Section 36 Langya Wang

I knocked on the slate, and then pressed the four corners according to what the evil spirits said. Together with this slate, all the stones in the two-meter range seemed to suddenly come to life, pushing and crowding each other, creaking and retreating.
A dark passage appeared in front of me, one meter wide and two meters high. "Here?" I pointed to the tunnel candlestick and evil ghost "with Mao multiplier.
"I also heard Zhang Tianshi say that evil spirits don’t know whether to cry or laugh, just because such a sentence has not been in this channel for thousands of years!
It’s said that the Spring Festival Evening fool can blow people’s good legs and make them limp, but after all, after half a night, you have fooled an old ghost here for thousands of years after seeing Zhang Tianshi!
The tunnel was not long, and soon we came to the end. I touched the stone wall at the end for a while. According to the order just now, I clicked and clicked the stone wall and went straight to a door!
"Hey finally come in …" I just walked in and froze!
"Why did you stop?" When the iron hit my back, I rubbed my head and looked up. "This …" "Don’t talk. I pushed him back and piled up a big smile and shouted at the two people inside." Sorry to disturb us, but we are in the wrong place.
There is indeed a heart in this door, but there are actually two people besides the heart!
What surprised me even more was that I knew both of them!
One is the outrageous and unreasonable beauty who hit me at the beginning, and the other is the ninja half ghost I first met!
They glared at each other next to a big pit, and there was a metal object shining with gold next to the pit!
Look at those eyes, these two people are probably robbing this thing!
"Hey, hey, we’re leaving. It doesn’t affect your training. Since they are people and not ghosts, I won’t continue to make cloudy eyes, and evil ghosts don’t know when they slipped away, so they didn’t come in!
I didn’t make my eyes blind, but I saw them vying for that thing. It looked about three feet, and the top looked like a flat-headed square-footed coin in the Warring States period. There was a unique light of bronze ware all over the body.
The beautiful car has been staring at the bronze ware and has no comment on it, but her hands are clutching the ruler, sword and finger bones, and they are all white!
"Since you’re here, don’t go half a ghost. Chinese is still as bad, but the meaning is white-I’m a little afraid of that beauty. I’m not afraid of this dead ninja." You don’t leave if you call me? What makes you? "
"With this?
Behind him, he clucked at Shimen slowly, and Lin Chao came to us with a camera in his hand. He raised the camera and pointed it at the three of us and four dogs!
Everything has been removed from the camera flash, and behind the lens is a barrel!
"You Zheng Qu pointed to pop-pop." You are … yes … "He didn’t find out who pop-pop was after a long time, even what he called it!
"You pigs, Lin Chao, stretched out his hand and wiped his face and turned into a typical western European face with blond hair, blue eyes and aquiline nose." I am a descendant of pure Aryan, and my ancestor was reinhard tristan eugen heydrich, deputy commander-in-chief of SS around the great head of state. He pointed to his chest and showed an indescribable disdainful old man. "I am a grass mud horse. How dare you lie to me?
"Cheat you? It is you lower nations who are so stupid that Lin Chao stepped aside and put our department in front of him. "My name is Joseph Tristan Eugen heydrich and he pointed." If it weren’t for this thing, I wouldn’t be hanging out with guys like you.
Half a ghost seems to have moved!
"Don’t move, pop-pop-oh, it’s time to call him Joseph-seems to know half a ghost." Now that you haven’t got anything, you should leave here according to our agreement
Half a ghost seems unwilling to "but you don’t have …"
"I control the overall situation," Joseph shouted. "You must admit defeat and go back and report to Fujiwara that I have got the Dayu shovel.
"You haven’t got the beauty’s ruler and sword, and raise it straight at him." I have to pass this one.
"Boom Joseph’s camera shot out in waves and hit the wall for a moment. That piece of rock fell down like dust!
There is a hole the size of a door in the stone wall, which looks not shallow!
"This is the latest research weapon of our SS, which is specially designed to deal with China, the practicing middleman Joseph, swinging the camera." Don’t force me to start work.
"Cooperate with you, I’m afraid of you, I’m angry, I called one, and then walked over with the beauty according to his sign. Iron and Zheng Qu came behind us with four kobolds!
"Oh," said the beautiful woman when I approached, "You are one of them."
"Don’t say this now. I lowered my voice." I want to understand a lot of things, and wait until I get out.
That Joseph picked up Dayu shovel and pinched a tactic behind the beautiful woman’s right hand. I quickly pulled his skirt. "Don’t be impulsive. Don’t eat the immediate loss before you go out."
"Hum she gently hum a but method tactic slowly loose!
I don’t know what Joseph wants, but I’m not going to keep him idle!
