bullet nine times when it came, and now it has suffered some damage, and now it has suffered such an amazing blow. The final result can be imagined!
White boar chain hammer combined with slam
High probability of disabling effect
The black giant ant can get the disability certificate.
Liang Dong and Liang Qiu immediately dragged the injured players back.
They took a look at Hang Yu, and the more they looked at Hang Yu, the more familiar he became. Especially when he wore a mask, it shouldn’t be wrong … It was him!