"Hiderigami? That’s the smell. That bear kid? Even if you change your appearance, the smell of Hiderigami can’t hide me? There was a little bit in those days, but now it has become so strong? Hahahaha! "

"Three-legged sun? Sure enough, it’s still the man who hates bear children. The three-legged sun has been dead for many years, and you have brought it back to life. "
Eagle speed soared by one point again.
King Fang Chu was depressed and looked around at the fate of the ancestral temple. If the sun was not built, the fate of Chu State would be lost again.
If I had known, I would have let that scourge harm myself first. Now I am passive everywhere.
More than 5,000 words floating in gold in the virtual middle form a large net protection department Jiang Tai.
"Tao can be extraordinary, and the name can be extraordinary …!"
The sound of the Tao is huge and loud, which makes the magma keep beating and bursting.
It is obvious that this sound has a great interference with the sun in its roar and anger.
"Give me back my life!" The sun shows ferocious color.
Hit the floating gold word again, and the floating gold word shook. Obviously, no one manipulated it correctly, and some of them could not resist the insolence of the sun.
"Give me back my life!"
There was a huge collision, and the surrounding peaks collapsed, and several cracks appeared in the earth to escape. The people were frightened and fled again, and the sound of escape had no effect on everyone. However, the earthquake and the force collided again and again, and the aftermath storm made many people unbearable.
Run away quickly and get farther and farther.
At the moment, a mountain forest is pregnant with a death staring at it.
"Miss pregnancy, the aftermath is so strong that the flame is going to burn?" Green robe bodhi old zu worry way
"Let’s go back first!" Pregnancy-induced depression
"Yes!" The god of death should way
They quickly fled towards the rear.
Gao Zhuang’s eyebrows are locked
"The sun is crazy this time, but the true spirit is still alive. Be patient to be able to live again one day. He will destroy this Hiderigami at the expense of the true spirit? If the true spirit disappears, it will never exceed the birthday? " Zhuang reveals a trace of doubt.
Jiang Tai is constantly swallowing healing pills in the floating gold net. The most important thing at the moment is healing.
In the hand, the font department of the gold book flew out and became a platinum book. Jiang Tai looked at the gold words with a hint of shock.
"A leader? A hierarch’s sacred words are only copied by outsiders and have such great power? A leader? " Jiang Tai’s eyes flashed a shock.
"Give me back my life!" In the roar of the sun, a bigger flame burns and collides with the floating gold net.
Finally, even the big net can’t stand it. Generally, some fonts are smaller in a flash.
"Give me back my life!"
The net becomes smaller again.
Jiang Tai’s face changes. Will the moral truth be unstoppable?
Gao Xiaozhuang’s face sank. "This treasure of Hiderigami won’t benefit!"
Speaking Zhuang agent took out another copy of the moral truth
"Go!" Zhuang Zhan’s moral truth is a big drink
More than 5,000 floating gold characters suddenly burst into a dazzling light and rushed out of the golden book to form a big net in an instant, and went to the sun.
"Tao can be Tao can be Tao can be name can be name …!"
It’s like a stack of sounds, and the second sound instantly resounds through heaven and earth.
What happened to the fleeing monks’ eyes wide open? More than five thousand words again?
Zhuang fuelling the golden net instantly surrounded the sun.
Rolling sound poured into the sun’s mind, and the sun was agitated and roared.
The sun roared and burned with anger, and the true spirit exuded more power.
As soon as the huge flame came out, the flame of heaven and earth soared twice again. Even if Zhuang manipulated the floating gold characters, it was a strong shaking.
The sun kept going towards Jiang Tai.
The huge impact show that determination of the sun.
Zhuang Gao’s face was surprised. "This sun really doesn’t want to be resurrected? Even if he fights for extinction, he will destroy Jiang Tai? "
Hit Jiang Taifang again and again, the earth is full of magma, once hit the magma and the four sides are full of fire.
Far away, all the people who practice are in a state of shock. Just looking at the scene is frightening.