It turns out that if his system had been farming honestly for more than a hundred years, it might have been a cow. Now everything is gone.

What? Don’t cross, it’s smooth sailing, tiger body shaking, king domineering, and younger brothers from all walks of life coming to worship the golden finger. Do you want to be able to solve the crisis?
How did you get caught as soon as you got here?
He is talking nonsense, but isn’t it normal for him to mumble a few words as a victim of strange phenomena in this world?
Just as Song Rentou despaired and complained about his travelogue, he saw two well-equipped guards and former guards in the distance of the corridor. The guards here are obviously not of the same level. They talked to the handover personnel.
He could vaguely hear a few words, "Tong, Grandpa, Goldfinger … these are all key words, so there should be no mistakes."
Suddenly Song Rentou’s heart cooled, and he suddenly realized that this world has a set of identification standards for passers-by!
Not long after, a mighty holy guard went outside the prison and looked at Song Rentou. "You are lucky, but you should be sent to the holy mountain for purification, but two adults are very interested in you through here."
Song Rentou grabbed the iron railing like a straw, and said, "This adult, I am really a good citizen. My ancestors still taught people to make contributions to Li Sheng-jiao. Please be kind. I just woke up and lost my mind. I didn’t even know I was talking."
The holy guard is light swept eye Song Rentou didn’t answer directly away.
He waited for half a day as if he were waiting for a death sentence, and his heart was very uneasy.
Listening to several permanent guards talking outside the cell, he realized that the Hall of the Saint, who controls the high-handled Lisheng religion in this world, and a strange guardian passed through here.
Think about it carefully, this is an absolute big shot. Can you show a value and let them save their lives?
"Saint Temple …"
While he was thinking, the dialogue outside the corridor made Song Ren return to his senses.
"You … you are …, Qi Shou, the guardian’s adult?"
There’s still a trembling sound outside, which makes Song Ren wonder about the strange guardian? Why should the guards be more afraid of this man?
Is it true that the Guardian of Odds is a higher official than the Temple of the Virgin?
Shouldn’t a saint be a holy king? This mortal kingdom is just too much. Is there anything more arrogant than too much?
Listen to the guard’s voice, it’s more fear than fear.
Song Rentou, after all, is a passer-by. Although he made some mistakes in the early days, he calmed down and cheered himself up to force himself to calm down.
Song Rentou calm down, but you are a traveler, and you will not die so easily. You are a man with a leading role!
Song Ren, come on, you are the fourth natural disaster, a man destined to rule the world!
As soon as he raised his courage, he saw a figure walking through here to change his eyes. Is this waiting for a beautiful woman?
Sacred, out of the dust, inviolable, absolutely beautiful, making people feel ashamed and afraid to look straight.
Song Rentou consciously avoided his eyes and then suddenly called out "Ah-"
He was so scared that he fell back and sat on the ground, curled up his legs and backed away until he leaned against the wall, still struggling to get back.
What did he see?
It was dark and crimson, and it was indescribable. He was holding something like a cigar in his mouth and took a drag on a lot of black smoke. His body rose, which made him unable to see his halal body.
If he just saw that beautiful woman is the Temple of the Saints, then this is the … odd guardian! ?
If it weren’t for the great strengthening of the spirit of the passer-by, I’m afraid he was scared to faint just as soon as he met him.
But even so, Song Rentou doubts who is the fourth natural disaster in life! ?
"Liu Shengshi … he seems to be frightened. If you want to ask questions, be … a little nicer."