"You, you can escape?" I just had a Q, and now it’s only natural to find some noodles. "If you want a word after you go out, you will be wanted by the world’s secret service, not to mention Dayu shovel, even if you hold angel bird wings, it won’t save you."
Joseph has picked up Dayu’s shovel and tied his back. His face shows a ferocious look. "Get out? There was no way. When he reached the pit, I noticed that there was a hole in the pit and there was a rope ladder hanging from the hole!
"Is this …" I was interrupted by him before I finished. "Yes, this is the Hu Yangmu covered with a hole and the only way out to the ground.
In addition to being ferocious, there is a strange expression on his face, like seeing a wolf with blood. "I’m going to go, so you will die slowly."
Hearing this, the half-ghost is not quite self-conscious. You are behind me. Joseph seems a little disdainful. Since we noble Aryans have promised Fujiwara, we will definitely help you.
I have a strange feeling when this cold half-ghost talks with him, half-ghost. All this talk seems to be pretending! -by Mao?
The weapon in his hand next to the rope ladder is pointed at us. "Now, you step back and step back to the wall."
"Old Zheng Qu yelled at me, but my horse pulled him back." Don’t touch it by ear.
Our backs are against the wall, but people are still separated by two or three meters. Who knows if this guy will suddenly come over and wrap dumplings in our department?
Just thinking about it, Joseph suddenly waved his hand to the ground!
"Boom boom!
"I don’t know what he threw. We suddenly burst into a huge wall of fire in front of us!
"I quickly rushed to the side, hoping to bypass the fire wall and rush to them because I already knew what that guy said was true. He was really going to throw us here!
That beauty is really a harrier in Niu Yi, turning over from the fire!
Speaking of which, we are fast, but Joseph and others are not slow either. After I rushed through the fire, I saw that a large part of the middle school was white and foggy!
I cann’t believe I returned the smoke
Our department rushed into the white fog, but when we found the entrance, we saw that there was a dark hole in the dome!
The rope ladder and the two king eggs are gone!
"Yin and Yang thunder I stretched out my hand toward the hole inside a burst of disorderly boom.
A piece of sand fell from the surface!
"Now you have a fart. That beauty shouted at me." You can’t hit them with twists and turns inside.
"Hey hey, I didn’t want to hit them, but I took a look at her bad eyes and I was careful not to provoke them." Who expected this?
"If you didn’t pull me, I would have beaten those two guys. This is very confident. If I didn’t pull this girl, I would have been blown into flour by that weapon!
But I dare not say!
"It’s too risky," I said after I worded it. "Just two little thieves, we can catch them anytime and anywhere, and we will have a head-on conflict.
She looks ungrateful. How can we arrest them if they can’t get out? Now you tell me how we should get out? "
It sounds bad, but after all, it’s much better. I sat down to the ground. "There is always a way to rest. I look at this beautiful car." Hello, my name is Liu Pi Yunlai Guoan No.7 Department.
"Uh, I’m Sang Yu Wang."
"My name is Pei Xiaokai. He held out his hand next to Zheng Qutie." Hello Wang Sang Yu ignored it.
"Langya Wang’s pulse?" It’s not the first time I’ve heard the name "The hermit Wang family?"
"Yes, we should be considered now." She shook her head gently as if she was going to put the troubles of being trapped behind her. "Although we used to be brilliant before, now no one has ever appeared before, just like my name, always hiding behind and doing my own thing.
Iron retracted his hand and hid behind me.
"What you have done may have something to do with my work. Maybe your family can’t cope with the current situation. I said it bluntly." Now we should get out of Qi Xin and tell me what you know.
If "Twenty-four Filial Pieties" and "Twenty-four Filial Pieties" are famous for lying on the ice and seeking carp, Wang Xiang and Wang Lan laid the foundation for Wang Langya, then their grandchildren, Wang Rong, Wang Yan, Wang Cheng, Wang Dun and Wang Zhi, started the left giants.
During the Southern Dynasties, many people in Wang’s family believed in Daoism, so many people in the fourth generation took the word ""in their names. In addition to Wang Xi, there were Wang Hu, Wang Biao, Yan, Yun and other brothers of the same generation, as well as Hui, Xian, Hui, Shu and so on. The history of children and grandchildren with the word "Wang’s younger brother" is also a must.
This family declined from the Five Dynasties period, although it now belongs to the people in the Dharma, but others are rarely called the hidden family!
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Section 37 Context
"Then why did you break my car last time?" We separately check this array heart when I secretly close to Wang Sang Yu "me? When did I break your car? " She has a faint smell, and it’s probably some super-expensive luxury perfume.
"That you like me to draw a handprint is exactly what her car made at that time," so we took the dead Nazi car.
"You really can talk nonsense." She curled her lips. "At that time, I was just waiting for him to see if anyone was following me-who had spare time to be melodramatic with you?