"The temple saves me!"

Jian Yu didn’t know Yun Ting, but he recognized Yun Ting’s waist tag, which was something that people in the royal blood of Zixuan Xianguo were qualified to wear.
Jian Yu shouted for help before he ran to the front of Yun Ting
Yun Ting looked indifferent and caught a glimpse of Jian Yu. "He didn’t pay attention to you. If you don’t provoke him, you won’t get killed."
"I don’t know the kindness of the temple. This person is ruthless. He even dares to kill him around Yuan Zuo County King. What else can he do?"
Jianyu looked unwilling to hate and said, "When I return to Dajin Xianguo, I will tell the king of Yuanzuo County what happened!"
Yun Ting sneer at a spark warning suddenly!
Don’t say that Jian Yu was seriously injured, even if he is at his peak, he can’t stop Yun Ting!
"Temple you …"
Sword feather was Yun Ting carrying the neck behind the whole people hanging like a caught chicken look panic force struggling.
Yun Ting said flatly, "I don’t like informers the most in my life!"
"You don’t deserve a sword!"
Voice down Yun Ting together double point to a cut!
A bloody head was chopped off by Yun Ting’s two fingers.
His finger is sharper than a real sword!
On the other side, the four immortals have also broken out in the Soviet Union and Mexico!
The bald monk was the first to arrive and laughed. "Donor, I’ve come to cross over to your western paradise!"
The bald monk swung his arms as if crossing a thick layer of gold foil and shining towards Su Mo.
These two arms are like two thick and hard long sticks, which are powerful and fierce!
Followed by the tower man also came near the body standing for half a body taller than Su Mo.
The tower man drinks like thunder exploding in his ears.
See his outstretched arm clenched into a fist commanding toward the Sumo crown.
The iron tower man clenched his fist like a dark hammer with metallic luster at the edges and corners!
No matter the bald monk or the tower man, they are strong and powerful!
On the other side, the middle-aged Taoist waved his wide robe sleeve and drank a "set!"
Small avatar fixation!
Immortalization belongs to the most common. When the little avatar realizes the ultimate, it can be transformed into a peerless avatar.
Although the body-fixing technique is common, each person’s purity and conciseness are different, and the effect is also very different.
Su Mo Yuan Shen has already reached a great level beyond the monks of the same order, and others have no influence on his release and fixation!
Even if the middle-aged Taoist priest comes from one of the four immortals.
However, the middle-aged Taoist priest was released with the technique of fixing his back hand. At the same time, his two wide robe sleeves wrapped Su Mo tightly for several times!
Fixation is the first move, and the last one is the killing move!
In the end, the blue skirt girl was the slowest, but her fingernails grew long and turned out to be purple and blue with a foul smell.
Highly toxic!
The blue skirt woman leaned out her sharp nails like ten poisonous swords and caught her in Su Mo’s body.
The strong of the four immortals almost broke out in no particular order!
Although these four people joined forces for the first time in their lives, they cooperated perfectly.
This is the tacit understanding of top experts.
Seeing this, Yun Ting nodded slightly and said, "Although these four men are slaves of the four immortals, the means shown are really not weak."
"I’m afraid I can defuse this offensive."
Tang Ziyi observed this scene with a careful heart.
Her eyesight can naturally see that the four immortals are terrible together.
It’s hard to get away without her Su Mo position.
Tang Ziyi’s body moved and gathered, and his body crept towards the middle-aged Taoist priest.
It’s much easier to kill one person and leave three.
"Hey, hey, where are you going?"
At this time next to a sneer at.
Then Tang Ziyi felt a sharp breeze blowing her ear and some pain.
What is even more frightening is that this person will block all the forward routes of Tang Ziyi!
Tang Ziyi didn’t dare to be careless and hurriedly stopped to avoid each other’s killing and looked intently.